Who’s been at the optics??

This week, Zen Jen and Chock-full-o-spirits Kristi want us to visit 
The Spiritual Side
(but musically, yaknow?)
The spirit is something which has yet to be properly defined. It resides somewhere within us (we presume, unless we feel truthfully, that we are plugged into the Matrix, or masters of All Our Own Worlds) for it (we recognise, sometimes, as though watching shadows play on a wall and being stunned by the realisation “Hey! There’s something REAL over there, making that shape…”) is perhaps not of us.

Whether it’s inherent, bequeathed, given, borne of our ancestry or something unique, just for us; a gift – the spirit is as clear to pin down as smoke to a wall.

And yet perhaps, over and even above the brain, it is the thing which makes us us. The True Being. The Essence of the person you are, or I am, or any of us is. It is. And it is un-findable, un-definable, un-fathomable, invisible and incredible. 

And one of the things which speaks to it best (or, rather, best after nature, or noticing someone do something Very Kind, or catching the look in someone’s eye, or the nuance in their words), which builds a bridge right into your heart and sets up camp, is music.

The harmonies, melodies, rhythms and cadence all swirl together like water, dropping pure, shivering notes into the soul through the ears, collecting, pooling, until the depths of the music are enough to dive into and be lost.

Like being whirled by the current, music takes over and lifts our spirit, expanding it, pressing in until it squeezes so tight and you think you’ll never recover from the feeling of this song, right now.

But all too soon, it’s over, and another must be found, and another, and another…

Until we find ourselves at the bar, pining over the jukebox, desperately hoping for one more hit. 

So with no further ado, a few moods of the spiritual kind. Don’t drink them all at once…

Love – so beautiful it hurts to hear

Hope – for a better world, so full of determination
Faith – that there is Something More Than This
Transendence – those moments when the world just stops. And you listen.

Wonder – Ohhhhh their FACES! And the hand holding. And just the beautiful, shared togetherness of the experience.

And because I’m in a really good mood today, and not feeling at all like ending this with a complete ‘Asshole!’ moment, I’m not going to tell you that there are only 63 days ’til Christmas…

Merry October 😉

34 thoughts on “Who’s been at the optics??

  1. MAN! My comment disappeared!!! WHAT THE HECK? Is it hiding? Well I was saying how much I love the flash mob video, there is one in Pasadena that is so moving it made me cry. I love this post, and I love your upbeatedness! yea!


  2. I thought I was pretty clever, I have to say 😉

    Why thank you. Sanctissima is utterly, utterly gorgeous and one of my favourites in the world. The flash mob is awesome for the reactions.

    *never heard of it


  3. ” Zen Jen and Chock-full-o-spirits Kristi “
    lol love it!
    Nice 'spanning the globe'*! with the selection here. Really enjoyed the “Libera, O SANCTISSIMA” and that flash mob clip was also very cool.

    * this is a line from the old, old sports show, 'Wide World of Sports'


  4. I did indeed 🙂 Thanks for that.

    And I KNOW! That song just breaks my heart and fixes it and shatters it again. It's so full of purity and beauty and amazingness. And yes, she is. In a way I can think of no better way for her to be – she is ethereal, and always was.

    So glad you love it. It's one of my absolute favourites. Such PEACE in it. Stunning and calming and intoxicating all at once. Makes me sad when it ends.


  5. You used the Flash Mob! <3
    And Eva Cassidy is truly amazing. Or was. Because she's a spirit now right?
    I just downloaded the Libera song. It's new to me and I'm totally head over heels for it. BEAUTIFUL. Love love love it.


  6. Oh wicked 🙂 s'better then 😀 Cos I LOVE the Sam Cooke. Utterly beautiful song, filled with (mostly) happy memories (the fact that Husby and I fell out BAD trying to learn to dance to the dang track, two days before the wedding, after we finally decided to actually HAVE a wedding dance)

    Have I introduced you to Youtube?? It has SO many videos on there, including Sam Cooke – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNO72aCnVr0

    *dances to the loveliest music*


  7. I tried to get the sam cooke one. I kept getting the message it was taken down for copyright problems or something. Our minds didn't zip at all! Wait, they zip. Our minds totally zip. This time in the same direction.


  8. I was chatting with Kristi about flashmobs only the other day (which reminded me of this one, and is subsequently how it ended up in here – thanks Kristi) and I'm sure there MUST be some kind of flashmob-stalking website around which would let you find out where one is.

    The first time I ever heard of Arby's was in Kreayshawn's song 'Gucci Gucci', so if I ever saw one for real, that's what I'd sing…


  9. Ah for a moment there I thought you were gonna go with the Sam Cooke (which was my 'first dance' and I love far more than the Armstrong). But no. Once again, our minds zip past in opposite directions. 😀

    Bless yer boots! It's an absolutely MARVELLOUS video, right? Even makes me choke up a little if I'm in the right mood. Love the parents and children in it, and the stillness and wonder as they share the moment.

    Aaaaaaaaaand I know. Why else would I do it?


  10. I had songs in my head for this topic, but I never got them down in a post. Not one of mine matched yours in any way. I thought for a second we did, when I saw “What a Wond”. While your song is good, this is the one that gets me. Love it.


    That flash mob one had me crying. I'm a blubbery mess when it comes to humanity being wonderful.

    Aaaand, didn't need that Christmas reminder.


  11. It's been Christmas In The Shops since September (in fact, I may have even seen some bits and pieces at the very end of August).

    This is what you get when you have no sensible 'No Christmas Til After Thanksgiving' rules…


  12. I don't want to hear any moaning. Hanukkah starts on November 27th – agghhh! But on the plus side, I'll be all done while everyone else is running around like crazy. I like your definition of spirit – it's what makes us *us.*


  13. My dear SantyKid – if you're remotely as good at organising Christmas as you are at posting first (and remember, Christmas is in your ANCESTRY, yo!), I have every confidence you'll be completely fine.

    And yer S'POSED to listen to the songs. It's a musical hop :p 😉


  14. Can't believe Christmas is seriously only about 2 months away. I have not even started my Christmas shopping. May need to listen to a few of these songs to calm me down now from stressing a bit from that thoughts. Thanks for that!!


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