Not my kind of normal

Life is off-kilter
My world seems to tilter
And spin on the point
Of a dime or a pin

Is this new rock-faller
One big, small or smaller
Than others, who knows?
Let the music play in…

DJ Jen and her Groupie (what? No? I didn’t just…but the groupies are the BEST part of being in a band, right?) want to know which music I/you/we like which is waaaaaaay off base from our usually-preferred genres.

Jukebox ’em up!

Soppy crap

I’m bad at soppy, terrible at lovey-dovey, and the saccharine super-puke stickiness of some songs makes me occasionally wish I could tear my arm off, just to have something to hurl at the radio and make it stop.

But these two I’ve loved for many years. Which just goes to show I’m all this, and a hypocrite, too 😉

 Not that I’d actually use the above in a ‘I’m sending this to you in lieu of actual words’ to anyone. Ever.

This one, however, I totally dedicate to Husby 🙂

Classical Dubstep

Just because it REALLY irks me when someone tries to muck around with something which is already pretty perfect. But in finding this, I found that it’s true – it can work, just sometimes. Awesome! Gives me chills when it hits the drop…

Yeah, yeah, don’t I sound cool, talkin’ ’bout dubstep like I have a single clue 😉

Hip Hop

I just never managed to really get into it. I think I was a little put off after a girl in college marched up to me and demanded “Name three hip-hop artists, and none of them can be Destiny’s Child” and in response to my baffled splutterings, rolled her eyes and informed me that I clearly had NO grasp of good music, and stalked off.

But then after a chat with Emma, I remembered that I ADORE ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’, which is Hip Hop through and through. Guess I’m cooler than even I knew…


Oh gosh, don’t even get me started on the teenage angst! Can’t stand it as a movement, but as a person who was significantly angsty and would’ve probably qualified for the label ‘Premo’ (as in, before it was cool) I did (slightly shamefully, when I found out who the awesomerockin’ tune was by) admit to having a HUGE amount of time for JUST this track by *whispers* My Chemical Romance

Jen, Kristi, somehow each week you continue to expand my mind and my horizons and my understanding of my musical soul with these prompts – thank you 🙂


26 thoughts on “Not my kind of normal

  1. Yow! You're really, REALLY busy.

    Happy Blogaversary 🙂 How exciting, and what a long way it's come from the beginning 😀

    Now there's that as well, you should DEFINITELY do a beautiful, sumptuous TToT. I've no suggestions for anything 'big' though, sorry.

    Hope work and home both decide to go easy on you for the rest of the week!


  2. ha-ha, I know…but I haven't had time during the week either lately. I'm going to try my hardest to get it (TToT) done this week!
    My Blog-versary is…TODAY and I would like to do something “big” but, I ain't gonna' happen. *sigh* Being swamped at work and home lately is wearing on me… but, all in all, I can't complain. 🙂


  3. I missed TToT last weekend too…*gak!* The next couple weekends are not looking very promising either timewise. I will try my hardest to get in on this weekend though. I miss it when I don't get in. ;( But that's a good idea to tag my TMTT songs into the TToT… if anything, I will have to post about my 'major award' from Christine.'s pretty epic. 😉


  4. I have now officially missed two TMTT hops. And I am sad. 😦

    I feel the same way about the Lonestar song… I can't help it… I just do like it. …and I loathe most country music! I actually have a list of songs in mind for this hop, but I've just been too busy. ;( But, I had two …possibly 3 country songs on it.


  5. I did always want a pair of cowboy boots, but I think that's for the boots rather than the anything else 😉 Glad you found a good pair though.

    Dubstep is often its own thing, though I admit there are a LOT of covers out there.

    Your memories sound like great ones 🙂 Glad the list took you back.


  6. Oh, I'm a country girl through and through! I even a new pair of {super expensive} cowboy boots with beautiful stitching last weekend! I don't get dubstep, either though. It just seems unoriginal. Go make your own music, don't just edit other artists' songs. Hip hop I can get into because it reminds me of high school when I got my first car and drive around with the windows down and music blasting. Good list. Love that it brought back some good memories for me 🙂


  7. Maybe he is. I'm not 'up' on these things and really have no idea!

    Am listening to it again now – loving it. And the words. And the melodies. That's the only song of his I know…should probably look out a few more of his but don't want to spoil this one, if that makes sense…


  8. 😉 *mwah*

    Is Eminem hip-hop? I thought he was rap! Who even knows any more! And no, it's not because you're old. It's because you're just different than me (really).

    Squeeze has a GORGEOUS song and lovely voice there 🙂 And the Beatles are cool 🙂

    You're awesome too 🙂


  9. Groupie?!!? Dude…*grumble grumble*
    I'm not into a lot of hip hop but, as you know, I do love me some Eminem. By the way, what's up with me not knowing ANY of your songs? None. Nada. None. It's not because I'm old so what is it? I really like Squeeze. Like a lot. His voice is really great – the style kindof reminds me a tiny bit of the Beetles. (prob just me)
    You're awesome.


  10. HA! Oh well. At least he likes it.

    I don't think Husby and I have an 'our song', and if we did, it wouldn't be that.

    I adore mashups. There are some blinding ones around – have you seen Oppa Spacejam Style? Or Fat Bottomed Girls Come Together Over Me, or Smells Like Rockin Robin?


  11. One of the reasons I love mashups, covers, and remixes is that when they're done right, they're awesome. And the Chopin is fantastic!

    According to my husband, Amazed is “our song”, though I'm not sure you can have an “our song” when one of the “our” doesn't even know about it and if they did, it wouldn't be that song anyway.


  12. Um, no you DON'T! Cos that (okay, and Squeeze) are the ONLY soppy tracks I like (she says, listening to Unchained Melody – ack!)

    I have to admit, I know no other MCR songs. And the Lauryn Hill track is AWESOME. I loved that trip down memory lane – I've not listened to that song for TOO long. Chopin MAY have liked it…


  13. That is the one My Chemical Romance song I know I think! And I do remember that Lauryn Hill track. And what did they do to Chopin – he'll be turning in his grave! – tis very cool though. Hadn't heard the Squeeze track before so thanks, and Amazed is so not you, ha ha, I get to call you soppy!


  14. Hugely, massively different, Slu! And should be all the more fascinating as a result. I kinda struggled because there are honestly so FEW genres where there's NOT something I love 😀 Glad you liked Amazed 🙂


  15. Some of it's not bad, and I don't mind it in principle at all – even quite enjoy it, but messing around with Chopin felt like something which shouldn't be done! Although, I have to say, it worked 🙂

    And yes, here you can admit anything. Though of all the songs above, it's the one I love least 😉


  16. I'd never heard any of these, so I'm really getting a music education now, Lizzi – although I'm familiar with Dubstep, as Brex went out with a DJ who played it – I've actually got to quite like it, too 🙂

    Can I admit that I've loved Amazed ever since I first heard it on the internet? {grin}


  17. I quite like the rockier stuff. Always had a soft spot for Shania Twain, and now have found Rascal Flatts and Blake Shelton.

    Also, you are SODAMNQUICK and EVERYWHERE.

    But I've figured you out, lady – you're SANTA CLAUSE'S KID! Cos only someone with a Daddy who could get all around the world in one night could POSSIBLY be as prolific and quick in the Blogosphere as you.

    Cover. Blown. HA!


  18. I can honestly say the one genre of music that I never fully got into was country when I was younger, but now I am starting to soften on this and even look forward to hearing country music every week in the show Nashville. So go figure and I am trying myself to expand my musical tastes with this one now, too!! 🙂


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