Winter Action Plan

Anyone who knows me In Real Life will know this very simple fact about me.

Anyone who knows me in the Blogosphere might have heard it alluded to.

And anyone reading this is about to find out…

I HATE the cold.

Hate, hate, hate it.

And the dark.

And don’t even get me started on the rain.

And, in fact, just winter, even though (I know) Christmas and everything…

But getting up in the dark, going out and spending the day at work (yes, even in my super-fun new job, because it requires being on and off the van every ten minutes, in the COLD or RAIN or whatever) and coming home in the dark. Where it’s gloomy, even with the lights on, because I think the gloominess is on the inside, not the outside.

Then there are the leaves, rotting away to gacky mush all around, and the trees getting bare and baldy and ready to start stiffening under the first frosts.

Which begins to herald the time where going out feels like razors across bare skin, and inhaling is painful and leaves you with lungfuls of sharp air and cycling means that your eyes tear up with the cutting wind, leaving freezing tracks of water down your cheeks.

There are the fingers and toes which never warm up, and stop working properly once they’ve gone purple. Ankles which begin to ache from cold, wrists which go numb…to say nothing of nose and ears and back of shoulders, where shivers originate.

There’s that ugly, deep-down, cold-at-the-core type of chill, which (once it arrives) stays for hours and hours.

There’s waking up in the night slightly too cold to sleep, but knowing that ‘outside’ is too nippy to risk getting up to find a fourth blanket to sleep under, which heralds a night of drifting in and out of uncomfortably cold snoozes and awaking, exhausted, next morning, pleased to put clothes on and get moving.

And after all that, there’s the ever-present risk that I’ll be wearing my usual five layers and somehow end up in a shop (or wherever) that’s magically, beautifully warm, and (quite apart from never wanting to leave it ever again) I’ll over-heat.

Β Winter is too long, and too hard, and I’m upset because the forecasters are already predicting snow.

So, in need of an action plan, I sat and thunk and discussed and came up with the following, which should help.

  • Fortnightly visits to a tanning booth to get a fix of UV light, brightness and warmth
  • Wearing bright colours and trying to love that I get to wear my new Nerd hat
  • Focussing on the bright lights which can be seen so much more clearly in the dark
  • Enjoying hearty winter foods (if I can be bothered to cook them)
  • Listening to summery music and yearning for the upturn in temperature and light levels which will herald the return of spring
  • Um…
  • Oh crap! Am I out already? There must be more!
  • No, that really is it!

Please, PLEASE give a gal a hand and let me know how you survive winter…any and all tips appreciated! The warmer and sunshinier the better!


62 thoughts on “Winter Action Plan

  1. Your first suggestion is probably my favourite. But I do like the idea of baking to give away. That seems do-able πŸ˜€ Thank you.

    I'm still not quite convinced of me + snow as a concept. I find it fun for about 3 minutes until it gets cold and starts soaking into me and then I get waaaaay cold and hate it.


  2. Hmm…probably nothing new here, but I definitely understand the need to stave of winter's doldrums.

    Good books, warm blankets, and a cup of good tea.
    Get a little sunlight every day, even if it's only sitting near an open window for fifteen minutes.
    Look for the beauty in the darkness – clear skies with bright stars, snowflakes so clear you can see the tiny details…
    Watch holiday movies – but not the sappy ones. The fun kid kind! And make hot chocolate.
    Take a walk outside just after it finishes snowing…it's quiet and thick and slightly warmer (usually) than before the snow falls. Go before the plows and shovels come out and it's even better.
    Bake stuff. If you don't want to be stuck eating all the goodies, give them away to people at work, church, whatever. Watch them smile.


  3. Okay, well that last one is almost poetic. I'll try it. I'm certain I'll have ample chance *sigh* I hope it's as magical as you say.

    Ice-skating makes my feet freeze. They're freezing now and in two layers of socks and slippers and a blanket. I want them no-where near ice! :p

    Couch and movies sound good.


  4. While I hate the winter when February comes, the past couple of years here have been too warm to kill off all of the bugs, so summer is buggier. I'm hoping for at least one freeze this year. Winter can be warm and cozy too. A great time to curl up on the couch with hot chocolate and watch movies. Love all of your ideas. Trying to think of more…hmm….ice skating?
    Snowflakes can be magical and beautiful on a quiet night. When it's not windy, go play in the snow. At midnight. Really. So quiet.


  5. I definitely aim to keep being active – you'd be proud of me – I even ran in the RAIN yesterday!

    I have to say, the number of blue-sky hours in Cali really appeals to me. But I'm gonna check out one of those lamps forsure πŸ˜€


  6. Oh THAT'S all I have to do *grins* Thanks so much :p

    I sometimes think that menopause (and other things, at times) should come with an Anansi kind of deal – I do the effort and you take the effects I don't like…would be awesome,


  7. Cool! I'll go and check it out πŸ™‚ Definitely worth knowing. You're not the only one to suggest the special lights, so I figure there's something of merit in the idea πŸ™‚ Could work well.


  8. Do a google search for lights for SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I thought it was full-spectrum that was recommended, but now I'm reading that “white light” is better. In short, though, there are lights that specifically are recommended to help improve mood in the dreary wintertime.


  9. The hubby has seasonal depression too. Luckily living in Cali means we just get out a lot on the Sunny days (often) for as many hours as possible. They sell special lamps that give of ultra violet light. Also being active is really helpful.


  10. BRRRR!!! I hate the cold too.

    Now that I've hit menopause, the hot flashes help. So just hang in there another twenty five or thirty years.
    And I realize that wasn't helpful at all. Hmm.


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