Ten Things of Thankful #19

Back this week to the tradition of the numbered list.

Because it is within tradition that (at times) we find ourselves, and pick up the threads of all the selves we were last time the tradition was rolled out, and hold them gently, remembering.

1. An Apology and an Explanation
I probably won’t be around much this weekend, and though I’ll try really, really hard to carve out some time to pop round and comment on the most very special posts submitted here (that’s yours…’kay?) I might be late. But because I’m letting you know, up front and in person, my co-hosts can’t lord it over me.

You see, we have a guest. The wonderful, marvellous, ever-loyal reader of Considerings, Groomsman of Husby and dear pal of the last five years, my SanFranFriend is HERE *squeeeeee!!!*

We’ve been looking forward to this for SO LONG. At the moment he’s out with Husby, living it up in whatever nerdy way nerdy-guys do (he’s brought me a MASSIVE (and I mean terrabytes full) hard drive of his Star Trek DVDs; the world’s tiniest LED, soldered by his own fair hand, for Husby) – something to do with Star Trek model game battle something on a tabletop with other nerds…who knows.

But when he returns, I am closing the laptop (ish) and making the most of enjoying his presence. Tomorrow we’re planning on visiting the Wonderful Market in a nearby city. I hope to buy (at least) olives, delicious bread, marinaded garlic cloves, hot sauce and some second-hand books (yes, more books) and pretend that because he’s here, it doesn’t matter about the bank balance.

2. Driving me MAD
This week was my first week on DRIVING the vans. They’re MASSIVE  (Renault Master, if you care to know – as long as the shuttlebus driven by Christine, but higher in the ceiling, and STICK SHIFT, yo!) and powered by diesel, so they’re quite lumbering, which means that coming back to my little petrol car afterwards usually throws me off, and I muck the clutch up a few times.


Yesterday, a colleague and I were driving away to our clinic, when there was a bang behind us, and the sound of grinding metal on road, and the feel of something dragging. People started beeping us, and we stopped, put the hazard lights on (at the busiest roundabout in the city) to have a look. *something* was hanging off the back from under the van. So I drove us v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y back, as my colleague phoned the office, and we were told that under no circumstances should we drive the van again. We were transported to another van and sent to get on with our clinic.

Turned out the bit of metal which somehow sheared off as we were driving was nothing less than an Important Bar Which Kept The Axle On! Thank goodness it didn’t all fall apart as I drove us back!!!

3. Peachy Queen
The 30 day squats challenge finished this week, and Alyson and I were meant to be fighting it out over that crown. Only she hasn’t been forthcoming with why she deserves it, and I (having taken before and after photos) can say that the squats have not made a difference – not one JOT! Which leaves me reluctant to claim it for myself.

So it’s either still up for grabs, or we can share it (which, I think, is fairer all round, after all, we both did the damn challenge, right up to 250 squats on day 30 (and no, why on EARTH would I be bitter that the cumulative effect of *rushes to get calculator* 3295 squats has made NO DIFFERENCE?!)

So I’m gonna carry on with the latter days of the challenge, as I once heard that exercise takes 6 weeks for you to notice the change, 8 weeks for those close to you to notice, and 12 weeks for everyone else to notice.

So it’s turned long-haul, and I’ve got 8 weeks to go.

And if I don’t have a peachy ass by then, I really WILL be pissed.

 4. I’m still thrilled
And over the moon about the success of last weekend’s fund-raising.

I’m still thrilled about the success of MY fund-raising.

But now I’ve only got a week to go, and nearly 2/5 still to make.

SO I’m really not sure what to do. I’m gonna take the physical sponsorship form into work on Monday and see if they’ll help. And perhaps to church on Sunday, and see if I can tap anyone for money there. And otherwise I’m going to just hope against hope that I make the target and don’t look like a fool.

(Well, I WILL look like a fool, but only on purpose, all lit up with glowsticks, for the run. And yes, there’s gonna be a video for next weekend’s TToT)

5.  DYING of laughter
Dear, wonderful co-host Zoe, (and, did I mention, my co-bard at the brand new poetry blog The Well Tempered Bards) made something this week and sent it to me (using Jib Jab), which had me actually bent over in half and CRYING with laughter. Actual, real tears.

So I asked if I could share it with you all, because it’s so beautiful, and so incredibly hilarious, and goodness knows there are times when you need a good belly-laugh, and I absolutely GUARANTEE this will provide it.

It’s the Co-Hosts dance, featuring Kristi, Christine, Dyanne and I, with Skip (TToT’s loyal mascot)


6. NOT dying of flu
I was able to go out after work tonight, (in the pouring rain, on my bicycle, cos apparently I live too close to get a parking permit for work, and buses are impractical as there are none very near to me, so I’d get as wet walking to catch one as I do cycling in (yah, boo, SUCKS to that!)) to get my flu jab done.

By Emma (you remember her?) my pharmacist friend and fellow explorer.

Who took HUGE pleasure in sticking me with a needle, and had the audacity to tell me off when I exclaimed loudly “OW! You hurt me!” (yeah, okay, loud enough for the whole shop to hear).

I’m reliably informed that it’s a ‘dead’ vaccine, which means I will build up immunity without the possibility of getting flu. And will hopefully remain flu-free this winter, especially as I’m working in such close proximity with large numbers of little old dears.

7. T minus Three Months
The results are in from Husby’s endocrinologist. He can have three more months on the current (expensive, fertility-improving) treatment. Then they’re switching him to the (cheap, fertility-killing) one. There’s no logical reason which has been found for his ongoing extreme tiredness (which is frustrating) but otherwise he’s doing well and his health is much improved, though it has far to go.

Which means we have three months (or, three shots) at having a baby.

So I’ve made sure that my sweet, sweet friends Dana and Janine are holding onto my hopes and dreams (still not ready to have them back) and I’m taking Christine’s sage advice to just be pleased that the treatment is working.

No eggs. No baskets. No counting.

I’m hugely, massively excited that THIS COMING WEEK RIGHT NOW, the book I was asked to contribute to; Sunshine After the Storm, is being PUBLISHED. It will be available as an e-book first, with hard copies coming later. It will also have a super-special cut-price for the first set of people to buy it.
‘Like’ Sunshine After The Storm on Facebook.
Buy it if you’re a loss mom (or dad). Buy it if you know someone who is. 
The stories are heartbreaking, raw, exquisite, and full of solidarity for the woman who discovers herself in the middle of this most profound situation – the loss of her child (at whatever stage). The message repeated over and over, in a hundred gorgeous, tender, compassionate ways is “You are NOT alone”

9. Food, Glorious FOOD
Apart from the sheer fact that not only do I have enough, I enjoy an abundance, I’m really looking forward to the homemade meals I’ve planned for this weekend while our SanFranFriend is here.


I’ve completely and totally forgotten to plan ANYTHING for Sunday lunch. Which is ridiculous. So I need some quick inspiration, which won’t take forever to prepare or be too expensive – GO…

10. The Wonders of Social Media
I’m a complete extrovert (I now know) and absolutely and completely get my energy from being around other people. When it’s too late or I’m too tired or it’s too much energy to do it in real life, the connections with friends around the world on Facebook and Twitter and email provide a GORGEOUS source of (near) constant input. Which feeds me. And I love it.

This week I’ve had wonderful Tweets with various Twits
I’ve Facebooked my Face off with people halfway around the world
And I’ve GoogleVideoChatted with my gorgeous sidekick, Bad Juju, and her utterly scrumptiously adorable little boy, who woke up and interrupted us, but then joined in very beautifully.

Secret bonus extra, courtesy of the Blogosphere, which also provides amazing connections with the souls of stunningly beautiful writer-types. Like Katia, who I just somehow don’t manage to mention enough. But her writing holds (for me) an attribute I find rarely – it builds a bridge right to my heart, invites itself in and sets up camp, sparking off new ideas, heralding in the sublimely wonderful and altering my view on the world. The other people (who I can think of, off the top of my head) who have this ability to shine their writes straight through my senses and defenses and speak directly to the inner me, are Kristi, Kerry and Glennon.

Glennon’s world famous (and also quite wonderful) so it barely counts to say that she has this ability – it’s transparent, and thousands respond to her words. And they’re worth it.

Kristi’s famous here (rightfully so) for being a stunning writer, a gorgeous person, and the owner of a heart so full of compassion for others and desire for change it actually IS changing things, with Our Land going from strength to strength. She’s also perpetually ten minutes behind herself and in a constant state of catch-up, and it’s one of her strengths, because her ‘just shoved this together’ stuff is often totally transfixing.

Kerry is less well known. But I’ve followed her blog for a while now, and her writing is stunning. She shares her experiences of college when the ‘you’ who is enrolled is someone who combats CP. She has wisdom beyond her years, and writes in such a manner that I could only hope to aspire to. It. Is. Beautiful. Did I mention she’s 10 years younger than me? This girl is accomplished with a capital A++++

So come on, already – what’s been good, great or wonderful about your week? Link ’em up, lovelies 🙂

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


56 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #19

  1. Thank you – I had a gorgeous time with my SanFranFriend, and am still pretty mixed about the book, but mostly glad it exists for other people who need it.

    And I do try with these lists, to make them a bit exciting and varied 😉


  2. I am currently doing a plank challenge. But squats are on my list. CONGRATS on the book!! Except, sadness for the subject matter. And, don't you all call pharmacists “chemists” over there? I have to get this right in my head!


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