TToT 17:2 The sumptuous, rambly one

Yesterday’s post was awesome, and loved sharing all those gorgeous things about my new job with you, but today’s comes at the end of a long, luxurious day of doing not really very much, and it’s time to put into practice that gorgeous, liberating writing tool – the ‘stream of consciousness’ (so wonderfully Done Already by Clarkie-Boy yesterday, and a perfectly valid construct to steal off him, mash back into a lump and re-craft into my own shape of post).

But thinking of mashing things back into lumps to re-shape puts me in mind of watching Ghost with our Irish friends a coupla weekends back (it seems more distant than that! I miss them) and how much fun we all had chatting away and just spending time in one anothers company, which makes me think of how truly blessed I am with my friends.

There’s my bezzie-friend-in-the-whole-world, who’s nearly known me for half my life, and who’s been with me through thick and thin. When we get to that amazing ‘Known For Half Our Lives’ time, we’re gonna celebrate BIGTIME. Not sure how yet, but I have a feeling that some level of cup-of-teas will be involved. And likely cheese. And fresh bread. And red wine. And falling over giggling.

But thinking of her puts me in mind of all my other friends – the ones in Real Life, who chat with me, run with me, hug me, listen to me, laugh with me, dine out in style with me (usually sandwiches on a park bench, trying to pretend that the meagre sunshine is still sufficient to not be bundled up in layers yet, or something equally low-key) and whose wonderful presence I get to enjoy regularly, like puffs of goodness and oxygen into my world.

And then I think of the friends I have online (which is still a fairly weird(ish) concept to even accept- but I hold that it’s DEFINITELY possible to get to know people through what they write, through messaging and email and video chats), who I chat to and write with and whose lives I get to read through their blogs, and whose friendship tends to come in the form of their hearts, shaped through whichever typeface is being used, poured out to mine (along with their funnies; their incidentals; their triumphs, challenges and sorrows).

In a way this form of friendship can be easier than the traditional, face-to-face kind, because there’s less emphasis on ‘social norms’ and ‘ettiquette’, both of which need tending to in the Real World. With an online friend, it’s possible to do several things at once, whilst still maintaining the flow of conversation. Or it can come in great, long tracts, through email, which would parch the mouth and ‘hog the room’ were they to be delivered verbally. There’s also more time to consider a response, consider how much of one’s self to reveal, and space to do so adequately, editing as you go along, so that what’s presented is a ‘neater’ version, and perhaps more palatable for all that.

That said, every so often (well, more often than not, really) the idiosyncrasies spill over and out across the pages, bringing forth some unexpected laughs, connections, shared understandings, realisations of shared experiences (the rare, bizarre-but-wonderful moment when you realise that you and one of these lovely people keep on thinking along the same lines, or saying the same things at the same times, or have had eerily similar experiences, to the point where you begin to wonder whether the idea of an ‘other self’ holds any sway – or the sudden, intense, glorious friendship of someone who really ‘gets’ you)…all of which are unlikely to be found except within the geographically-limitless bounds of a world-wide village.

And let’s face it; this WorldVillage can (when it wants to) make Huge Things happen. The power of social networking to be a Force For Good is truly something to be reckoned with.

Information can be shared from multiple sources, allowing (hopefully) more accurate representations of what goes on.

Education can happen – there is a wealth of knowledge, from the very superficial, to the deepest-buried gems. The internet is the world’s library; storing all the knowledge of mankind for future generations.

Aloneness can be banished – there is always someone in a similar situation.

Awareness can be raised to enable each person to engage with and support the causes and challenges he or she is particularly interested in. Like now.

Because if you’re here, I can safely assume you have either a vested interest in me, the blog, or the blog hop or no reason to really be here.

If you’ve no reason to really be here, then it doesn’t matter, but if you DO have a reason for being here, then I can assume you’re at least a little interested in me, my blog, or this hop, in which case you’ll be at least a little engaged when I tell you there’s the challenge of An Action about to be presented.

If you’re the kind of person who stops engaging when Things Might Impact You, feel free to skip ahead.

If you’re the kind of person who might consider that actually, at the other end of the words you read is a person, and that person has something she cares about and wishes you’d support her in, then please continue to absorb what I have to say.

There are times in this online world when things can reach into your heart and grab it with talons and not let go.

Like when I found out my friend (and fellow TToT co-host) Dyanne had been diagnosed with breast cancer years ago, and went through a whole mess of invasive, painful, awful treatments to stop it from taking her life.

That she is now still receiving treatments, is (for the large part) fighting fit again, and now has to deal with the unusual (but equally as challenging as the traditional) “Why me?”, as she comes face to face with those whose cancer treatments are not as effective, or are taking a far worse toll. To come through all that is not all sunshine and lollipops and celebrating and new boobs – it’s also constant reminder and struggle and survivor guilt.

But what can you do? I mean really DO? These things happen to people, right? And really, why NOT Dyanne? Why NOT each of those people she knows and sees? Why not each of those people we all (I suspect) have known who’ve gone hand-to-hand with cancer?

The ‘why not’ is contained within the ‘What You Can Do’.

And that’s sponsor me, as I run to raise money for Cancer Research UK, in a local Race For Life. 

Because when one or another research facility finally cracks it, and figures out how to make this beast called cancer go AWAY, or how to reduce the awfulness of the treatments currently available, then we all win. I promise you that.

I have a goal of £500 to raise by October 18th.

Even if you can only spare a few dollars or a couple of quid – every last penny will help, and perhaps, one day, it will be over – we will have won.

Talking of ‘winning’, I had a moment this evening where I felt that I’d won. It was later described to me (in the book I was reading, but wait a sec…) in terms of a ‘Kairos’ moment:  

” Kairos is God’s time. It’s time outside of time. It’s metaphysical time. Kairos is those magical moments in which time stands still.” – Glennon Melton

I’d been asked to babysit for two beautiful sisters I’ve known since babyhood through my previous job in daycare. They’re 8 and 5 now, and still both completely scrumptious, and I’m so pleased that my relationship and connection with them has been allowed to go beyond the confines of my role. They are my friends.

And tonight, as I sat there with Big Sister snuggled tight into my side, alternately reading the Beano to me, and discussing the salient points of Strictly Come Dancing, and Little Sister snuggled into my arms and slowly fell fast asleep, it was a Kairos time – there were no demands, no stresses, just the joy of being in each others’ company

Later, I was gifted with another, longer, stretched-out-luxuriously Kairos moment – once both girls were asleep, and I was back downstairs, sitting on the comfy sofa, reading Glennon’s book ‘Carry On, Warrior’ (it’s beautiful and totally worth getting hold of, whether in book or e- form), watching the two cats dozing off, and taking time in between chapters to absorb the message and Tweet with friends on my phone. Gorgeous.

I returned home, safe in the knowledge that Husby would be up and waiting for me, and that we’d eat together and indulge in another episode of Bewitched, and probably sit there companionably, holding hands, chilled. More Kairos.

Finally, on the Husby front, there was news this week which made me think once more of that magic wand I wanted a while ago, because there is HOPE again. Perhaps someone waved that wand for us – who knows – but after a test this week, it’s wonderful to know that, whilst still lower than the lowest ‘fertile’ range, he’s now firing at 2/3 that number – four million more than the lonely 1 which there had been previously. And as it only takes one to conceive a child, there are now a few more million chances for us.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
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26 thoughts on “TToT 17:2 The sumptuous, rambly one

  1. I'll reply to both your posts here 🙂

    That's a REALLY impressive funnd-raise you did there! Well done. I expect you helped a massive amount to save lives. I did a half-marathon (mostly walked) when I was younger, but can't remember what I fund raised. Certainly not this much, or for so good a reason.

    The shirt is AWESOME! Makes a great point though.

    And YAY! I do hope we're all set now!


  2. Kristi – They're onto you now – you'll be hounded til it's done (in the nicest, caringist way possible, ofc)

    Chris – I'll certainly go and check out your post – thanks for jumping into the convo (totally always a good thing to do round here, by the way – that's how we roll 🙂 ) Thank you so much for your kind and generous words. And as to the last – I think so. The wonders of modern medicine and the right attributions, huh? 😀 Here's hoping for continued increases and perhaps one day some exciting good news 😀


  3. Okay- I am totally interrupting this convo to tell you KRISTI to do me a favor and read a post of mine- heck, Lizzy you TOO! It's about the BRCA1- which I had, and Kristi, I really think it might be a great idea for you to get tested for it seeing your history… Here is the link:

    Okay- now Lizzy!!! Oh how I just LOVE reading your scrumptious words- you create passages that suck me in and mesmerize me, because they flow flawlessly- and the words you choose are simply brilliant. Oh, what a gift you are!!!! I love everything you shared- as always. And invested? YES MA'AM! You KNOW I am! I would love to donate, so I will see how that is done. Also- four million eh? I believe that is your Father-Love's handiwork sweet love! Oh, yes- I feel it. i believe it. I trust it! Just remember how BIG He is…


  4. I am planning on getting them squeezed, Dyanne. ANd the one year ago is the time I found out about the family's stuff (bio family – I do not know them know them) but ouch to getting some history! And Yay to both of you. For realz yays. ❤


  5. go girl!!! I once ran ( walked) a marathon for the LLS. I raised over $4500 and traveled to Alaska to run ( walk) it. I dont know if I saved any lives but I certainly helped. it felt great. you'll do great. you're a great friend:) and her shirt, by the way, is awesome!!!


  6. I agree with Christine… but it is those 'little things' that hold clarks back, in a social environment (“am I old, am I fat, do they think I'm weird I walk funny, is my voice harsh or unattractive)… these are all facts of life that clarks contend with in the real world… scotts of a certain level of sophistication (i.e. having a secondary clarklike aspect) are not surprised…and not put off by the social hesitancy of others (I am including Christine and Dyanne in this category).
    But to have this handicap set aside (for clarks) in the virtualness of the the internet is huge for us.

    I like the virtual friends I've made.


  7. Mechanical. From the man I convinced that the month order was different in the UK?

    Excuse me…

    *leaves the room howling with laughter*

    …okay – I'm back! Just WOW!

    But I'm glad to know it was a throwback to your profession rather than a reflection on you as a communicator.

    And as for the gooeyness – I'll keep trying. I'm miles ahead of where I was when I began this crazy ride with the WD, so as a tool it has already proven its worth a thousand times over 😀

    And GOOD! Lol. Tin heart indeed 😉


  8. Well, I should put it in accurate context. Was sitting at computer with my roger. We've doing some stuff on ebay and were e-mailing a buyer we'd been chatting with. I started writing something when when my roger piped in with…”you've got to be more emotional, you're too mechanical”. In writing e-mails. Surely, only writing e-mails right? LOL Anyway, as I said at Brunch this am, my former profession required me to develop a particular style. Nowadays, I often call upon him when I struggle with “everyday, everyman kind of talk”. You know, “herdspeak” (just dubbed it that just now by golly)
    (btw, thanks for the heads up on the “otherness, joining it” thing. have to keep an eye on that lol)

    I just know there is plenty of gooeyness in your future:D

    Oh Lizzie! Thank you. No one has used that particular adjective to describe me. It just put a dent in my tin heart:)


  9. Someone said you were MECHANICAL! Ohmigosh! That's certainly not a term I would ever associate with you. You're thinky, sometimes to those nebulous areas beyond the edges of the mind, where you start to be considering the 'otherness' (and maybe joining it), and that's incredible. But mechanical is RUDE!

    LOL at the gooeyness – I like it, but I'm not good at it yet, but I'm glad you enjoy what I write so much. Thank you for your continued support and your friendship and input. It matters 🙂

    Now. What was unexpected about you (and in the nicest way, I don't mean this disrespectfully in ANY way to your sib) was that, having met Clark, and then meeting you afterwards, I was taken aback by how glamourous you look.

    There. Now you know 😉

    Sounds like the call in was fun. I shall be at the WDVB shortly 🙂


  10. They're far, far better odds, aren't they? I hope they work out for us!

    30 years ago is a long time – I'm so glad you were able to take part in that testing and find that the cancer has been beaten back. Someone very near and dear to me has lukaemia, diagnosed over five years ago, and she's been very lucky in receiving a new treatment, which currently holds it in remission, though I don't know if it's a thing which can ever be 'cured' as such. But the advances in medical knowledge and treatment methods have been absolutely outstanding, and I so, SO want to get behind it.

    I've never been a good fund-raiser, and I've always been put off joining the races because I've been such an appalling runner. But now that I know I can do it, there's absolutely NO excuse. So I'm doing it. And I will do it again. And again. And again. And I hope that the money I raise will make significant difference. It's really all I can do – so many of us owe so much to the advances the researchers have made, and they desperately need funding.


  11. A step at a time. Believe. That is all I can offer Lizzi and my continued support of course:) 4 is more and a very build-able base. You have a large number of friends, virtual and real life praying and sending good thoughts your way.(*big hug*)
    Now tell me….what surprised you and why (about meeting me)? my clarklike curiosity is nagging me. And I'm being a bit rogerian, turning the attention to me. LOL
    Must stop that must return to comment about post it's not
    a bout me (you have to channel William Shatner as Capt. Kirk for that)
    I love reading your posts. No, I love reading how you write. How you express. How you frame. I love that you are generous and giving and emotional and passionate.
    There! clarks can get all gooey!! Who said we are mechanical?! (yes, I was recently told I was mechanical, at least in my writing) Eegads, I'm still writing about me!
    We had a good chat on the Doctrine Sat. Call In Show with Cyndi. Talked about rogers:D
    P.S. Love that you are running for this cause, Dyanne's and every person who suffers with this cancer.


  12. 1 vs 4 million in any other situation those odds would be unbeatable….but even here they're still much better….I will keep fingers crossed for you. On the subject of running and Dianeyou are so right in your perspective on that…almost 30 years ago when I was diagnosed with a blood cancer that was considered quite deadly and incurable I was told there was really no treatment the could keep me going other than the really ugly invasive stuff and even that wouldn't cure me…but then something new came out and I participated in some testing and while it did not cure me it has extended my life quite a bit. Have not people been available to help fund raise and to really just care about the situation I would have been dead a long time ago. I'm really grateful for people like you! I don't know how to put a finerl point on it than that other than to just say thank you so much!


  13. Three minutes! You were *so close* – no fear about being put in the Slow Readers Group just yet.

    I like your way of putting that – working backwards. It's very strange and disconcerting in a way, because it's totally possible to begin building an image of someone, which you then associate with everything they write.

    To hear their voice later can be quite jarring (yours wasn't – yours fits with your writing – Kris was right) and certainly seeing someone's person and mannerisms properly (e.g. via the Wakefield Doctrine Video Brunch) helps a lot in developing an understanding of the person. I think the people who surprised me most when I e-met them were Melissa and Denise. Clark, Michelle, Dyanne and Kristi were all much as I imagined them (though I admit, I did later nearly fall off my chair when I heard how TALL Dyanne is – course, you can't tell when someone's sat down on video!)

    Fascinating though, how in spite of the lack of physical cues we're so reliant on ordinarily (isn't it something like 70% of communication which is non-verbal?) we can really build a pretty decent friendship with another person. Certainly I feel I've made several awesome new friends across this ol' Blogosphere.

    Sorry. Epic tangent there – ya got me thinking (yeah, that happens the other way around, too).

    It was all-in-all a really gorgeous evening last night. I only hope the couple want to go out again soon so I can go back! Absolutely loved it.

    4 million is great. It makes it maybe possible. Fingers crossed, prayers sent, but breath not held and rug not stepped back onto. We shall see 🙂


  14. It *is* huge, right? And amazing. BUT. Having had so many times where we've gotten back on that rug to have it pulled out from under us, I'm still not quite ready to get back on. It's a small, small chance we would otherwise not have had. No panic. No rush. But it's good 🙂

    A year ago must've been a really bad time for your family! So sorry that you know all about this so well 😦 Make sure you do get properly checked. Regularly. Cos frankly I really don't want to need to run this race with anyone else's name but Dyanne's on the number I wear.

    I hope Tucker's teacher's treatment goes really well. That must be really hard to have to explain to all the parents and children she cares for. Hope the treatment's really successful for her.

    *sigh* It just affects so many people! I'm glad there's even something as small as this I can do.

    And yer welcome for the sneaky shout 😉 Any excuse to send people your way to find Our Land (and the rest).


  15. No way! I'm first!? (unless I dilly-dally) and someone pushes publish first.
    You clarks and your numberless lists… 🙂
    It is amazing and weird, these internet friends we have. It's like we're working backwards, knowing big things before knowing little things (like the sound of each other's voice or mannerisms in different situations).
    So glad you were able to sit and enjoy the company of those little darlings. And your husband later. A peaceful night overall it sounds like.
    And as for the news? I'm smiling. A big, toothy grin. 4 million sounds a whole hell of a lot better than one. Still praying…


  16. 4Million more is 4million more. AND huge. And happy. And I am so fingers crossed, praying, hopeful for you. Take it easy. Take it slow. Breathe. Don't panic, don't rush. It's the biggest best start you could have. Wow. Friend. Huge.
    Also, I love Dyanne's cause and that you're helping. I just found out a year ago that my biological mom, two aunts and grandmother had breast cancer. OUCH. Time for me to start getting checked. Scary. Tucker's teacher is starting treatment for (the best kind of the worst that is) next month. Ugh.
    HUGE congrats on the running. Huge. Thanks for the almost shout-out about us being on the same page. 😀


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