TToT: Meet the Co-Hosts 9

In last week’s interview, we got to meet the beautiful and very creative Michelle, who explained to us in gorgeous depth, who she feels she is, and how she relates to the important people in her life, as well as the place Thankfulness has for her. Many thanks, Michelle, for such a wonderful interview.

And now, the FINAL interview in the series – our LAST co-host – Zoe, from Rewritten, who joined the team at the same time as Michelle, and who brings our count to Ten (which, to my mind, is perfect for a Ten Things of Thankful hop). Read on, and discover more about her (and Skip).

1. Who are you?
I have a difficult time identifying outside of my professional life. If I were to characterize myself otherwise, I would say I am learning to be less verbally impulsive and more accepting of that which I cannot change. I am someone who is most likely found trying to see most situations from many angles. I am not someone who is overly invested in being uptight or holding a grudge, but do on occasion fall prey to such bologna.  I am usually going to fight for what I think is right and will become an advocate for most folks or situations that find themselves on the underdog side of the argument. Not that I’m always in agreement with the underdog, but I will defend the right to be different or to have an opposing opinion even if it’s unpopular. I tend to be a bit too intellectual for my own good but I am not inflexible. When speaking to Clark of the Wakefield Doctrine, I would describe myself as a Clark with a Rogerian twist.

2. Where are you from?
I hale from an industrial city in Massachusetts. In its heyday it was best known for making paper. When I was growing up it was best known for being the arson capital of the country. I grew up in pretty tough neighborhoods and often had to run home from the bus stop being chased by gangs of other kids who pretty much wanted to kick the hell out of me for being in their territory.

3. Describe your family.
Well this is a tough one. I love my family but there was a lot of anger and anxiety growing up. My parents were poor, minimally educated and worked hard—too hard. There was a lot of fear of failure which was a breeding ground for dreading change and far too much encouragement to “play it safe.” I am the youngest of seven children and am often amazed at how far we have all managed to progress in life.

4. Why do you blog? 
 Here’s a surprise. My first blog was a small shrine to my dogs and the pets of friends. My recent blog was begun when the editor for my current project (a book) said I needed a platform before I decided to go forward with publication. While “rewritten” is by no means a professional blog it is a start…embryonic at best. I’m afraid I am a bit resistant to social media.

5. What do you like about the Ten Things of Thankful hop?
I like the conversational feel of the comments sections. I also like that on those weekends when I am not able to make it to as many blogs as I would like, there doesn’t seem to be all kinds of hard feelings. I have been on other hops and the blog police can be relentless. Not so here. Love that!

6. What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in life? 
The biggest ongoing challenge of my life has been living with a chronic illness that has been characterized as both incurable and terminal. I have had this illness for more than half my life despite that my prognosis was about five years. To that I just say….hmmmmmmm. (Note to Grim Reaper, I am not getting cocky…just sayin’.) A not so minor part of this lifestyle has been learning to identify and accept that which I cannot change. I have grown to learn that I do not have to like everything that I accept. I would rather have learned this a different way, but if I had to learn it this way …so be it…another thing I must accept.

7. Which people inspire you?
My partner of many years was/is my greatest inspiration. He was devoted to Buddhism and its principles. He was someone who died doing what he believed to be morally correct, and protecting someone who could not protect himself. Although I wish with everything I have that it could be different, I know I am lucky to have had as much of my life with him as I had.  Long before his death, it was he who taught me the importance of acceptance and doing what needs to be done. There are many who inspire me but he comes immediately to mind.

8. What achievement are you working towards?
I would like to have my book close to publication by the end of the year. It is starting to feel like an albatross around my neck.

9. How would you most like to inspire others?
I would like to be remembered as someone who could be depended upon to do the right thing, and inspired others to do the same.

10. Tell me something utterly frivolous about you.

I am a cartoon junkie. I love the silver surfer…How can you not love a morally righteous guy who rides a surfboard through the cosmos? Oddly enough, while I do not always subscribe to the power of positive thinking, I also love Spongebob for the sheer optimism he portrays.

Zoe, it’s been wonderful to get to know you better – thank you for answering these with such honesty and feeling. 

If you’ve enjoyed what you read, come back on Saturday for more, wonderful Zoe (and the rest of us) in the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop – it’s on all weekend, and we’d LOVE to have you over.

Take care, y’all.

Ten Things of Thankful

17 thoughts on “TToT: Meet the Co-Hosts 9

  1. That is a truly horrible photo of me and I actually chose it because skip was so stinking cute in it…pathetic? Oh yeah I know it!

    And you are so right Clark, this is a lot tougher than a blog entry…I'm just not used to being so honest on my site. It should probably be noted that I wrote this before I took your personality survey that said I was 100 million percent clark .

    thanks again lizzie!


  2. Nice job! (for many of us, these Profile Posts are more challenging than writing a blog.

    Anyone who includes their dog in a profile photo, totally has my respect (and admiration).
    I agree about the conversational vibe (to Comments at the TToT) being one of the cooler things we do.

    (Since you mentioned it, the influence and implications of a secondary rogerian aspect is a pretty hot topic, 'round the Doctrine, so we will be interested in your input on matters Wakefield-like)

    Welcome zoe, to the coolest bloghop in the (virtual) land!

    The TToT hostini have surely become a force to be reckoned with… so lets find some blog hops to go an intimidate into joining us!
    (Y-Chrome showing again?)

    Hey Considerer… good job with the recruiting of total assets to the team!


  3. Definitely loved getting to know Zoe here better tonight. I can't believe you got through all ten of these interviews and feels like yesterday you just did the first. Seriously, the last few months just flew by.


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