TToT: Meet the Co-Hosts 8

Last week, my dear co-hosts, my friends, got their chance to get their own back, and submit questions for me to answer. They rose to the challenge and came up with some amazing questions, quite beyond anything I could’ve imagined (want to know what tattoo I think Mr. Noah (he of the ark and the animals going in two-by-two) would’ve had? Wonder no more…) and we had an amazingly fun time together.

I also got to spring a GREAT surprise on them, by filling the final two positions in the co-hosts’ slots, and this week we welcome the first of these new additions; Michelle, from Getting Literal

1.Who are you?

I had to say that this one made me think a little. I am a passionate pet lover,  literature fanatic and a self-professed music and computer geek. Of course, I love writing, especially fiction and poetry. I also love and play the piano, especially blues piano.

Who I am is a person who loves balance and equality…..I am always. rightly or wrongly, in the pursuit of fairness.

2.Where are you from?
I hail from the sunny little island of Singapore, where food and spices abound. Singapore is known for its cosmopolitan nature and being a melting pot of cultures. It has to be the country of public holidays – no where else can you celebrate Chinese New Year, Diwali, or Hari Raya with Chinese, Indian or Malay friends in togetherness.

3.Describe your family.
Racially, I am Peranakan Chinese – a group of  Chinese who took on the customs of the Indonesians and Malays and became English educated, with its own range of cultural norms and cuisines. My family is a typically Peranakan one, and I grew up with what I would describe as delicious Indo-Chinese fusion food that is extremely rich and spicy.

My dad is a lead guitarist in a few bands who loves his music and earns a semi-retired living playing at gigs. I follow his lead and sometimes play the keyboard at functions as well.

Mum was a primary school teacher librarian who indoctrinated the love of reading and writing   in me, thanks to the piles of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys she brought home for my benefit from the school library where she worked.

Grandma, of course, is ever the fantastic cook who prepares all manner of spicy and delicious concoctions.

And of course, there is my husband, another computer geek who works as a systems engineer. An honest and reliable fellow, trust him with everything, except his tendency to fly off the handle when irritated!

When it comes to family, I must not forget two very important members, Misty and Cloudy, terriers whose woofs keep me company whilst I am writing.

4.Why do you blog?

I blog for my own space, to stretch my creativity with pet articles, poetry, short stories and of course, as a way of making more friends online.

No where else in writing-dom is there a place where we can have our own say, except in the blogsphere.

5.What do you like about the Ten Things of Thankful hop?
I like that it is first of all, a reminder to be thankful for everything that we have, no matter how big or small it is and that we have to do that in order to embrace life fully.

I like even more its complex simplicity, paradoxical as it may seem. Ask anyone who participates in it and they will tell you that finding things to be thankful for is a challenge of reflection that all of us should embrace.

6.What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in life?
Having had two pituitary brain tumors removed when I was nineteen and coping with its after effects of facial paralysis.

Coping with the challenges of organizing my life around my memory shortcomings. I am thankful for my IPAD and its Task List Apps where this is concerned!

7.Which people inspire you?

I would have to say that there are several. My dad, for his love of live and music, which I have happily inherited myself.

My mum, for her quiet humility, who has taught me that it is truly an important virtue.

My grandma, for her stubborn zest for life and resilience, which has made me what I am today.

I must not miss out my husband, whose humble tolerance always reminds me that I must never take things for granted.

8.What achievement are you working towards?
Growing from strength to strength in my passion for writing. I am also determined to become a top pet advocate!

9.How would you most like to inspire others?

Being resilient is a quality I hold dear to me and I hope to inspire others with perseverance.

10.Tell me something utterly frivolous about you.
That would have to be another passion – shopping! I am a clothes freak who would be at every boutique sale possible!

I am also an organisation nut. I like things in all the right places!

You would also find me clicking away on my IPAD and Iphone whenever you see me these days, devices I cannot live without.

Michelle, thank you for this lovely interview, and the chance to get to know you better. Welcome aboard the TToT Co-Host team, and I look forward to the weekend, when all the lovely readers will submit their lists (right? You there, reading now – I’m right, right? You’ll be here?) and get to know you a little better through the conversations in their comment boxes as we continue to build our community of Thankful People.

Ten Things of Thankful

17 thoughts on “TToT: Meet the Co-Hosts 8

  1. Michelle I am just getting around to reading some of these interviews. I think you already know I'm in love with your dog. Pet advocacy what an awesome thought my former partner and I used to rescue large animals. Things like camels and llamas. Skip was a smaller rescue. would love to swap pituitary tumor stories with you someday. Had mine removed 6 years ago now I think. My memory isn't great but it's not so bad. Really it was my weight that my pituitary was killing. But they were only a part of it so I live with being a big girl but at least I don't have to live with being a huge girl now. Thankful for what we get. Congratulations on your hosting position and I look forward to cohosting with you!


  2. Blues piano? Excellent! Your description of Singapore sounds most intriguing Michelle, very lovely. How wonderful you can play music with your dad professionally. Very cool.
    This was a really great interview. Thank you for sharing with us:)


  3. I really enjoyed reading this interview!! You have had a very interesting childhood Michelle, what a load of stuff you have been through and yet, you don't seem to phased by it. Love your smile!


  4. 'ello

    (Hey! I know you!! you're that girl from that TV…video or whatever it is that those weird people at that Doctrine thing does on Sunday mornings!)

    (so that's their secret! they trick interesting people into appearing on TV hoping to lure in other cool/interesting/hot/dynamic/intriguing people to boost their ratings!…very clever)



  5. So, so glad to have Michelle join the ranks!
    Michelle, your family sounds wonderful. I always enjoy reading about your life in Singapore. And your weekly thankful posts are always interesting and educational. This nerd/geek loves them.


  6. Great interview, Lizzi and Michelle! I feel like I'm all that because I can say I have a friend in Singapore!

    Michelle – my dad had either two pituitary tumors or one that grew back. But he was 62. Has vision loss from it pressing on his optic nerve and he lost his sense of smell.

    Glad to have you as a fellow co-host, Michelle!


  7. Love Michelle to pieces and we go back to Hubpages days over a year ago. We always have found so much in common and I still found stuff here to learn about her that I didn't already know. And I love that she loves to shop (just another thing we have in common). So happy she is co-hosting now!! 🙂


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