7 Quick Takes 44 x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

My best summertime memory this year was…TOTALLY easy one this week – driving a for-real steam train on my 30th, as arranged by my WONDERFUL family. Read more about it here, in my Thirty Things of Thankful Birthday Edition.

— 2 —

I was delighted and honoured to be invited to guest post over at DJ Jazzy Jen’s, as part of her ‘Raised on the Radio’ series. I discussed the massive impact on my musical life by the school bus (of all things!), why I hate Gilbert & Sullivan, and learned how I ended up embodying the term ‘Radio Slut’.

— 3 —

While I’m on the topic of music, and bearing in mind that I’m in *totally* the wrong generation (music-wise), this has been on a loop for me this week. Enjoy πŸ™‚

— 4 —

I’ve been hearing a lot this week about Blogger Idol, which sounds like such a fun idea (though limited to entrants from the US and Canada only (boo, hiss)) so I’ll be watching my friends from the sidelines, cheering them on with my glitteriest pom-poms as they compete for the GLORY.

Go check them out:

— 5 —

I learned a new word today, thanks to a tweet by Dictionary.com, highlighting one of their articles.

The word is ‘Komorebi’ and is Japanese for ‘sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees. Beautiful.

— 6 —

We’re having guests to stay this weekend, from Irish Ireland, and while I’m really excited about seeing them, I’m not looking forward to all the housework tomorrow – there’s a lot of it in order to feel halfway decent about welcoming them into our home! BUT, the thought of their arrival (and my subsequent embarrassment and stress if it’s not done) is a great motivator, so I have HIGH HOPES that it will be fine and dandy.

— 7 —
Β After yesterday’s SUPER FUN post, in which my co-hosts got to exact their revenge by asking me three searching questions each, and the WONDERFUL surprise at the end, I’m really looking forward to this week’s Ten Things of Thankful hop – it’s gonna be amazing. Do come and join in the fun and build the community with us.
Ten Things of Thankful

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47 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes 44 x FTSF

  1. I know! SO much for 30 and mature! HA! I loved it.

    *dances* Donna Summer's awesome.

    And yes – so pleased I found the word – it's a really lovely one.

    Good luck cleaning – I'd assume before and AFTER the team come tramping through the place?


  2. I love your train birthday experience. You have the face of a child on that thing!

    Donna Summer? Oh, yeah. I'm a late-70s, early 80s girl. Disco? Bring it on!

    Komorebi is a delightful word! I love that filtered light through the trees and am glad to know there is a word for it, even if it isn't in English.

    Aaaand, you remind me I have to give my house a thorough cleaning – volleyball team coming over in a week for dinner.


  3. Your #5 is so beautiful! As for your musical age, I hear you, my friend. My friends claim I was born the wrong gender and orientation for my musical taste. Thanks, friends, don't we all know that gay men have the best taste ever?


  4. I definitely can't remember how to ask where the bathroom is in Japanese. And I can only remember 1-10!

    You could always take it up again – there's bound to be some kind of adult learning or language cafe around. I'm hoping to take up Polish once I've started earning and can afford lessons.


  5. Oh well, I can't speak Deutsch hardly at all…I can basically ask “where's the bathroom?” and “What time is it?” Oh and I could probably rattle off the alphabet and count to 20. Sad how quickly one forgets, huh? (I say “quickly” but it was over 25 years ago!) I wished I had retained more of it though.


  6. I KNOW! My inner wordgeek just rejoiced when I found it.

    The first amaretto sour was lovely. The second was really good. And then everything else which followed kinda rapidly degenerated into a bit of a determined slog…oh well – we live and learn.

    Blogger Idol – it's gonna be a three-ring, razzle-dazzle, lion-taming, popcorn-throwing, big-tent-and-clown-cars kind of deal, I'm sure – but SUCH fun πŸ™‚


  7. You're welcome. There were a whole bunch of others too, thanks to whichever dictionary it was that tweeted them (I forget now) but that was definitely my favourite.

    You should DEFINITELY consider joining up! You'd be amazing at it. Unleash the competitor and go kick some bloggy ass πŸ˜€


  8. I'm kinda pleased to be off the hook – I'd be totally up for the competition, but too much so – I reckon I'd end up taking it FAR too seriously and then getting annoyed when I was chucked out early.

    Cheerleading is by far the safer option for me πŸ™‚ Come join me in cheering the others on πŸ˜€


  9. Ta-DAH! Clean house this evening. DONE! Apart from the very corners and down the backs of things, and who cares about them anyway! Our friends are coming to see US, not critique our home πŸ˜€

    Works like a charm, though.


  10. Cool – I'll look them up! Thanks Kari.

    If you speak Deutsch, the person to hook up with is Emma (explorer) – she's an avid speaker and lived there a while.

    When we go back to Ireland, it takes me a few days before I understand anything my FIL says – I just nod and smile… πŸ˜‰



  11. p.s. Once I met a guy from Scotland and I could NOT understand a single word he said, I always had to tell him to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n and then I could understand him. He was speaking “English” (language), but …sheesh! that accent was THICK!


  12. Ok, since I'm at work (shhhh!) and something stupid is going on w/ my 'cookie' settings on this computer that I cannot seem to figure out—every time I click on one of my blog posts it counts it as a pageview…. so I can tell you the post name(s) (I didn't a whole Irish 'series') of the posts but not a “link” and you can find them under the Musical Monday page tab.
    1. Feb 18 — Musical Monday ~ Too Soon?
    2. Feb 25 — Musical Monday ~ More Irish
    2. Mar 12 — Musical Monday ~ Not Enya, but still Irish, also not Monday

    I took a couple years of Deutsch in high school and I remember our teacher talking about the different dialects in Germany, depending on where in Germany one was from. I suppose it isn't too much different here in the U.S. There's a “southern accent” –but even that is going to differ depending on whether you're from Texas, Louisiana or Georgia. And there is a strong northern accent (Think the movie “Fargo”) but, it is stronger the farther north you go. That one actually rubbed off on me when I went to college in Minnesota…

    Ok…I'm blathering and I really SHOULD be working…;)


  13. Wow! Well you can tell her from me, that it's the most AMAZING thing, and definitely something she should try to make happen once she's old enough.

    I'm happy to agree to disagree, as long as my disagreement can be as vehement as your approval for them is πŸ™‚ It's nice you have good memories of it though, and that it's a positive part of your childhood πŸ™‚


  14. I think you might just have become my 3-year-old's idol. She'd LOVE to drive a train! What a wonderful memory.

    As for Gilbert and Sullivan? We're gonna have to agree to disagree on that one…. My mother played it in the house growing up – so I love it in a “reminds me of being little” kind of way. A local amateur company puts one on annually here and mom and I go. It's a whole event. Much fun had.

    Lovely post as always!


  15. You'll be wonderful if you enter. And if not, you can join me and Christine on the sidelines, cheering everyone on…

    I *LOVED* driving the steam train! Second best thing only to a traction engine.


  16. Why thank you πŸ™‚ I truly loved that day πŸ™‚

    Jen's AMAZING and I *love* her hop.

    I shall have a lovely weekend thank you, but will miss you all and will DEFINITELY have to sneak on once they're abed!

    (*I know! Such rockstars!)


  17. the first photo in your Post today, (specifically the one on the left) is the 'thousand word picture'… very cool.

    Jen's the true Mistress of Music… which (should) conjure a Maria Von Trapp (Julie Andrews edition) but with a touch of Lizzy Storm and Pink for your visual. Her TMT is one of my 3 must write bloghops…and the new 'spinoff'* is also quite enjoyable.

    TToT is still 'the' place to be on weekends.

    [anyone reading this who has not joined in yet? you need to come by this weekend. a simple 10List will get you total attention from all of the participants…which surely is a 'good' thing?! But …but! anyone wanting to come by and check it out… totally welcome! hell, mention my name and you can write Comments in my thread… no, Dyanne do not even think that!]

    Have a good guestly weekend.

    * my god! we have spinoff blogs now, just like TV in the 'real' world.


  18. Just an idiosyncracy (as I also use English England) but I do refer to the Republic, rather than NI.

    NO! WHERE IS IT! Link me up, Scotty!

    And…I am *modestly* an AMAZING mimic…and still can't do an Irish accent, only because my 'Irish' turns out as 'Unfamiliar Person's Attempt At Generic Irish', when in fact the country is divided VERY clearly by different dialects of the accent, and they're really, really hard to reproduce. And this is, like – “Oh I know you're from [Town 5 miles away] because of your accent” – it's THAT bad!


  19. Ohhhh I don't mind ACTING all tantalising to get people to come here…but I can almost guarantee I will NEVER appear here in a for-realsies cheerleading outfit. Because OH DEAR A LOT!

    Yaknow, I'm willing to do an awful lot of stuff to make you laugh…but I won't do that πŸ˜‰

    *rolls eyes* Dictionaries are AWESOME, yo! You can learn WORDS and stuff…

    There will be more candidates, I'm sure. I'm excited to cheer them on (and not to have the pressure of entering myself) but I kindasorta feel your name should be up there…


  20. Well done you for getting it done. I'm NOT looking forward to it! BUT having guests here will be fun, and I KNOW I'll be happier if we're all in a sparkly clean house. Just gotta suck it up and get it done!

    You not participating, m'dear?


  21. Ok, I have to ask….what is? where is “Irish Ireland”? Is this different than regular Ireland?

    p.s. have you seen my post about how I WISHED I had an Irish or Scottish accent? …I just wished I could fake one really well.


  22. Oh, man! When you said you'd be in a cheerleader outfit, I was hoping it was going to be a video of you doing a cartwheel in a cheerleader outfit. While the drawing is good, gotta say, it's a let down. πŸ™‚
    I love a nerd who follows dictionary.com on twitter. While I will never remember that word, I am so glad to know there is a word for that beautiful image of sunlight through the trees. I have lots of those photos.
    Some good candidates for the blogger idol! I can't wait to see how it all works.


  23. Loved that summertime memory for you for sure and your totally wore that conductor's hat that a pro. And awesome shout outs to all in Blogger Idol. I, too, am on the sidelines, because I just don't have enough time in the day right now. But so rooting for all who entered! And thank you as always for linking up with us again!! πŸ™‚


  24. Ohhh don't say that! I'm totally unoriginal and completely stole her style because I love it (and I'm trying to cut back on stealing images from Google)

    Have a good weekend yourself, and good luck at the auditions.


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