TToT 13:2 Of Friends

“Friends are the family you choose for yourself”

I’m rather blessed to have some absolutely super friends. Each friendship is as different as the friend, and through the ups and downs of life, there are people who have stood out from the crowd, who’ve gone the extra mile, who’ve exhibited that indescribable quality of *somethingness* which has called to me and let me know that this is a person I wanted to be part of my life. It has been an absolute privilege when this sentiment is returned.

Sadly, with only Ten Things, I can but highlight a small number of the wonderful, awesomerockin’ people who I number among my friends. If you know we are friends, you know how important you are to me, and you know that I don’t leave you out to be unkind, but to adhere to convention of the hop. You matter to me so much. I promise.

One friend – My ‘person’. My friend of all friends, who knows the outer me, the inner me, the very deepest darkest me, and all things in between. She has been a constant for very nearly half my life, and (as we plan it) will remain a constant for the very rest of it. Distance is nothing. Time apart is nothing. I have a connection with her which is rare and amazing, and totally unique. Our lives crossed quite by chance and it was one of the most serendipitous moments I think I’ve encountered. 

Two friend – A ‘couple’ to match Husby and I, comprising together not double-dates, but four individuals sharing fun, board games, frivolity, meals, challenges, Big Events and minutiae which comprise the very fabric of life.

Old friend – Gentle, kind, always full of sunshine smiles but never slow to tell me off or boss me. A person to be quiet with, or noisy with. A person to prank and laugh with and work beside. A listener, advice-giver and a joy to know.

New friend – Brought to me by the happenstance of a book (or several) and now an important person to me. A wonder to chat to, to read and to know, who will fight with me, laugh with me, sing to me and tell me stories. A person of great character, great depth and great wonder.

Sad friend –We can meet up after months (or, shh! maybe even a year of little contact) and pick up where we left off. We can share our Good Things and Sad Things and encourage one another, promise to meet up soon (and maybe, this time, do it) but each struggle on, meet again for another dose of cheering, and continue.

Glad friend – Something of a zephyr; apt to appear, disappear, then reappear and settle down to spend time chatting (perhaps) but (almost) always full of sunshine and glitterbombs and ever-ready to chase away dark clouds with lightness of spirit and breezy common sense.

Very, very bad friend – Co-plotter, giggler and carrier-out-of-slightly nefarious deeds. A co-conspirator extraordinaire, and sharer of certain aspects of my life, which have ensured we’ve come to understand innately the need to be able to rant and swear and cry and whine, and be treated kindly whilst doing so, and can support one another in this.

Wise friend – A true live-er of life in all its richness, imparter of common sense, good advice, understanding and funnies. An amazing writer and an inspiring person -another not afraid to boss me, but with warmth of character and a way of embracing life that I would be wise to aspire to emulate.

Surprise friend – Not yet fully established, and still new and shiny, but small remarks passed and quiet moments of chatter on various topics suddenly leading to moments of honesty beyond anything I think either of us were prepared for, but with that surprise, understanding, acceptance and (I hope) the start of something which may deepen and enrich us both.

Now, let me surmise, friends:

Friends are like fine wine or bright, flawless gold

They nurture the person and nourish the soul

As beauty and music to eye and to ear

So friends to the heart and the mind do appear

Co-celebrants in joy-times yet steadfast in pain

Such friendships I cherish and strive to maintain

Some veterans of old; others new, unexpected

Each understood me, observed, then accepted

Connections which deepen with every Truth shared

Piecemeal the masks fall; the Real Persons bared

Fun times and serious ones all intertwined

Glitter and rainbows and storm clouds combined

These moments like treasure, so precious to me

Time, words and hearts shared – given freely

For many more reasons than I could define

My friend, I’m so thankful your friendship is mine
Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


39 thoughts on “TToT 13:2 Of Friends

  1. Zonked sounds rough, Katy, but I'm glad you enjoyed the list 🙂

    I'm very, very fortunate to have such wonderful friends. Hugely so.

    And thanks, the poem was hard work to write but I'm pleased with how it turned out.


  2. I'm a bit late in coming to it, as I've been zonked out for a couple of days, but it was worth the wait to read your second, friends, list, Lizzi 🙂

    How truly fortunate you are to have such inspiring friends, and to have each one of them so individually amazing 🙂

    Your poem spoke to me so deeply – it was beautiful 🙂


  3. I'm glad you have your 'family' of friends around you. And what you said about them bringing out the different sides of us – was what I was *trying* to get at, but said much better 🙂 I love that idea.

    Thank you 🙂 I shall accept the non-bossing for that one.


  4. Living in a state in which we have no relatives, we have had to build our own local “family”. Over time, I have been blessed with all of these kinds of friends. Just as our inner selves are multifaceted, so should our friends be varied, with a multitude of strengths to bring out all the different “bests” inside of us.
    A great idea to highlight those so special to you.
    And while I don't normally like to encourage late nights, you did a lovely job with the poem. 🙂


  5. Lizzi, Dawn would be another who falls under that “very, very bad friend” category. One of her friends, who shall remain nameless, sent her HILARIOUS texts all the way through a very important meeting (that also happened to be televised) just to see if she could read them without reacting.


  6. Absolutely.

    And it was sweet and kind and I loved it :p

    The other parts were ALSO fun 😀 Especially the stories

    I'm glad you like the poem, but yeah, SUCH a long time it took to write!


  7. Got me at #4 right???

    The singing was horrendous dear Lizzi dear Lizzi horrendous dear Lizzi dear Lizzi horendous

    But the other parts were fun 🙂

    The poem is refreshingly wonderful and you only stayed up till like 3 a.m to finish it LOL


  8. Thanks Dawn. I love them all – they're super and I'm so blessed and thankful to have them in my life and to be able to call them my friends.

    Plotting friends (actually, I have several of these…not at all a surprise to anyone who knows me, I'm sure) are WONDERFUL and so much fun.

    That sounds like a great song, and not one I think I've come across. I might have to go and look it up.

    Here's to friends.


  9. Lisa, I wish so much that your idea could be the case for everyone. There's nothing in the world so wonderful as good friends, and life is poor indeed without them.

    I love that in a small way, through this hop, community's being built and friendships forged, and although rather different in paradigm than the traditional face-to-face relationship, there's still an integrity and a realness, which truly counts.


  10. I'm so glad you love it, and that you have awesome friends in those categories (and, I should imagine, more still, as I have).

    Some of the descriptions are eversoveryslightly loose, and have been carefully engineered to apply to a couple of people at a time, but you're in there, yes 🙂

    The poem was a…not a pain, because I enjoyed writing it, but…an effort. A capital-E Effort. I think because of the (unrelated) events of the night, but also because it was really hard to get to an evolution I was happy with. I think I got it right in the end 🙂


  11. Donetta, it sounds as though you have some awesome friends as well 🙂 I love the titles you've given them. I even have a responsible friend somewhere around – she's not that big of an influence on me – I'm still apt to be irresponsibly and get into a scrape. Your friends sound amazing. I love the idea of a Deep Talk friend – this is my One Friend, and also to an extend, my Very Very Bad Friend. We have deep talks.

    I'm so glad you liked it 😀


  12. Such a lovely homage to the joy of friendships! I especially love the “very, very bad friend”. Those are the friends that make me feel most alive!One of my favorite sayings comes from a children's song, “Make new friends but keep the old. For one is silver, the other gold.”
    Here's to friends, both old and new!


  13. Oh, Lizzi, I love this list! I have friends in each and every one of your categories; some are in several at the same time. One of those descriptions sounds very much like you and me 😉

    The poem is lovely as well. Your creative talents never cease to amaze me.


  14. Zoe, if you have the same kinds of wonderful people in your life, then you and I are blessed indeed. Without getting completely mushy, these people (and others, who remain unnamed) make my life as good as it is. Family are wonderful, but friends are the delicious, sparkly, bright toppings on the ice-cream sundae of life.

    Glad you like the poem – it took for bloomin' ever! I don't think I've ever spent so long on one!


  15. I love the way you listed your friends. I have those friends too, in a list, my responsible friend, my party friends, my longest friend ever, my laughing friend, my deep talk friend…. and so on. This is wonderful. True friends are a treasure. I love how you worked this post together. Perfection.


  16. Goody, you know how much I love being annoying 😀 But I'm glad it serves to spur you on.

    And as you well know, I often end up beyond midnight doing these, but it's so much fun and I totally love doing it.

    So the second post from those of us who manage it, is a Good Thing which Helps? That's really good to know.

    Zoe, thanks for such great feedback – that's really helpful. I certainly endeavour to remain active about it, and to be honest, I don't think we could manage it quite the same way if it was a massive hop – we (the co-hosts) would need to be more structured in our approach. I love that we're still small enough to get round to everyone and have our little chats.

    Thank you.


  17. You know Clark, Lizzie, I must say I am in the utmost agreement with the sustainability of this particular endeavor as I have joined with a few recently that I am thinking are just as large if not larger than this one but sadly lack ACTIVE participation from folks… “This here hop” as Clark might say, is different in that respect and for that I give you exactly that…my respect.


  18. ohhhhhhhhhhh…. I love this post… I have all of those folks… I am so damn lucky. It is true about family and friends and I feel so fortunate to have been able to assemble a family of sorts to surround and support me. And to accept the same from me as we all know that is probably the more difficult of the tasks at hand. You have a great take on this, Lizzie… thanks for the reminder and I love the poem at the end…. so sweetly done!


  19. very cool 'Second Post' your energy serves to annoy and inspire me!

    I am still working through all Contibutors Posts (the first time)* you have a whole new…. thing**

    * I sometimes end up at midnight local going through Posts and Comments and such

    ** 'thing' this is kinda a technical term… call a new/additional piece of reality put into this weekend place that you have created. If having posts up were enough we would all simply write one Post and just change the date and the title. Each time we create a new Post we are giving something of ourselves…to this virtual place…to be read, used…whatever

    TTOT as a blog hop is a little different… the more you (and Christine and zoe and everyone else who contribute a new Post on Sunday… not only the more real this place becomes but the more sustained it becomes… very cool


  20. It's going beautifully, thanks Janine 🙂 Glad you liked my thoughts. You're one of the people I was sad to miss – I think to do the thing properly I need about a Ten Times Ten list of Thankful…but I cherish your friendship too and want to say so 🙂

    Hope your weekend is proving to be delightful.


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