On duality

Duet – Two people singing together

Duel – Two people fighting together

Dual – Of, or pertaining to, two

Duality – A dual state or quality, henceforth outlined as A and B

(Jen, I promise to try to keep it ‘light’)

A: An attempt to make this into something cohesive, in spite of its dual nature, combining creativity (perhaps), engaging writing (jury’s out) and entertaining musical numbers (we’ll see)
B: Read it and love it, indulge in the music and immerse in the writing. All the time you’re trying too hard to be ‘something’ when the someone you are is enough and sufficient. This could be my heart speaking to yours or my mind with a post-it marked ‘self: for attention of’, but whether you love them or leave them or leave here without reading any further, know that the duality of ‘outward’ and ‘inward’ exist in us all.Ā 

A: I have never really been much of a dancer. I love the idea of dancing and adore watching it done well. As a young ‘un I was never taken to any kind of organised classes, because I was such a stubborn toddler that my parents feared their efforts (and money) would be wasted. So instead I dug holes in the vegetable patch, built cities in the sandpit and learned to climb trees, scrape my knees and smell flowers. When I dance I can probably be most likened to a brick with Tourette’s syndrome.
B: Yet deeply and intoxicatingly, music is in my soul. If I hear a song I love I can’t sit still, and in spite of potentially appearing foolish, there are times (in the dark, or alone) when I must dance. Completely give my body up to the music in all its vibrant, shimmering glory, and move in ways which leave my muscles burning, lungs aching and synapses firing in time to the beat.

A: Hilarious old comedy duo from my small island, here. Fabulous (just about clean) fun, Flanders and Swann never went beyond a cast-iron insinuation (to my knowledge) and absolutely rocked a live show. Sadly far before my time and ne’er I got to see them, but their repertoire is nothing short of fabulous.
B: This song is simply great fun and very cleverly done, not to mention providing a hilarious interlude (albeit one in which the bait went unrisen-to) in the saga that is the story of my being a 50 year old male potato farmer from Idaho. How it started is non-important, and to be fair, I can’t imagine he (this alter ego) was much of a catch, having rapidly lost The Girl to the smooth moves and sweet Bobby Browns of Jak, but every so often it’s a hoot to act lecherously and put on a bit of a role. Because sometimes life (and the Blogosphere) can be lived for shits and giggles.

A: A wonderful, truly golden duet (duo?) with a song designed to rend the very heartstrings from within you. A story of deep and abiding friendship and care, the levels of which can oft go unsaid (or something like that) but otherwise just a very beautiful tune with haunting melodies.
B: A song for you, this is. The ‘you’ made of several dear friends at different times. The plural ‘you’, (with that slickness of syntax which lets me write thus); this is a song which resonates deeply, because, stuck here at the end of the internet, when you hurt, I can do nothing. When you’re tired, I have only words. When life is tough, I have no practical way to relieve your burden. When I see your fragility and vulnerability, dressed up in a mask of coping, and know that I am rendered powerless by distance, those heartstrings can bend very near to breaking point. But music is designed to soothe the storms within us, and so this becomes an important (if small) way of showing I care.

Warning: Explicit content
A: Perhaps an unlikely collaboration, but with that, you get the unusual and hauntingly beautiful refrain juxtaposed with the anger and spewing personified so well with *that* voice. Obviously documenting the seedier, more violent side of relationships, but oh-so-well-done.
B: Fear not, none of my IRL relationships have been like this. Husby and I are as adorable as ever. This is a conflict I have far more often with myself. And it frequently gets this nasty. And usually ends as sweetly.

A: In the interests of frankness, I don’t *really* see how this last one can be called a duet, seeing as Ike plays and Tina sings, but it works, it works, it SO works and I love it. Originally by the Rolling Stones (and for that reason, requiring the cover to be submitted here, for reasons of ‘du’) and just as wonderful any which way.
B: Quite apart from the glorious roughness of those soundwaves, which seem to grate the sides of the mind as your ears open up and swallow them down, this song – these melodies (in this case, as much as those offered by the original) – appeal to the id; to the casting aside of inhibitions, the throwing of caution to the wind and slinging a shot down the hatch before taking the hand of whoever’s nearby to boogie on down where the flashing lights, mirrorballs and cigarette smoke all but obscure our identity…
Ā This has been Twisted Mixtape Tuesday – thanks again for the wonderful ride.
Ā Come on over and join in the fun

And whatever else might be said about my musical choices, I shall always remember this as the Day I Won The Internet šŸ™‚

Crazy As Normal

45 thoughts on “On duality

  1. Yes, perhaps not the best coupling to have put, but I was going more with the songs than the circs of the performers themselves.

    The songs I like. The IRL attitudes, not so much.


  2. Great list. I love the last two. I find some irony in Eminem and Rhianna then Ike and Tina Turner. While 'Love the Way you Lie' is powerful in how wrong love can go, Ike and Tina are living proof.


  3. It's fun. And a bit less snarky than when I invite my Sub-Conscious to play. Then it gets vicious.

    I was aiming for a bit more of a 'Peace-an'love' approach with this one (yes, I have a sweet, nice, side too – contrary to popular opinion) and it was really good fun.

    And HOW? Ask Jen. She's the mastermind/evil-genius behind all this. There were NO rules precluding the inclusion of the fusion of the duos here indicated. (thank goodness!)


  4. Only you would go all formal on this one and explore the meaning behind each addition šŸ™‚ Great list though, I think you should explore how we can put Simon & Garfunkle on a list that contains Rhianna and Eminem šŸ™‚


  5. Way to keep and light and get a little deep at the same time. I love to dance, and if I didn't have a workman in the house right now I would be blasting Peaches and Herb right this minute. And what kind of name is Peaches?


  6. You're KIDDING! Why can't you get it? That sucks šŸ˜¦

    Thee will be no videos. I have plenty of empirical proof shouted at me from whomsoever's watching any time I try…LOL


  7. I love S&G too. So much. But hey get this. That Eminem and Rihanna song? I am so in love with it and I just tried to buy it on iTunes on my phone. It said that it's not available in the US store. WHAT THE F@CK. Ugh.
    Also you know now that after describing what you look like dancing that I'm dying to see a video. Whether you look like a brick with Tourette's shall be decided once I'm allowed to witness.


  8. Awesome thanks! Glad I got the right level of fun (there's a first time for everything)

    SO glad you liked the F&S – they are one of my top ever Duos. Ever. Glad you listened to it all – last line's the best.


  9. Why thank you*

    Dominic Monaghan. A.K.A 'Merry' Brandybuck (LOTR)

    Flanders and Swann are hysterical good fun – totally find more of theirs if you liked what you heard.

    A master potato shrine, you say? Well I know she likes DIY meth, so perhaps a MOONSHINE distillery would do the trick.

    *Just as well it wasn't!**
    **Would've been HI-LARI-OUS though, if it had been


  10. See, now this is where I'm WAY outta my depth – IS IT? That's hilarious. I just love it for the music, in a kinda retro-cool way. I think it's amazing to dance to, and amazing to listen to, and full of sparkly glitterballs and disco outfits (mmkay, maybe I shoulda seen it then).

    Completely *love* how you responded

    I'm glad you've grown to like it, and I hope you still dance (badly) to it šŸ˜€


  11. Hahahahha I bet! I can almost see it now!

    You might think that everyone would love potatoes, but hey, let's not take this too far! I don't think dumping The Girl again for a Potato/Jock storyline would be wise… šŸ˜‰


  12. Brilliant. Really, Brilliant. You have outdone yourself and kept it light enough šŸ™‚ Love your choices! Thank you for introducing me to Flanders and Swann I had no choice but to listen to the whole thing! LOVE!


  13. Some great selections, Like Clark said (and has offered) it's quite the spread.*

    I'd never heard of the comedy duo, but I liked them.

    The Eminem video was pretty intense, and I like how everything was portrayed. Was that Megan Fox? I don't know the guy's name, but I know him as “Charlie” from LOST lol

    I know it's rough when a loved one is found to be flouncing around with others… It can stir up some crazy emotions. I, however, have faith that if you craft a master potato shrine to her she will be back…

    If not, there are plenty of Bobby Brooks in the sea…**

    *This is NOT a reference to women in Bobby Brooks
    **This IS a reference to women in Bobby Brooks

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  14. Haha Jak Jock Jacket. I was totes a jock in high school! >.>

    This torrid “affair” is so odd to me as I love potatoes and think everyone should… they couldn't ever lose their appeal!


  15. Oh goodness, me being the player? Oh no no no.

    Though, in my defense of random cases involving women and bobby brooks… when in my presence they just sometimes magically come off.


  16. A. When I was young, and very scared of “gay,” I avoided all things pertaining to it in an almost plague-like fashion, “Shake Your Groove Thing,” being prominent among them.
    B. When I was older, and no longer scared of things that aren't frightening when simply viewed sans prejudice, I found myself dancing about the house – in a very unattractive yet free fashion – quite often to various “gay anthems,” “Shake Your Groove Thing,” being prominent among them.


  17. Means you were in the spelling bee rather than on the football field, right? But I know jock-jackets – I am at least that culturally aware.

    Just as well – it's a Jak Jock Jacket she seems to be wearing lately. Apparently hessian and potato dust have lost their appeal.

    Thank you, sir. Looking forward to yours, as I usually discover a new favourite šŸ™‚


  18. See, it's all before my time, so I've missed the cultural knowledge surrounding them, completely. But I do love the one I chose (and the other not so much). But it's a fun list to have together.


  19. I just heard 'Reunited' last night – not something I expect I'll do again, no matter how many cute stories about 'up on the sun-deck at college' I hear šŸ˜‰

    To be fair, Tina rocked it all by herself, but I was pleased to wedge it in, only narrowly circumventing the rules.

    And yes – I went totally for the commercial šŸ™‚ And I'm loving it šŸ˜€


  20. damn! (whats the technical term for an over-arching view of a collection of fairly diverse items?)

    nicely down TwistTape

    …Sorry 'backsies got a shady trees and high school varsity jackets* etched upon my mind. good thing this a the blogosphere the home of deliberately prompted visuals

    *or whatever the hell those jackets were call…the jocks wore them (or their girl friends did)… never had one**

    ** no, I will leave you to guess what I meant



  21. When I was in radio, Peaches & Herb's “Reunited” was the biggie. If I never hear that song again it will be too soon. šŸ™‚ The way Ike physically abused Tina might take away the duet concept, “Proud Mary” was probably the closest thing to a duet with them as Ike sang the opening in a rare moment. Simon & Garfunkel … “Bridge..” was probably their most commercial moment, but “The Boxer” and “The Sounds Of Silence” were a couple of their truest songs to their style. Good choices!


  22. Ohhhh go for it (carefully and not taking any risks missy, cos I have an inkling what may be going on if his reaction is suggesting that this may be an out of character suggestion for you)

    Hope you get to go and have fun šŸ™‚


  23. This is so timely, I was just talking the other night to my husband about how much I want to go dancing! He was like, “clubbing?” And yes I know we are way too old to go to a nightclub, but still, I am just itching to listen to great music and get funky!


  24. You have your wires crossed, missy – *I* got dumped. And what you do with those Bobbie Brooks is (apparently) no longer the business of this farmer.

    (Oh yes, dancing with preschoolers is fantastic. Don't care who's watching then šŸ™‚ – will look up your song recommendation)


  25. Even though he dumped you for me, I'm STILL NOT TAKING OFF THE BOBBIE BROOKS JEANS FOR JAK.

    I dance all the time, mostly when no one is watching, although I do dance with my preschoolers, but anything goes there.

    I like Peaches & Herb but am partial to “Reunited.”


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