TToT 10:2 The Golden Sideboob Award

If you want to blame anyone (and by the time you’ve read this, you jolly well might) then it’s Melissa you’re looking for.

She started a chain of events which culminated in the award denoted in the title. And I’m not going to apologise. But she probably should.

It began when we were bitching chatting about certain aspects of the Blogosphere and how it can (in places) become cliquey and unwelcoming. Then she told me about a highly exclusive group she belongs to (along with a select number of other awesomes) and said she’d see if she could invite me. I haven’t seen her there lately, so I suspect she a) is huddled in a corner somewhere, ruing the day she made the suggestion or b) has been summarily dismissed from the group for introducing such a rabble-rouser (Terrye, amongst others, would agree with the absolute stinkin’ prejudiced slight upon my good character, as it’s a remark she tries to pass as often as possible)

So the upshot was that the very kind JD Bailey let me in. Fie, fie on her. Because within an evening I’d managed to derail a thread completely (habit? moi? non!) and create an award, the ridiculousness of which I have not yet seen surpassed.

It began when I got into a thread about blogging awards (someone saying she found them tiresome, I countering that I liked them, and as I’d only received three, was sticking with that) and got ‘awarded’ a thing called a Squirrelly Blogger Award.

Until today I didn’t know what ‘squirrelly’ was. So I didn’t accept. I snarked that it was SO bizarre that anyone could just come up with a weird award and start handing it out and expecting people to comply, and that really, I should just come up with the Golden Sideboob award and have done with it.

And then I got double-dog-dared to do it.

So I did it. In 5 minutes.

The Golden Sideboob
The Golden Sideboob

And within another 5 minutes, several people had accepted their first. And had agreed to the rules, which are as follows

  1. Be brazen enough to display it on your blog
  2. Nominate another blogger

None of your ‘nominate 35 friends and lose them all for being such a pain in the award’ stuff here. This is an exclusive award of brazenness and hilarity, which will grow slowly (or not at all) and be valued by recipients everywhere as a symbol of their awesomeness.

But hey, this is Ten Things. And I have a point to prove (because Kerri said that I am a stickler for rules, and she needs to know how untrue that is) 

So I hereby nominate the people who I think are most likely to recognise the sheer awesomeness of this award (though whether or not they’ll have the gumption to display it is another matter – if you do – link in comments please!) and not kick my arse for having put their name forward for something so incredibly silly.

Dyanne, Cyndi, Kate, Terrye, Jak, Shanique, Meredith, Vikki, Joy, Kate, Rich, Kristi – you’re UP!

Lori, Janine (oh yes I did!), Dana, Zoe, Melissa, Kerry B, Michael – you just got nominated!

Clark – I absolutely double-triple-front-and-centre dare you.

So with no further ado (and hopefully no ass-kickings) I shall move onto my Things of Thankful

1. Being included in several wonderful blogging groups with a strong sense of community.

2. Going to lunch with my lovely Sis and finding THESE babies. With specially designed, steel-reinforced inner lining to rein in your wobbly bits, whichever fruit you’re built like. I bought none. But laughed. Like a drain.

3. Finally getting the go-ahead to stay up far too late, as it was finally useful for linking in a friend who’s away from her computer this weekend. At 5.45am. She was grateful. I’m validated – late nights it is until I absolutely have to go to bed sensibly.

4. I’m VERY thankful that my lovely friend Shanique (yes, her of the freshly minted Golden Sideboob nomination) is receiving a really positive response of support in her endeavours to fundraise so she can send her brother and sister to school this autumn. My thanks to everyone who’s helped so far either by donating or sharing, and please keep spreading the word about this 🙂

5. I had a gorgeous time at the pre-school graduation and got to hang out with some of the most wonderful children, many of whom I’ve known and looked after since babyhood. These are my last ‘set’, as I left two years ago and I don’t know the new kids. So sending them off to school, ten years after I began in the nursery, was a lovely bookend, and I adored spending time with them. I’ve also set up a couple of babysitting gigs so I can continue to see some of my absolute favourites.

6. I got asked to (write and then) read a speech on kindness, which I did, and in spite of shaking as much as one of those vibro-plate-things at the gym, I got through it and was rewarded by one of the parents later saying that she wanted a copy to keep to read to her son every so often.

7. I got given lovely flowers (cue jokes again at my expense at not being able to arrange the damn things. YES I took them out of the packet and shoved them in a vase with no rearrangement at all. So there)

8. I’m thankful for being invited out to celebrate Louise‘s (our co-host, y’know – her with the canoe story y’all need to hear) birthday at a fancy-schmancy restaurant, where I got to wear my SECOND dress of the day.

9. I’m thankful we could afford it – it was a very nice treat and I didn’t need to panic about bills, which made a huge difference to the enjoyment of the evening.

10. I’m MASSIVELY thankful that we all went on to Sprinkles afterwards, for gelato. And that her husband was gullible enough to get drawn into a dare – I bet that he couldn’t eat one of their massive, 3-scoops-with-fruit-cream-and-wafers-and-sauces sundaes. And keep it down til morning. He bet he could. After the car ride home, he lost. Bit of an ugly thankful, that, but I crowed.

So there. A mostly completely silly TEN. But it’s still the TENTH and there’s still time for you to link up your first or second TEN and join the loveliness.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts

81 thoughts on “TToT 10:2 The Golden Sideboob Award

  1. Guilty as charged. Very pleased Janine nominated you – I reckon she's found a worthy recipient 😉

    Now is THAT what they are? Cos I don't know 'Spanx' (is it a brand?) but 'steel-reinforced-undies' I understand can be obtained in any clothes shop catering for old ladies…


  2. Nahhh Melissa loves me really – I sent her a crate of SoCo, so we're good.

    You, on the other hand, may chase Syph round to your heart's content. We'll watch you from the penthouse of the exclusive club.


  3. Holy crap did everyone see that? Christine thought the same thing as me! She is evolving… but into what… remains to be seen >.>

    2. PoiDH?

    3. Indeed! RAR! I love the line 🙂

    I sure miss a lot in under 24 Hrs…

    @Dyanne – Now now play nice >.< lol


  4. Save it for one day when you're feeling more so, if you want. Could start up a whole new round of hilarity. I'd be up for that. The blogosphere needs much of it at the moment.


  5. While the scott's away, the clarks will go completely bonkers…

    1. Sorry for all the Sideboob. But no – was never going to be mine. Though I could've, but just NO! If there are women out there dumb enough to put theirs on Google, then tough – I'm'a steal their boobies and fling them across the 'net in a stupid award. So there.
    2. Yeah yeah, miss 'I plaster pics of my butt all over my blog at the slightest opportunity' – we all got our strengths, right?
    3. Not you as well! XD


  6. I'm gone for 48 hours and you all go nuts.

    1. I can't believe it, but I thought the same thing as Jak. Totally should be your sideboob. I was wondering if it was. But no, some poor, unsuspecting sideboob model is now flying all over the place. I opened my post and THREE of them popped up at me.
    2. Even if I were to get it, I couldn't use my own. My boobs are so small, I don't have a side.


  7. In a moond? That somewhere between a moon and a pond? Sounds like somewhere I'd be happy 🙂

    The flowers are gorgeous. And the pants are incredulous(ising)

    Glad you like my daft side 🙂


  8. Wow…you weren't joking when you said you were in a moond, silly girl! Glad to see this side of you come out. I sensed it was there…so happy to see it. 🙂

    Love the flowers…they are so pretty 🙂

    And the pants…what can be said about the pants? 🙂


  9. Zed. Oh. Em. GEE!

    She should know better!

    (Could you mean the awesomerockin' new button for Mrs Always Random (and Usually Shallow)? Cos she's the least 'shallow' person – she's a sweetheart)


  10. ACK!

    Dribbling off those Bobby brooks, letting me do what I please?


    Btw, I forgot to mention that is a sweet button! The one for the shallow person… may have been in yesterdays post lol


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