Ten Things of Thankful THE TENTH!

10, Ten, X, 1010, the little BIG one-zero. And in Chinese, synonymous with ‘perfection’.

Yes, it’s a fractal of the number 10. Cos it’s beautiful

Last week I gushed. About how much I love this hop we’re building together and how much I value each individual and each contribution involved.

I’m in less of a ‘heart’ place right now, so if it’s ok, I’d very much like to grin widely, punch you in the shoulder and give you a noogie in celebration that it’s the TENTH Ten Things of Thankful.

You rock for being here.


1. My very top Thing this week will still have to be getting published over at ScaryMommy.com, on Coping With Miscarriage.While I completely hate that I had cause to write this, and that anyone would have need of it, I’m thrilled to pieces that the lovely and so-generous Jill Smokler gave me a space on the wonderful platform of her website. The piece seemed to touch a lot of women’s hearts, and I had some staggeringly deep responses. For the first time in my life I feel as though my writing did something Real. And I am awed.

2. I am SO thankful for the wonderful friendships of people both online and IRL, who strive to keep me from going off the deep end into Dark Places. I received some absolutely stellar, quick-intervention love and support yesterday which was hugely needed after an appointment with the fertility specialist was a huge letdown and I reacted with far less control than I thought I’d been in. I bounced back quicker than I expected, and perhaps this is the way I can expect grief to go – yes back off the abyss, but up again quicker and more manageably. Just gotta sort out a strategy for sensible management of these sudden downturns in future.

3. The weather’s been set back to ‘glorious’ and this evening I had the absolute joy of cycling through one of the green spaces in my city, watching the sunshine bounce off banks of sparkling altocumulus, enjoying the feel of the warmth on my skin and the greenness all around me. Cycling is one of those wonderous things – it’s fast enough so you really feel you’re getting somewhere (unlike walking, which I love, but which is Effort) but slow enough to enjoy your surroundings and feel part of it.

Not my pic, but they were *that* shiny

4. Guess I’m also thankful for my bike. And for my helmet, which I always, always wear, cos safety, yo!

5. I’m thankful to know such a dedicated, wonderful, poetic individual as my friend Shanique, the self-confessed Third World Blogger. Against incredible odds, she manages to keep posting amazing, inspiring writing which has challenged me, entranced me and quite literally made me change the way I behave (at times).

And now she has a new challenge. Because Belize is properly 3rd world, and she has a job which pays (I worked this out with the exchange rate) less than 1/3 of what I’d expect to earn on minimum wage. While a new book there can cost upwards (exchange accounted for) of four to five times as much. She’s taken on the financial responsibility of ensuring her younger siblings can access their education (because she kinda takes on the responsibility for a LOT, because of her family circs) and she’s stuck because her sister graduated high-school and that cost extra, as an organisation which was previously covering the fees suddenly withdrew their support. So she’s set up a way to combat this unexpected financial challenge.

And I hate how much this feels like a patronising, Empirical ‘Come on everyone, let’s sponsor the education of the poor, little third-world children’ pitch, because it throws into stark relief just how much abundance I enjoy and how little I have given to worthy causes of my fellow man. But in this, I will help. In this I will support. I will suck up my inherited English shame and recommend it as widely and as loudly as possible.

There are no admin fees. No NGOs. Just one girl, trying desperately to make a difference for the entire future of her brother and sister.

In this, in supporting her, we can know we are enabling that difference and helping to secure their futures. Please at least read her far more eloquent explanation.


6. I am thankful that my efforts to return to a more slender version of self have been partially successful. I have a preschool graduation to attend for some of the kids I’ve looked after since they were babies. These are my last ‘set’ and I’m very excited to go and join in giving them a massive send-off to school. I need to dress posh. I have three dresses. Two are ‘fat’ dresses. One is less so. And the one which is less so, when I tried it on earlier, fit. *Just*. So I am pleased with my efforts and encouraged to keep trying.

7. Remember that raffle two weeks ago? Did you enter? You may recall me NOT announcing the winner yet and that’s because the beautiful button has been long but awesome in the making. Congratu-many-lations to the ever-lovely Mrs Always Random (but Usually Shallow). And I’m not gonna hyperlink her name, because you can just click her new, gorgeous button!

Mrs. Always Random and Usually Shallow

8. And talking of the buttonmaker (Elizabeth, at Rocks, No Salt Mommy), I discovered upon reading a recent post of hers that she sweetly nominated me for a ‘Versatile Blogger’ award. I also discovered that this would entail telling you seven hitherto-unknown things about me, and nominating 15 (I KNOW!) other bloggers to receive the award. I explained as politely as I could that I’d done the rounds with awards a coupla weeks ago and that I didn’t have so many bloggy friends I could afford to lose them by making them accept the same award twice. So I offered to accept the award and only comply with half the rules. Cos I’m awesomerockin’ like that.

Seven utterly fascinating things you probably didn’t know about me
  1. I discovered tonight that I can be ‘bought’ quite easily and would have a price for eating (at least a mouthful of) every single thing on this list: The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World
  2. I took an ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader?’ test on a Facebook app. And failed. I came second-to-last in a virtual classroom.
  3. I got totally, unreasonably and viscerally upset earlier when I wrote ‘you’re’ but meant to write ‘your’.
  4. I’m far better at ‘writing’ relationships and suggested to Husby this evening that he try contacting me online if he wanted a conversation
  5. I’m not ticklish.
  6. I was once in a horrible bike accident when a car pulling out onto the road didn’t see me, continued into my path and I flew over the bonnet and landed head-first in the road on the other side. I’d been travelling at about 30mph downhill at the time. My helmet was ruined and I had a MASSIVE bump and wrenched every muscle in my body, but the docs were baffled by just how unharmed I was. See? Safety, yo!
  7. I don’t have any tattoos, but do have a 4mm flesh tunnel in my left ear (sorry Dad, it’s my ear) with a pretty silver plug with diamonds around it. I am hardcore, me.

Onward again.

9. I am LOVING that I have turned into a full-blown Twit (whaddyamean they’re meant to be called ‘tweeps’?) and have every expectation that when I get my smartphone (it’s in the offing) I shall become as obsessed with checking for updates as every other person I know. (Bar one). Apart from that damn timezone thing. I’ll need to make friends with some BritTwits as well as American ones.

10. I am very pleased that the charity shops local to me sell some really good stuff. And some new, not-secondhand stuff for cheap. Because I’ve been looking for a chain recently so that I can wear the beautiful pendant Husby bought me recently from local jewellery designer Miss B, who sells absolutely stunningly Beautiful Things.

Your turn, lovelies.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


61 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful THE TENTH!

  1. It's gorgeous, isn't it. I have such creative friends who make pretty things I can buy!

    And yes – thank God for all my friends otherwise not sure where I'd be! (you absolutely included)

    Shanique is just an incredibly amazing, inspiring woman, no matter what she might say to the contrary. She is a go-getter, a make-it-happen-er and all round superstar.

    And yes – they should.


  2. I love your necklace! Sorry also to hear that you had a downturn this week 😦 but am so glad that you have so many wonderful people supporting you (me included of course). Also, I love that you advocated for Willow Wimp – she's AWESOME and I donated. Everybody should.


  3. I know! I was so pleased 🙂 Thank you.

    I'm not sure that's a 'reason' we experience trials – I don't think they're inflicted so that we can offer advice or solace, but I do think that because of the nature and brokenness of this world, these horrible things happen to us, and there is ALWAYS some kind of redeemable quality about them which allows them to be used for Good.

    I really hope it does. Thank you 🙂


  4. Hurray for fitting into the “less so” clothes!

    I honestly believe that one reason we experience trials is to be in a better position to help others who are going through similar things. I'm sure your writing helps lots of women.


  5. Thanks Yvonne. I'm still so pleased and so awed by the response. I only hope Shanique can get as positive a response to her very important campaign!

    And WAHEY! That's so cool 🙂 Thank you.


  6. I kinda hoped – I'd been carefully watching the awesomeness that is FTSF and took a whole load of knowledge from seeing how they handled it. I am SO psyched that so many have come along with me for the ride. I am just about beginning not to panic that no-one will turn up!

    It's rough going, but (I think) well written and necessary.

    YES to friends and family. So important! I'm glad I have them, and the awareness is there but I need new strategies.

    Shanique's campaign is SO WORTHWHILE. 100%

    JAK! Seriously! Brains. Across. Pavement. Just NOT worth the risk. It's rarely the cyclist that's at fault but some douchebag in a car and you NEVER know when that might happen.

    Here's to the 25th!


  7. I love your number one and your number 5 most of all. It's so wonderful that your piece touched so many people. And it's so wonderful that you are sharing Shanique's story and supporting her.

    Oh, and I'm thankful that I've finally figured out how to follow your blog! I'm not sure what I did wrong last time, but I see my photo among your followers so something worked this time.


  8. 10 weeks! That's crazy nuts! Did you think it would still be going this long when you first started out?

    I don't believe I've read the ScaryMommy post, it may have been a different guest post, so I will try to get on that.

    I'm really glad you are finding friends and family that can help you when you feel yourself getting a bit out of control and possibly help you find perspective. It's all a process, but you've made some great strides already I feel.

    It's so great you are helping Shanique with her campaign and I hope it's successful. I still have to read her post about it.

    Congrats on another award!

    That accident sounds crazy. I really miss having a bike, but to be honest, if I had one I more than likely wouldn't wear a helmet. Even with all the shared stories like yours about the accident in which it clearly played a huge role in your survivability! It may be the death of me!

    Congrats on hosting 10 great weeks of such an awesome blog hop! Now to hit 25!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


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