TToT #9: Life’s a beach

In true ‘I can’t say it but I mean it, so I’ll music it’ style, I was listening idly to my favourite station this evening, and a song came on which I felt would make a perfect anthem for bloggers everywhere. So if you can get past the golden, flowing locks and the ‘Whoo-oooeooeoeoeooo’s, it’s actually pretty good.

1. Inspired by several very athletic friends-and-acquaintances, last night, near the pinnacle of my walk with Emma, I felt the need to attempt to do a split, a few cartwheels and some handstands (for good measure). Here’s the upshot:

  • I can’t split very far, but I can do an *EPIC* faceplant into the grass when my legs lock and I can’t get out of it any other way
  • I can cartwheel. I can also pull a hammie.
  • I can handstand. For about a second.
  • I now feel that at least if agility, grace and athleticism are beyond my reach, I shall be fitter for trying, and had a great laugh in the process

2. And on the subject of that walk – my good character has been called into question ALL OVER THE PLACE today, with nary a person believing that Emma was the one who got us lost, rather choosing to believe that I was the doofus, who was now trying to lie their way out of it. I even had slights on my Throwback Thursday picture in a group where such words as ‘mischievous’ (can live with that one) and ‘evil’ were casually bandied around, culminating in a beautiful moment when a lovely friend (now OFF my Christmas card list) mentioned that somehow, looking at my pic, the thing which kept popping into her mind was The Shining!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s LIZZI!

Mmkay, so y’all are WRONG for a few reasons.

  1. Emma suggested ‘going and getting lost’ – I just agreed to it.
  2. Emma chose the route that just happened to go to a local cattery she wanted to check out for her sweet-but-vicious pet Millie (pictured below), to enquire about them providing her with a vacation when Emma goes on her next holiday
  3. *Surely* by now, y’all know that when I do something completely stupid, it’s total blog fodder and I delight in sharing my numptiness with you πŸ™‚

My Thing of Thankful (here disguised as a rant) is that I have wonderful friends who don’t really think I’m a sneaky, Puckish type and believe me when I say ten ways to Sunday that I didn’t do it. Right? I have those friends, don’t I? Any of them here?

One for Pete (Millie hopes – she’s a fan)

3. I’m so thankful for the beach. I took Niece and Neff later in the day, and it was stunningly beautiful, even though we weren’t there for long.

Β 4. On the way to the beach, Neff and I had a surprisingly long conversation about the glottal stop, it’s use in language, its indication of culture and status, and the fact that no, it’s not nice to hear, but the person is still worth listening to, even if their pronunciation is lazy (and accordingly, somewhat disrespectful). After about ten minutes, he caught my eye in the rear-view mirror and asked incredulously “WHY are we talking about this?!” and we both had a fit of giggles.

5. It was blowing up a gale when we arrived, so I managed to get an awesome action shot of Neff, who’d just discovered that the wind was strong enough to carry the sand away when flicked upwards

6. Then we got on with the very serious business of digging holes, finding treasure to bury and marking all over the place with X’s. Niece *loved* her ‘treasure’ and very solemnly put it into the bottom of the hole she’d dug, then gleefully covered it with sand as we talked about the person who might stumble across such a trove in future.

7. I’m so pleased that the kids are SOOO appreciative of my efforts. Filling up tubs of water for them to have a water-fight in the garden from a first-floor-flat is no joke!! Dear garden – Y U no tap? They did me proud by thoroughly enjoying themselves for ages, right up until the moment a tub got tipped over and flooded everything.

8. I’m very thankful for Husby today. He has shown absolutely A+ Uncleness today. He played several dumbed-down versions of his toy soldier-y games with Niece and Neff, allowing me to do things like cook dinner and have a teeny-tiny-tantrum about the state of the kitchen, unmolested. The games led to me overhearing, from Niece (in her sweet, tiny voice) “Can I be a wizard?”

9. He also took the bedtime story off my hands, and I had the privilege of seeing Niece and Neff, crowded round him, vying for attention and settling so wonderfully with him, snuggling in and enjoying the shared experience. In spite of the posts around the Blogosphere this week about the havoc kids wreak on a person’s boobs, seeing this re-confirmed that I really, really want this for us, for ourselves. It was a perfect moment.

10. I am VERY excited to announce that I was invited to guest-post over at Joy’s to be part of a group providing bloggy-deliciousness in her absence while she’s on holiday. Her blog, I can say Mama, is linked to us as a co-host for Ten Things, and one I enjoy immensely in its own right. I was honoured to accept her offer, then promptly forgot to send her anything til last Thursday, when she pinged me a very polite reminder. YAY! for helping out, and the chance to get back on my soapbox.

(P.S. this is not the ‘guest post’ I alluded to recently – the one which turned out to be a much Bigger Deal than I realised – that’s still upcoming)

And for sheer fun:

I got theΒ 
Β down in my heart

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
Β Your hosts


41 thoughts on “TToT #9: Life’s a beach

  1. WOW! That's such a good idea. Totally never thought of that. Thank you! I may need to wait til Niece is a little older and a little less apt to wimp out of digging, but that would be sooooo cool πŸ™‚


  2. It's a great skill to have.

    Storytelling – I was never great on princesses either, but turn one into a princess dragon and THEN you got something good πŸ™‚ So glad her dad's a great storyteller too, for her πŸ™‚ What a lovely thing to be able to share πŸ˜€


  3. I love that once you learn how to cartwheel, you never lose it. Now the effects it has on your body, well that certainly changes over the years, but it's like riding a bike.

    I am always terrible telling stories to my niece when it is my turn to tuck her into bed. One would think with all my creative writing juices, it would be easy. But they girl loves princesses, and I was never that much of a princess. It's like the time comes and I freeze up. But her dad, man, he is the best at telling her bedtime stories. It is so sweet and I love when I have the opportunity to overhear when it is his turn.


  4. Aw lovely to see you. You're welcome for the line πŸ™‚

    And YES you are most warmly invited (though at storytime, might I request that you leave the snuggling on Husby's lap to the kids?) πŸ˜‰


  5. Can I go to the beach with you and have dinner and listen to husby's storytime too? Please?
    Such a beautiful list!!!
    I gotta do this someday. Really!
    PS: Thanks for the line again!!! I needed it, and probably will for- EVER. πŸ˜‰ Going to bed NOW!!! (had to come by!!!)


  6. Oh you're such a tease! Lol I really hope the build-up's worth it…I had no idea that it was a Big Deal and now I'm worried it's not at all! Eek!

    It will be my pleasure to remind you to join us next week – that'd be awesome. You can share more about how awesomely well you're doing with that 5k training πŸ™‚ *still impressed*


  7. Big Reveal's TOMORROW I just realised. I only hope (now I've hyped it up) that it actually *is* a Big Reveal and not just a 'meh'….

    And thank you πŸ™‚ I totally LOVED your 'Aunt' post today.


  8. Adunno; I'm smiling now. You tell me!

    Glad you liked the pics. The beach was awesome, and you're right – how can you *not* have fun at the beach?

    I'll check out the book, but if it's scary, I may have to keep it in the fridge.


  9. I had a most enjoyable time here today! OK, so you've never seen the Shining. When you finish the 2 books you're reading now, you should read it. Like most of Stephen King's stuff, the book is better than the movie. But have to say, the movie was good.
    Loved ALL the pics. Looked like a glorious day was had by all. How can you not enjoy the beach, even standing next to a man-made sand storm. LOL
    Love the pic of little you – very cute:)
    Tell me…. do all clarks smile the same =D


  10. I don't even know what's a glottal stop. Wikipedia wasn't much help…

    I love the beach pictures and I laughed again at the faceflop πŸ˜› again caz I laughed yesterday…

    I have the greatest confidence that you and Joe will be blessed and its great that in the meanwhile you get to enjoy these two adorable kiddos..

    BTW you know what's even better than sun at the beach? RAIN at the beach lol.

    Unfortunately I might be the only person in the world who appreciates that…


  11. Thank you – glad you enjoyed them. The snuggle in the field was *so* fun. Such a beautiful, heart-warming 20 minutes. Absolute connectedness with those little ones, covered by them and enjoying their company, their perspective, their humour. I hope for more moments like it.

    We do – bucketloads of things. More than can really be counted, but Ten seems achievable whether a person is having the BEST TIME EVER or combatting some really, really challenging circumstances (and it was aesthetically pleasing, if not quite alliterative).


  12. Nor have I seen it. Not sure I want to! And yes – IMPISH – that's a far more pleasant way of putting it. Thank you πŸ˜€

    I had LOTS of wonderful fun. It brought joy to my heart, so it did.


  13. Awww Jak – get out there! Beach, fields, hills, anywhere! It's lovely.

    Don't feel bad – I expect she was just pleased he had such a warm and responsive relationship with you.

    I daresay I can persuade Emma to take pics of me on my face in the grass. She may not need much persuasion at that.


  14. OK, I've never watched the movie, but your “The Shining” comment made me laugh! I wouldn't call it evil, but you certainly had an impish grin.

    Sounds like you had great fun with your niece and nephew.


  15. Hmmm, I'm not as concerned as the others seem to be about the flinging sand. This may be because I'd more likely be the flinger, and not the recipient of sand to the face/hair.

    It's been ages since I've been to the beach. I just thought about that Thursday as my brother and I went out to eat, because we passed by one or two on the way. I kind of miss going to the beach, but it doesn't seem like my current circles of friends partake in that activity much. Most would prefer a pool.

    Burying “treasure” for others to find, though, sounds awesome πŸ™‚

    I'm glad you all had a great time, and that you eventually had some “alone” time to get some things done. I always loved reading books to my ex's son. I always felt bad, though, because he'd always want me to read first before her.

    As for the splits and other bouts of physical awareness taking place, I'm pretty sure “pics or it didn't happen” applies!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  16. loved the photo (of you as a small Considerer)… who would not see the clark there… the eyes of a clark are (nearly) as distinctive as the eyes of a scott. the difference being that there is movement (whole never wavering) in the eyes of a scott… your eyes (in the little photo) show the depth of the clarklike worldview

    …we often say, in the eyes of a clark, there is 'an extra distance back' very cool save that pitcha I suspect we will find ourselves compiling photos of little clarks for illustration and cataloguing purposes


  17. No, I promise I was careful. I've been on the receiving end too. Unpleasant. He was made to go and stand a considerable way off from me, and a LONG way from anyone else.

    bwaahahaah. Glad you liked my 'numptiness'. The state of 'being a numpty' is one I find myself oft mired in.

    And YEAH ya do πŸ™‚ I'll see you at Joy's tomorrow then, right? πŸ™‚


  18. There wasn't – I made sure there was loads of space – I'm not an inconsiderate beach user. Sand is…everywhere. Most of the time, at the beach. It sometimes bugs me.

    WOW! Now there's the second AWESOME idea of the morning. We should totally do that. Let's figure a deadline for people to get their vids together. This should be *hilarious* πŸ˜€

    We got onto it because we heard one used in conversation. Repeatedly. It is cultural and associated with lack of education (and sloppiness). I might draw comparisons to the US with 'The Type Who Shops At Wal-mart' and that might help to make sense.

    But the not-liking of it is TOTALLY a snobbish thing on my part. And why I was trying to coach him to listen to the PERSON not the dialect. Because it's an ugly, ugly sound in the English accent when inserted into the middle of words like 'water', 'butter', and 'little'.


  19. Me too πŸ™‚ I liked chatting over at yours – will check back later and see whether the cloud-geek-convo has progressed πŸ™‚

    (also, AWESOME! I think that's the first time I've been someone's 'favourites') πŸ˜€


  20. Aw that's a shame. The beach was great fun. I hope Soccer was still alright though?

    Cute. THANKYOU! Not 'evil' or 'wicked' or any of those other things? Good! You can stay friends with me πŸ˜‰

    Hope the rest of your weekend is full of wonderful.


  21. LOVE the photos but, like Christine, when I read about the sand being flung in the air, I was like WHOAH because I've been on the receiving end of the yuck that is getting it in your hair, mouth and eyes. Ha to only going along with Emma and not being the adorable English word that I cannot remember and am too lazy to scroll back up and find (shit, now that I've typed that…I must…hang on…numptiness! That was it! HA.
    Can't wait to read you over at Joy's (and I know I need to send you my interview sigh)


  22. When I saw that photo of Neff, my first thought was, “Darn good thing he was facing the right way!” That could have been one heck of a disaster, sand in the face and all. But with the wind blowing away, So fun! (Unless there was someone sitting within 50 yards of him. Ida hurt anyone who did that to me. (As much as I love the idea of a beach, I cannot stand sand!))

    Perhaps we (by “we” I mean you. You are already so good at creating a linkup. *Hugs*) should start a one-time cartwheel video link-up? Or any type of tumbling would do. I so wish someone had been making a video of you “doing the splits”.

    You had a conversation about glottal stops?!?!? We'll just put aside the fact that I had to look up the definition of a glottal stop. Completely agree. WHY were you discussing it??? And from what I can tell, it doesn't seem all that disrespectful or lazy. More cultural, like an accent. But what do I know? I'm certainly not looking to rehash the conversation the two of you party animals had. πŸ™‚


  23. Yay for the beach. It was raining here today and finally cleared up late afternoon, but still not really beach weather, I suppose. But looked like tons of fun and also loved seeing that throwback picture of you. You were so cute and such a great share here!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks again for hosting!! πŸ™‚


  24. The shells around here are lovely – the common periwinkles with their under-surface of mother-of-pearl in particular.

    Ohhh isn't it just (except, when your friend comes over at 8 with her kid, to ride his new bike, somehow it isn't? What's up with that? :p)


  25. I love those pictures from the beach…it looks like a fabulous time. I can't believe all those shells…so pretty!

    And we know it's ALL blog fodder…my family figured that out too. Any time they do or say anything remotely humorous the ask, “Are you putting that in your blog?”


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