Ten Things of Thankful #9

I’ve been having an internal fight with myself for the past five minutes (since hitting ‘compose’) because what I want to say should *really* be said next week (because this intro on the Tenth edition of Ten Things of Thankful would just be mathematically *scrumptious* ), but I want to share it this week before I forget it and default back to ‘goofy’.

The overriding response from The Conference Which Shall Remain Unnamed (Because I Couldn’t Go) last weekend was one of connectedness. What people seemed to like most was meeting the people at the other end of the internet and spending time with them. Much mention was made of ‘tribes’ and ‘packs’, and a wonderful sense of belonging seemed to spread from blog to blog with group photos and slightly star-struck comments about having met so-and-so and done such-and-such…it was very heartwarming.

But meeting in Real Life is not always possible, and the terminology of ‘tribes’ and ‘packs’ seemed somehow exclusive.

So, in thinking carefully, I’ve found us an analogy, which perfectly sums up how I feel about my co-hosts and participants in this here blog hop. Because it’s markedly different around here, and much of that seems based in the responsiveness of those involved. There’s joyful participation and entering into comment box conversations all over the place each weekend. Newcomers to the hop are received with genuine warmth from multiple bloggers and the ‘feel’ is one (dare I say it?) of community.

Yes, it takes effort to find time on a weekend to join in, and further effort to ping around the place participating, but it’s done so gloriously well by so many, with such enthusiasm. And I’m so thankful. For all of you. You have truly embraced the spirit of endeavouring to actively seek Good, to find Thankful and to take note. And to rejoice together when these things can be, and are found, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Together we are a People of Thankful.

You are my People.

And I love you.

So, onwards and upwards…

1.  My week started to get better about halfway through, and one of the BEST things which made it a wonderful week, was a surprise, GORGEOUS gift from my darling friend Shanique (who blogs at Adventures of a Willow Wimp) who I’ve loved making friends with over the past…weeks? months? Might as well be longer – she’s fabulous. A truly poetic soul, with a way of writing which is utterly compelling, and a need of books as deep as my own.

I received a beautiful postcard, a magnet to add to the (large) collection on my fridge, and a bracelet in the colours of the Belize flag, with buttons of the Belize coat of arms. The blue in the thread doesn’t show through so well in the photo, but it is the blue of all blue things distilled and woven into something I can wear, and it makes my heart *so* happy.  The letter is private, but know that it is AWESOME, and if I’d’a been a crying-at-letters type, I’d be welling up again just thinking about it. It was *that* good.

Who couldn’t help but *love* someone who starts their letter to you in such a way?

 2. We had Niece and Neff to sleep over for a couple of nights, and had an absolute blast. They are hilarious, loving, energetic, adorable children  and I’ve had so much fun with them. Today (one of my favourite moments) we went on a long hike down a local stream and ended up in a large, grassy field, too tired to go forward or back, so we laid on the ground together in a snuggled heap, on our backs, pointing out the shapes we could see in the clouds shining fluffily against that gorgeous blue (again) sky.

3. I also had an overwhelming moment of the heart last night when Neff woke up at about 1am (having tangled himself in his covers) and, even in his sleep-fuddled state, only called twice for Mummy before remembering and calling me. I had to be very careful not to fall asleep, tucked around him, inhaling his loveliness.

4. On Wednesday night, Emma came round and we all went to the park after tea. We played for ages, chasing one another, with Niece and Neff joining in with her and actively seeking her out to give them attention and input. They ran us absolutely ragged, and we wound the evening up by all lying down to roll down some small, purpose-built hills (which we’d previously chased each other all over), laughing at each person as they zoomed to a confuddled stop where the ground levelled out. So. Much. Fun.

5. After a ridiculously long wait, my certificate of Twinned Toilet-y-ness FINALLY arrived.

6.  I discovered wells of (physical) strength within me that I hadn’t realised were there. Yesterday I was still poorly and hadn’t eaten, but needed to go and attend to some chores. The upshot of the chores, and some of them imploding on one another, was that I ended up walking hard from 12.30 to 3pm in 30C heat.

7. So I’m also *SO* thankful I thought of taking a water bottle with me (having initially estimated it should all only take an hour)

8. I had another present in the post today, this time from one of the lovely ladies at the ever-wonderful Facebook group ‘You, Me and Infertility‘. We all got sorted into pairs and sent one another some fun items of encouragement to help us along the TTC journey. I was sent two fish (in honour of the course I’ve just finished), a crystal meant to help with whole body healing and infertility, and a fun bumper sticker (which I’ll see if I can bring myself to put on…apparently ‘stick family’ car stickers are all the rage where my friend lives in New Mexico, and she’s sick of them. They’re only just beginning to trend over here, and I wouldn’t want anyone to feel upset! I’ll wait til they’re sickeningly everywhere and I need to vent-via-vehicle). And two lovely cards, with messages of enormous supportiveness and gorgeousness.

9. Today I bought three gorgeous corydoras for the fish tank. They’ve already made friends with the gold ring danios and the cherry barbs, and the tank’s looking WONDERFUL. Problem is, fish move (who knew?) and every time I try to take a photo, I get wonderfully smudgy pictures of not-much. So I can’t show you, which is a shame, but they’re lovely and real characters already (one in particular keeps wigging out and zinging around the front of the tank).

I know, I know – I stole another one. But here’s a GREAT pic of a spotted cory.

10. This evening, Emma and I went on another of our famous ‘getting-lost-and-walking-til-we-find-ourselves’ walks. We managed a little over 5.5 miles cross country in an hour and a bit and are slowly making dents in our brand new ‘We’re gonna walk 500 miles together’ pact.

We keep seeming to find ourselves at a particular motorway bridge, so this evening I convinced her to ‘selfie’ us as a record.

We only got a little lost (like 500yds of taking a wrong turn lost) and it’s interesting how many of my friends seem to think that *I* was likely responsible for it! Little do they know! I was lost the entire way back to her house, and she double-lost us. But we had a total blast and I love our walks, our chats and our singing at the tops of our voices alongside the dual carriageway.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts

72 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #9

  1. I remember you joined us once – your list was fab 🙂 I'm glad you found it such a welcoming hop 🙂 We do aim for a friendly feel. We're around this weekend again, if you're free 🙂 Lovely to see you here in comments though.


  2. (I love that the li'l logo dude has a BOOK on the toilet – it's perfect)

    We probably maybe are, to be honest 😉 Apparently the pics next time need to include any and all faceplants I do, so that should be fun.

    And noooooo not my lovely fishbabies! He's settled down (some) since the weekend.


  3. Ten Thins of Thankful is truly a fabulous hop. I've linked up to it in the past {and I need to do so more often} and had an overwhelming response via comments to my post! I love seeing that, it IS heartwarming. And it's wonderful that you've created such a place where people can link up and meet new friends and really connect. Thanks!!


  4. The logo for Toilet Twinning? Best. Ever.

    Awesome selfie! Imma thinking you and Emma are probably equally to blame for the getting lost stuff.

    The fish that's wigging out in your tank? He's trying to decide who to eat first….


  5. I do like a good magnet – I'm having to temper my desires for them and only stick to getting the best of the best because otherwise the fridge (and some radiators) would never be seen again.

    I've just read your tribute to your best friend, and it's SO awesome that you have someone like that in your life. And those cakes! WOW!

    Presents in the post are the *best* and I can thoroughly recommend the walk – see if you can fit one in in the next 6 months – they're so fun!

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. Perhaps we might see you back next week with a list? What do you think?


  6. This is such a great list, Lizzi! I love getting presents in the post too – so uplifting! How wonderful that you have such thoughtful, generous friends in your life! I also love going for getting-lost-and-walking-till-you-find-yourself type walks, although I haven't done so for such a long time. Do you collect magnets? If so, then we have something in common besides our name! Hope you have a lovely week 🙂


  7. HAHAH poor Rogers, they get such shit from us all don't they? Lizzi, I think we're a ways off from the water being bad…it's just getting a little mucky in there and I much prefer it sparkly.
    Yes to the contest to name the little town!


  8. AWWWW <3 <3 You too!

    Odd one out! What ya TALKING about? None of us is the odd one out here. We all belong. We're all part of this big, glorious thing that we've built together.

    (yes, it's a small collection because I try to keep it under control these days. But yours has pride of place next to (Pierce Brosnan's) James Bond and magnets I've had since I was tiny)


  9. I can't believe I haven't commented on this post..I'm glad you loved the surprise Lizzi and I didn't even know you had a magnet collection….

    It's a great honor for me to be a part of this community. What I love even more is that I don't feel like the odd one out anymore. I just jump right into the mix..

    Me loves U much 🙂


  10. I'm glad you feel that way, and thank you for sharing such wonderful feedback with me. I always wanted to be a writer who was able to engage people, and thanks to this blog I'm getting the chance to practice, but it's so nice to hear when it works 🙂 That just gave me a lovely warm fuzzy moment – thank you.

    Community is really and truthfully what we're all part of here. 'Tribe' seems exclusive, and we keep growing as more and more wonderful people join us and let us into their lives, into their joys, their Things of Thankful and their challenges. And believe me – although we're 'all at the end of a laptop', (to borrow my own phrase from earlier in the week) we're all alone – together. You are most definitely part of it 🙂


  11. I'm really loving reading all your 10 things posts, as you have a turn of phrase that just draws me into the stories you tell 🙂

    I must say that I'm far happier with 'community' rather than tribe as, stuck here at home, with only my trusty laptop to keep me connected to the world, community is a far lovelier word to believe I'm part of 🙂


  12. and… and! don't forget that you get to jump into Comment threads! lol

    these people do so much that is contrary to conventional wisdom…how things *should* be done

    I'm liking it


  13. Glad you liked it. I meant it 🙂 I'm glad you're part of what we have here. And I'm glad to hear you say you feel this thing we have is inclusive – something I want to strive for, which I see others striving for and achieving.

    I KNOW! This weekend, I swear, my head's gotten so big again I'm stuck in the room once more, until someone comes and pops me with a pin. The hummingbird is the magnet – I love the magnet.

    Get out there Jak – find a field. Lay there awhile. It's worth doing (unless it's raining, in which case HIDE!)

    Emma loves to get me lost. And blame it on me, or somehow wrangle it so it's my fault. But we did decide that it was all so deserted the only people we had to fear was each other 😀


  14. That is a lovely intro! I think I know of the event you were speaking about, and it likely was a lot of fun. The use of “packs” and “tribes” does give that exclusivity feel, which isn't always welcoming for (and possibly of) newcomers.

    I feel the TToT does a wonderful job at being all-inclusive to those wishing to share their moments of Thankfulness.

    Wow, so much great mail! Shanique really knows how to aim right to fluffing the head 😉 I really like the gifts (from both sources), but I especially really like the hummingbird piece. I assume that is the magnet maybe? Either way, it's really sweet.

    Sounds like continued shenanigans with the niece and neff! Rolling down hills (much like the mentions beach) is something I've not done in ages. Hell, even relaxing outside and looking up at the clouds. I'm beginning to sense I need to get out more…

    Your friend sure likes to get you lost lol Like I think I said before, though, at least you are getting lost with a friend and not alone… at night… in the woods… with werewolves…

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  15. I know a place like that – Eddie Rocket's. Branches in Dublin, Drogheda and Liverpool. The Drogheda one is my absolute favourite place to go on a date with Husby.

    I always pick the Beach Boys. Sometimes it swallows your Euro, sometimes it plays dice.

    The chairs are red vinyl and the floor is tiled black and white squares.

    The waitresses have tiny paper hats which say 'Eat up and leave'.



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