TToT: Meet the Co-hosts 3

Last week we enjoyed a very Y-chrome post from our only Man-Co-Host, Clark – it was fascinating and left lots of people wanting to know more.

Today for our profile we welcome a true gem of the blogging world. She writes ‘funny’ and ‘gut-wrenching’ equally well (but usually stays firmly around the hilarious). She draws her own illustrations. She wrestles rodeo pigs. She has no compunction about sharing photos of her, face-down on her kitchen table (in her fabulous new kitchen, darlings)…may I present (with the distinction of authoring one of only two blogs I’ve read in entirety) a total crowd favourite from A Fly On Our (Chicken Coop) Wall

Who are you?   
My name is Christine.  I refuse to make solid plans in my life, but instead do whatever comes my way.  As a result, I’ve taught just about every grade, decorated cakes at a grocery store, owned a photography business, given birth to six children, and bought a 140 year old house that happened to come with a small farm.  I am most frequently found either driving our 12-passenger van around town or disposing of the dead animals that frequently litter our property. 

Where are you from? 
I grew up in the small city of Canton, Ohio, but I have lived in Indianapolis since my husband and I moved here 14 years ago.  

Describe your family.   
Nineteen years ago, after meeting in high school and dating for seven years my husband and I were married.  We had four children in four years, caught our breath, then added two more boys 17 months apart.  Having fun, learning new things, and playing soccer are important to us, but not nearly as important as our (Catholic) faith.

Why do you blog? 
 It is so much fun.  I’ve always been a storyteller, and anywhere people are gathered, I will be talking.  Part of being a storyteller, though, is listening to other people’s stories.  I want the stories I tell to trigger memories and thoughts in the people with whom I am speaking, so I can listen to theirs.  As far as I’m concerned, blogging is like being at a non-stop party.  Stories are flying all over the place, conversations are being had, laughter and tears are being shared, and friendships are being made.  It’s my element, but even better.  I have the time to actually think and edit what comes out of my mouth before anyone hears it.

What do you like about the Ten Things of Thankful hop?   
On a recent vacation, I was stopped by a complete stranger.  He was approximately 95 years old, and he talked like he only had 3 hours to live and had to tell someone all the wisdom he had learned in his 95 years.  Yet it wasn’t one-sided.  He asked questions.  “What is the most powerful emotion?  And don’t say love.  It’s not love.”  I, being wise, knew it wasn’t love, and answered, “Hate.”  That stumped him.  “Well, yes, that’s pretty powerful, and can ruin you, but the answer I was thinking of is a positive attitude.”   While I didn’t agree with his claim that “positive attitude” is an emotion, I completely agree that it is a crucial thing to have.  Each day, each minute of the day, I have a choice.  Am I going to focus on the bad things and be miserable, or am I going to focus on the good and be happy?  It doesn’t mean I’m ignoring the bad, I simply choose to look at the good things while working through the bad. Each weekend, I get to read posts from a slew of people who choose to focus on the good things. It simply brightens my weekend.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in life?

This is a tough question for me.  I can’t really say I have “overcome” my biggest challenges.  I never will.  But each day I have to overcome them again.  For example, one of my challenges is an unknown autoimmune disorder.  It looks most likely to be Lupus.  I will never overcome this disorder.  I will always have pain in varying degrees.  I will always have to watch what I do to try and keep flares at bay.  However, each day, I do choose to live the day the best way I can with this disorder.  Sometimes I sit under the umbrella, but others I choose to go to the beach and enjoy the surf and sun with my kids.  Sometimes I am very good at dealing with the pain, but other days I just get completely annoyed and mope.  While I feel I’m doing a great job of living with this disorder, I have by no means overcome it.

Which people inspire you?  
People inspire me in one of two ways:  1. Doing something that annoys the tar out of me, or 2. Doing something well at something with which I struggle.  For example, I used to be a very bad listener, until I met a few people.  The first is someone who was a horrible listener, always interrupting me with a story of her own or zoning out and doing something else (like texting) while I was talking.  (And don’t you dare say it’s because I was telling a boring story.  You know I have only good stories.)  It annoyed the tar out of me, and I swore to never do that to someone else.  The second person is someone who is a very, very good listener.  I could talk for over an hour straight, and she made it very clear with her body language, follow-up questions, and ability to remember all that I said, that she listened to every word.  I wanted to make others feel the way she made me feel when I talked with her.

What achievement are you working towards?   
I am always working towards the same three things; a better relationship with God, a long, lifetime of happiness with my husband, and raising my children the very best way I can to help them become the best they can be.   Other than that, I have no achievements to work towards.  (See #1)

How would you most like to inspire others?   
As other people have inspired me without their knowledge, I hope others can gain some inspiration through my actions.  I have no idea what weaknesses others are struggling with at any given time, so I certainly don’t know what about me could be of help.  And when those occasions do arise that I have to open my mouth and say something, I pray I have the words to be encouraging.

Tell me something utterly frivolous about you.   
While I have always been pretty flexible, I have never even come close to being able to do a split.  (I can do one mean cartwheel, though.)

 Christine, thank you for answering in so much depth – a wonderful profile and one I really enjoyed sharing. Keep writing, keep going on that awesome achievement (you’re doing well – we know – we can see by the photos chez toi) and keep being awesome.

Don’t forget to come back and join us on Saturday to link up with your list of Ten Things of Thankful


Ten Things of Thankful

43 thoughts on “TToT: Meet the Co-hosts 3

  1. YESSSS!

    Though the people make the comments, so arguably it's the folks who come here rather than necessarily what's left.

    Whichever, I don't care – I'm just happy to be a part of it 🙂


  2. Positive attitude can definitely make a big difference. While being a new Army wife, I have become a postive pessimist. Always expect the worst, but take it with a smile and look for a way around it. And I think this was what kept me sane during those two years and beyond.

    Thanks a lot for co-hosting!!


  3. Barbara, except there weren't any tears. she always makes the person cry. 🙂
    I'm glad you liked it.

    When you were young, did it annoy you, too, when other girls (mainly my sister) would do one and gloat?


  4. Monsters is a good word for them. I love how you put “bravery in the face of danger”. Sounds much better than screamed like a little girl while I high-stepped/stomped on them. 🙂


  5. I bust a gut when I got to the part of “some of her livestock ate her.” hilarious! And yes, pigs have been known to eat people.
    It is astounding to me that I have known my husband for well more than half my life. I've lived with him longer than I lived with my parents. Puts this whole raising 6 kids thing in perspective. It gives me the shakes when I realize our oldest is only 1 year away from being the age I was when I met my husband.
    I have random conversations with people all the time. I do believe I have “tell me your thoughts” written on my face somewhere.

    I don't know how much Serious Jak I can take. Glad you stuck in some random funny (stuck a pig in the neck? Heck ya! I would never kick you “in the nuts”. I'm way too sophisticated for that.)

    Thanks for all the kind words. I, too, am glad we met up during the April from Down Under.


  6. Oh, now I liked some of that…(yes, the advert one, because I don't hear it 100 times a day and get bugged the hell out of me by it)

    I'd be no good at the music – I only know awesome-rockin tracks, and that'd be no good cos it looks like your funeral's going to be an incredibly solemn occasion. You need someone who knows a good dirge…


  7. Adunno – the pic of you face-down on the table was certainly arresting! Almost like you'd been using it as a mortu…I GOT IT! I bet that's the post all the 'eulogisers' are thinking back to…


  8. Ha!

    Dyanne isn't allowed to pick the music! After seeing the stuff she's picked for Lizzi to listen to, thanks, but no. 🙂

    Remind my family to put me in my Wakefield t-shirt.


  9. You are not alone in the “first post I ever read”. Seems it is the #1 way people find me. Like people don't dispose of dead pigs everyday… 🙂

    At least you got hooked. If you would have read a lame post about my kitchen, I may not have met you.


  10. Wow – that was like a Barbara Walters interview – great questions and great answers. I enjoyed learning more about you Christine, and the fact that you cannot do a split (neither can I) makes me like you a little bit more.


  11. hey, but I did leave out the '…and don't forget to enter today to win your…”

    …and besides with my casual, and relaxed manner, I'd be a natural to stand in front of the gathering,( after asking Dyanne to please turn down the music back there), and polish my glasses and start intoning something gigantic…

    you know, “Alas, poor Christine I knew her well…”



  12. This is directed to you, Christine, but if anyone else wants to listen in, that's OK. I don't remember how I found your blog, but one of the first posts I read was about the wolf spiders. I became acquainted with those monsters when I was growing up, but never experienced them en masse like you did. I admired your bravery in face of danger.

    While I think we have more in common than spiders, the ability to do cartwheels is not one of those things.


  13. Who is this “Christine” everyone is clamoring about?

    What's that…? *holds finger to ear piece* Pigs? Farm?

    Oh right… the Pig Wrangler! *chuffs (I think that is a word)* I remember her, we met on the great Alphabet Exodus in April. Yeah… I guess she had her momen…

    Wait, what?

    It sounded like everyone was giving their eulogy speeches for her, I thought perhaps some of her livestock ate her… it's possible.

    Pigs eat people, like babies eat Smurfs!

    But she lives!

    Thank you for taking the time to share so much about yourself. I still think its pretty crazy you and your husband are surviving high school sweethearts! Doesn't that just sound insane when you think about it? Not like you guys are nuts crazy (…debatable?), but thinking of the odds and just how commonplace divorce is nowadays? That's a major accomplishment!

    And 6 runts… I'm almost positive that is some sort of healthcare plan. An arrangement where there are enough of them so the odds are in your favor one of them will strike it rich and/or multiple will have to tend to you when you hit that elderly age, which I'm sure is far *coughcoughrightdowntheroadcoughcough* FAR away! That does make me curious if there has been talk about the family farm and someone taking it over way down the road.

    I believe you were the one who introduced me to the Ten Things of Thankful, which I'm very thankful for 🙂 even if it was unintentional. I believe I stumbled across it, but I think it's wonderful you are co-hosting it with this… eclectic ensemble 🙂 There is a “flavor” for everyone!

    Maybe I forgot about it, but I don't recall mention of the old man and I find the story amazing! It seemed familiar, but maybe it has just been too long. My memory isn't the best anymore as my age deteriorates backwards into youth. Still, I've had some random encounters like that and I feel that they happen for a reason. I'm glad that it maybe helped you pursue the path towards more controlled positive thinking.

    While I know you don't feel you will ever overcome certain ailments, I think that by practicing that lifestyle… that mental focus on the good… that you are — in a way — overcoming it. “Completely” being pretty subjective as most things in life aren't so easily cut and dry anyhow. I think it's very inspiring that despite some of these hardships (along with others I've met recently) you actively decide to make the best of what it is and live how you want to live (and teach your kids — eventually — how to stab a fucken pig in the neck! [with pictures or it didn't happen!]).

    I can feel myself becoming very, very long-winded here…

    So on a serious note (yes it's possible and it's blatantly sprinkled all within!), I think you are raising your family proper. I'm incredibly glad to have met you months ago and had the pleasure of getting to know you and your friends as time has gone by. Your drawings (while not definitively proof of events) and stories are fun, and you have a great sense of humor that allows me to have faith in the fact that you will not hunt me down for most of the random weird shit I say to kick me square in the nuts.

    And if I'm mistaken about that fact… I pray there are enough windmills between us to securely hold you at bay.

    Doing a sweet job with the TToT blog hop. I think you've shared a wealth full of information here to all the loverly people that link up every weekend!

    That'll do, Pig Wrangler *pats shoulder* that'll do.

    Also, you already know what I'd say about the claim of cartwheels 😉

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  14. o.O.o. I'd like to see you try. 🙂

    Ha! “appears to be doing a subsidiary fluff piece” Haha!

    Dyanne, don't bother noting these. I'm expecting you'll know me better and there will be a whole lot more fodder for the eulogy before then. 🙂


  15. o.O

    Janine spoke to you.

    Dyanne talked of your blog.

    Clark…appears to be doing a subsidiary 'fluff piece'

    I'm talking to you but don't make me come over there and do it!!

    We know you didn't die…you're too noisy for that x


  16. My first contact with Christine was when she Commented at the Doctrine.

    This happened a couple of weeks after I first started 'hanging out' at Considerings. In fairness, I sort of just showed up (having read the FTSF Posts).
    I liked what you were doing with your blog, and quickly felt comfortable enough to start writing Comments to Posts. In fairness to Christine, it may have seemed a bit odd for some guy with a personality theory blog to show up, seemingly out of left field and proceed to write on nearly every Post.

    It was then I got 'the visit', lol.
    (In her Comment), Christine was friendly enough and appeared interested in my blog, but it was clear that she was there to check us out, make sure that we were alright, and not going to be a problem (back at Considerings).

    I liked Christine from that moment, when I 'recognized her'.
    Her concern and the protectiveness for Lizzi, combined with the non-hesitancy in do what she felt was right, made it clear to me that Lizzi had good people around at her blog.


  17. So happy to see you feature Christine here and get to know her that much better now from this. And by the way, I used to be able to do a mean cartwheel until having sciatica in my lower back. Now, I would be too afraid that I would throw my back, but you did bring back some greta memories on that one!! 🙂


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