Ten Things of Thankful #8

Roll up! Roll up! It’s tiiiiiiiiiiime for a RAFFLE!
For real this time. It was for real last time, but I put it so badly hardly anyone noticed.

You want in? You gotta comment. Your comment must start with the word ‘Raffle’. On its own line, please, to keep it simple. At the end of the weekend, I’ll put all the names in a hat and get Husby to draw the winner.

Awesome Raffle Prize
One, sparkly, shiny, brand-new button, custom made to your specifications by the delightful Elizabeth Bradt at Rocks, No Salt Mommy (she made my new button – it’s over in the side bar there…you can keep a copy for your blog if you want…)  

Onward and Upward into my first Ten Things of the weekend.

1. Last Tuesday I turned 30. I was surrounded by family and treated to the most marvellous day, in which I got to DRIVE A STEAM TRAIN. I also did a special Birthday Edition Thirty Things of Thankful. It was amazing.

2. There is now an additional Birthday Picnic Video, for anyone who wants a glimpse behind the mask (as it were) and see what a dork I really am. Thanks to my CinemaFriend for making the film.

3. Joy, my co-host, friend and chief bloggarini at I Can Say Mama, nominated me for the Semper Fidelis award, which makes the rounds periodically. It’s about acknowledging the people who you feel close to (in a bloggy sense) and who make up your ‘pack’.

As with every award, there are rules, and they are these:

1) Add the award logo to your blog.
2) Thank the blogger who nominated/gifted it and link back to their blog.
3) Nominate five bloggers whose loyalty and friendship you value and who you consider being part of your ‘wolf pack’.
4) Post something special for each one of your nominees and dedicate it to them such as a quote, picture, poem, saying etc….something you think pertains to that person.
5) Let your nominees know that they are nominated.

(6 – new rule – my own – you don’t have to pass it on if you don’t want to; just keep it and treasure it) 

That’s okay“, thought I “I can think of five people who make my bloggy life a far more wonderful place to be

Then I re-read #4 and my heart sank a little (anyone acquainted with the Wakefield Doctrine will know that clarks aren’t good with emotions. This clark is particularly stumblicious around giving compliments or explaining feelings about a person to the person. I can ‘big up’ anyone behind their back, but put me in a ‘room’ with them and try to get me to say it to their face? Sweaty palms and jitters). All I can promise is that I’ll try. If I accidentally call anyone a silly slapper by accident, know I didn’t mean it. But what I can do is find a song which I think speaks a little towards the depths of relationship with each. Music speaks far more eloquently than I can. (I’m also breaking rule #3 because there are at least six bloggers who NEED to be on this list.)

Clark. You’re first. Front-and-centre. Just because I can and, you know me – always helping you grow by pushing you out of your comfort zone where possible. I love our chats. I adore the Wakefield Doctrine and how uncannily accurate it is. I thoroughly appreciate your patience in explaining the finer points to me, reining me in when I go off on one, and fielding my frequent outbursts of scott. I also love how you started the whole ‘jumping into other people’s comments’ thing, which has become a characteristic of this here blog hop here, and which I thoroughly enjoy.

Shanique. You are a wonderful, delightful new friend. Your beautiful smile reminds me very strongly of my dear, RL friend SusieQ, and to top that, you have a poetic soul which speaks so eloquently and makes me feel and think in new ways. You also speak ‘me’ very well and I am often pleasantly surprised when you crystallise in a short sentence something I’ve been trying to say a hundred ways wrong.

Emma. You are a very dear, dear person who I am privileged to know in real life. You are hilarious both sober and drunk (we’re both more funny when I’m drunk, let’s face it). You are my companion adventurer. You are a considerate, thoughtful, wonderful person and I cherish our friendship.

Christine. I *will* mow that lawn. You are another I cherish. You inspire me. You are wise and hilarious and quite wonderful. You have such wit and vivacity in your writing and you care so much about so many people. I am honoured to be one of them, in this small way, via the Blogosphere.

Heather. You’re a treasure. I have taken such enjoyment and comfort from our new bloggy friendship. You *get* me. You are full of wonderful words of advice and support. You know. And now you’re going to make me amazing, home-knitted-but-so-good-they-could-be-machine-made socks. You rock.

Dyanne. You’re another hilarious one. I love our little bonkers chats on Facebook. Your attitude. Your willingness to be an instant partner-in-crime. The way you can be hard-ass-snarky one moment and rather vulnerable the next. They way you’re still not sure if I’m an old, gnarly potato-farmer in Idaho, trying to make a pass at you (such thanks and trust for trying to add you on Facebook!). You’re awesome.

Many more belong in my ‘pack’ but you guys were the first to spring to mind.

4. (Only #4? Really?) I have another award to announce. Rich Rumple, dear man and dreadful wind-up that he is, also nominated me for an award. I’m secretly chuffed to bits because his blog (and his self) is awesome, but don’t tell him, because I’ve got this cool, sarcastic thing going on about it at the moment, and I’d hate to ruin the illu…wait…damn.

This time it’s the ‘Versatile Blogger’ award. Probably because he knew I’m one of the few people out there stupid enough to try to Show You Real Life, Write Fiction and Get On Soapbox all in the same place.

And again. There are rules. Apparently Official:

1) Thank and link to the person who gave you the award.
2) Tell seven facts about yourself.
3) Pass it on to seven other bloggers.
4) Link to specific posts on their blogs so they’ll be notified by pingback 

Oh what merry, nested, fresh Hell is this? SEVEN?! I’ve just done 6 for #3 and now 7 for #4. I may just have to turn this into A Bajillion Things of Thankful and be done with it!

The Seven Others (first, so they can try to forget about being nominated and all the extra work while they read the seven facts)

Kerri at Undiagnosed But Okay
Kari at Miss Bloggypants
Zoe at Rewritten
Stephanie at Life, Unexpectedly
Lana at Little Bitty Life
Dana at Kiss My List
Kate at Another Clean Slate

 Now my Seven Facts.

  • I’ve had to lick food off my laptop TWICE in the last 24 hours
  • I rock at the 5:2 fasting diet lifestyle but still suck at exercise
  • I get far too excited about learning new, wonderful words
  • I was born in the wrong decade in terms of taste in music
  • I hate Branston Pickle with *such* a passion. You’ve no idea.
  • I’d love to found and live in a commune
  • I think my blog/life balance is beginning to tip to the dark side

5. Is it okay that I’m thankful I don’t have to do any more nested lists and can get back on with the Ten Things of Thankful?

6. Husby turned to me earlier and asked me ‘what that word was which is about oxen but also about talking’ Or something. It was weird, but he linked me to this site. And I fell TOTALLY in love with a new word – Boustrophedon – which turned out to be the one he’d been trying to explain to me when I wasn’t listening properly. He does know me very, very well, does that man.

7. I’m thankful that my ID check for my new job was sorted out very painlessly by the nice lady in Human Resources. (Slightly less thankful that I had to come home and order a new, full birth certificate to complete the checks though)

8. As I was walking home, I took a detour to Mum’s allotment and watered her plants for her. It was really nice to be able to do that and give her a bit of a break, when I had the time to spare.

9. I’m very thankful that the petrol-station lady was so, SO nice when I forgot my purse and couldn’t pay after topping up my car. Even though I felt hugely embarrassed, she was easy about it, and filled out a LONG form (in triplicate) with no hint of eye-rolling or tutting or disdain. I’m also thankful that the evening was one which could take a sudden addition of an extra half hour to go home, get my purse and return to pay, without being too massively impacted.

10. I’m thankful for the added momentum this here hop seems to be gathering. I’m so grateful to all who get involved and jump in with their Ten Things of loveliness for me to celebrate with them. Thank you all 🙂

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


63 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #8

  1. LIZZI!! How did I miss this? I just saw that I was tagged to do the 7 facts thing. This must have been a week that I didn't do the 10 Things of Thankful… Well, I shall remedy this and add the 7 Facts to this weekend's Thankful Things post….


  2. 🙂

    And also YAY! you're back 🙂 Missed you this weekend! You have quite the backlog to catch up with (some boring afternoon in the future when you've finished pig rodeo…)

    Yes – I noticed the no-accents thing. It's cool though. You can *sometimes* hear them though – the Proclaimers are very obviously Scottish, as the Dubliners are very obviously Irish.

    The award was fun to nominate people for. Music was a much easier way to do it, cos…well…

    I meant it though. Properly.


  3. That birthday video is fantastic! It's almost like meeting you in person. I know your voice now! And there's accents! Except when you sing. Ever notice how there are no accents when people sing?
    I so enjoyed the way you did the song for each person. You picked some great ones. I have always love loved the song you picked for me, but I was actually tearing up (quite a bit) when I listened to it this time. It just makes my heart happy to know you, and I'm touched that you connect that beautiful song to me.


  4. You're in 🙂

    Come on over and visit sometime soon – let me know so I can come and meet you 😀

    I loved the award – it was so fun to be nominated and to include others – thank you again 😀


  5. Raffle! 😉

    I love the video and I enjoyed hearing the British accent so much! I miss that! *sigh*

    Thank you for taking the time to write about the award! xo You did that in such a cool way!


  6. You're SO not too late, and your name's in the hat 🙂

    It was so lovely to post today's Ten Things, for all the 'show' I put on about being too cool for it. Thanks for the congratulations though 🙂

    Only one accent here, dahling – English 😉

    And no, you're quite right – it's a bit shameful! I need to be more careful with my vittles!


  7. Raffle!

    I swore I was missing something, since I wasn't seeing anyone do it. I was confused thinking it was number picking, but remembered just names. I may be a bit late, though, so that is okay if so.

    If there is a number attached I would so pick 37 this time!

    Such a lovely list you have today, full of videos, nested lists, and raffles.

    I really like the video! So many accents haha.

    And congratulations to not one, but two blogger awards! That is so awesome 🙂 Congratulations to the nominees as well!

    As for licking food off your laptop… yeah no lol Just… no >.< Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  8. I'm impressed not only with the gas station cashier, but also with the fact that you can pump your gas without paying first! Here, you have to pay before pumping.

    Happy birthday! Loved your cute video.


  9. I would say RAFFLE, but some really cool person made me a button this week!

    Love the video LOVE. IT.

    And I love my award! Thank you so much! And I love my video tribute! Now comes the hard part: coming up with 5 nominees that haven't already been named! GAHHHHH!


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