7 Quick Takes 39 x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

The best and worst parts of blogging are… many, varied, and oft unexpected.

The good – It’s super fun, gorgeously creative and a fantastic outlet/soapbox/place to bounce ideas and try new things

The bad – Getting it wrong means getting it badly wrong, and sometimes people get upset. How I mean in my head, and how it reads off their page can be two very different things.

The ugly – That moment when your friends start conversations with “Have you blogged yet? I need something to read” and you’re having writer’s block. Flattering, but pressured (and so a damn good exercise in Writing Anyway)

The good – So many wonderful stories by wonderful bloggers, and getting to know them through their writing – seeing their spirit before their appearance and person.

The bad- Unadvertised sponsored posts. And other forms of advertising.

The ugly – Too many great blogs, too little time. Which is why I’m so sleep-deprived all the time.

The good – Awesome, rockin’ feedback, support, encouragement and getting to know other bloggers through comments here and on their blogs.

The bad – Throwaway comments or insincere ones. Why bother?

The ugly – No comments at all! Hellooooooo self-doubt.

The good – Awesome, rockin’ people to get to know and begin to cherish.

The bad -You’re all SO far away!

The ugly – Nope, there’s only good here.

Blog hops
The good – Joining in is super fun and hosting your own is amazing.

The bad – Hosting your own is a lot of work.

The ugly – Co-hosts on the email because you’ve forgotten to send them the codes in a timely manner. Again.

The good – Branching out into new areas of writing, of personal growth and of purpose.

The bad – Getting too into it and trying to find a readable balance between Stuff About Me (seems well received), New Types of Writing (well received, as long as no-one knows it’s fiction from the offset) and Soapboxing (I may be turning into an infertility bore. It may already have happened!)

The ugly – The reason I’ve developed in a particular direction.

— 2 —

Dear Mr Balloon Man

When Niece and Neff waited 5 minutes in line for a twisty balloon animal and you told us all that you were ‘on your last one now’, we took you at your word and went away. Ten minutes later you were *still* going, so we rejoined the queue. Then saw us and said again that you were ‘on your last one now’, just before their turn.

Then I called you on it and you were rude. They were totally crushed. And I am mad at you.

You suck, mmkay?

— 3 —


And a button page where you can see whose blogs I adore and follow and would love if more people read just to get a flavour of that awesomeness.

— 4 —

Had a lot of fun MAKING several buttons for other bloggers I’m friends with, once I got going and realised that not everyone had one.

— 5 —

It was my birthday and I got to drive a steam train. It was the most amazing birthday ever and totally made me not mind being 30.

— 6 —

My post earlier this week ‘I am the face‘ was really, REALLY well received both here and as part of the Yeah Write challenge, and I got picked by the editors *and* made the top five. All very exciting and my first time placing on the leader-board. I am so pleased and honoured to be chosen for these – a very special kind of recognition for a deeply personal, hugely-want-to-get-it-out-there kind of post.

— 7 —

Thanks again Clark, for a lovely interview yesterday.

Join us tomorrow for the weekend-long blog hop, to share your gratitude, your joy, your happinesses, and to see what Good Things other people are enjoying.

And also, why Rich Rumple completely screwed me over, and who I want to be in ‘my gang’.

Ten Things of Thankful

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34 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes 39 x FTSF

  1. That's a shame for you Jak 😦 Gotta beat those Uglies!

    The tradeoff of the hop is most excellent, even if I sometimes think I'm the sketchiest member of the gang…!

    Thank you – it was hugely gratifying that such a very personal piece got that level of recognition, even if only on a relatively small scale.

    And yeah. I'm watching that trend develop with interest.


  2. I agree with the Good, Bad, and Ugly aspects listed. thankfully with blogging it's skipped the “Bad” so far, but the “Ugly” has come up a few times since I've started.

    Reading, well… too many, little time, and being slow as hell at reading in general haha

    Kudos to hosting a blog hop, it has to sometimes be stressful (something I definitely don't envy). I'd imagine the tradeoff is abundantly worthwhile! 🙂

    Congrats with your Yeah Write piece! That is awesome, and I'm glad the post was so well received.

    As for the fiction based posts, I still don't understand that whole situation. People shrugging them off.

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  3. Thanks for telling me that, Jean. That means a lot.

    (also, perhaps just as well, because promptly I was published at Katia's, her site blocked me from commenting and we had a devil of a time trying to figure out how to allow me to respond to the comments left there…)

    I shall certainly keep on writing, with those reasons as part of the rationale. But it helps that you think so too. Thank you 🙂


  4. I'll be honest about the comments with you- I read your post on Katia's blog and I was so touched and saddened that I wasn't sure what to say, so I didn't say anything. I felt bad but I knew writing a paragraph or a two word comment to you wasn't going to do anything. Which is to say that I think what you are writing about is important and people get something from reading it AND there could be someone out there with a similar experience visiting your blog who needs it. So, keep on with writing about infertility or whatever it is that needs to come out. There is good to be had for it, even if no one comments.


  5. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know – I'm always happy to inspire (or be perceived as inspirational, which is slightly different, perhaps)

    Thanks for sharing my pretty button 🙂 I'll have to go and check out your page 😀

    I feel very lucky that my friends-and-relations are all pleased that I blog (gives them the heads-up on what's going on in my mind) and are very supportive 🙂

    (Rude Man is currently being tracked by Private Investigators so I can go and egg his house 😉 )


  6. Considering, wow. You have so inspired me this week. I grabbed your button and put it on my bloggers I follow page. I have a new web design thanks to a contest I won. I loved your thoughts on blogging. I can't wait til I get friends who ask me have you blogged yet? I should have added to my post that the ugly is lack of support from some family members (not hubby). They roll their eyes when they see me on the computer and say you could work if you really wanted to; blogging is not work ect. How little do they know right? Thanks so much again for your quick seven today. I mad at that rude person too. He should have been much nicer to your Neff and Niece! Give him a piece of my mind too.


  7. Thanks Keith.

    I'm not sure I knew either, but I can't remember whether I found this one from the group or whether I stole the pic and coded it myself…! Hope you get yours soon.


  8. Congrats! I'm not surprised at all since you are an outstanding writer!

    Btw: I didn't know you can put the bloppy blogger button on your page! Ya know what? I think I'm gonna do that later tonight or early tomorrow morning.


  9. Thanks Chris

    It's so SAD being far away. I'm lucky becauset two bloggy friends are friends in Real Life, but they were RL friends before they were bloggers, so I don't think it counts really 😉


  10. XD It's varied for me on the comment front – if someone's written something which has really spoken to me, I'll leave them something. If they're my friend I'll leave them something silly. I try to relate to the post.

    But I do know what you mean – I try to say something meaningful whilst knowing that it probably sounds hollow and cheap by comparison to the richness of their writing…


  11. Love the way you broke your post down by good/bad/ugly. It's true about people being sooooooo far away. I get jealous when I hear about other bloggers meeting up sometimes. Wish I had someone nearby to play with. 😉 Glad you had a fun b-day!


  12. Love the good bad and ugly theme here. LOL on the ugly of the blog hops. I think you were really nice on that one 😉

    As for comments I think when something is really good in a deep kind of way people might not really know what to say or what they might say sounds kind of shallow after you've poured your heart out. I know I've backspaced some comments and left without saying anything because I really didn't know what to say. It's so much easier to comment on a funny post. LIke LOL!!!!!!!!! really says it doesn't it?


  13. As usual, I read your posts and “walk” away with a pleasant, pleased feeling. The feeling you get when you read old fashioned good writing.
    Congrats on the Editor's Pick!!! And who's surprised at that one? LOL

    P.S.Your “house” is one I know I can visit and never leave…grumpled:)


  14. Congrats on the Yeah Write. Your post was truly awesome, heartfelt and eye-opening.

    Also, I find it funny that you went with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. I thought about a similar theme myself. My grandpa loves Westerns and that movie just stuck with me.


  15. I am always grateful for your stand by my side in the 'comm box tart brigade' XD

    That's an awesome hidden superpower you have. You can make a giraffe. I've heard of 'having kittens' but this is special.
    (who said anything about balloons? I didn't hear ya)

    Let me know if you want to use it over at yours and I can code you up. The lemons made me giggle 😀

    Thank you 🙂


  16. Oh a FAVOUR was it! I'll stop trading on your name right now then (why isn't that hyperlinked?) and suck it up. A favour. Thank you kindly O great one 😉

    Almost quiet, huh? I've come right out of my bloggy shell and am becoming positively in-yer-face. I've done something this very week which surprised even me, in the audacity stakes! More shall be revealed in due course…


  17. Completely screwed you over????? OMG … a guy tries to do a person a favor and this is what he gets in return!!! lol Lizzi, you're a trip sometimes. When I first started reading your blog you were almost a quiet and mysterious individual. (Yeah, almost!) Now, you're driving a train and being completely open. And I agree with all you wrote about the good and the bad. It's that last line … hmmmm … well, anyway … I'll get over it! 🙂


  18. It's a rough ride sometimes, especially when you share something really personal.

    BTW – if Usain Bolt was a blogger, and a friend of mine, and commented here as fast as he runs…you'd still beat him XD


  19. You are so right about the good and the bad, especially the comments. I did my Vlog yesterday and because of BlogHer my comments were kind of low earlier in the day. Thankfully, they did pick up, but I was a bit self conscious, thinking that i did or said something wrong there. Thank you though as always for linking up and we are almost at Saturday and 10 Thankful Things!! 🙂


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