TToT: Meet the Co-Hosts 2

Last week we enjoyed getting to know a little more about our newest co-host, Kristi, who shall henceforth (and totally without her permission (sorry ’bout that)) be known as ‘K2’, because ‘Kristi who’s newer than old Kristi but older than old Kristi’ was way too much of a mouthful and sounded like something Terry Pratchett might’ve come up with.

This week, onto our sage, our paragon of thought, our coach, our guide and all round Y-Chromo type: Clark

Who are you? 
I am the creator of the Wakefield Doctrine and the chief writer of the Wakefield Doctrine blog.

Where are you? 

I was born in Oak Bluffs, MA (a small town on Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the southern coast of Cape Cod), the majority of my life has been spent in southern New England.

Describe your family.  

Phyllis (my wife), who is a roger with a secondary clarklike aspect and Una, a Chodsky pes (said to be the cursor breed of the German Shepherd, there are no breeders outside of the Czech Republic.) We are a pack of three.

Why do you blog? 

To make the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine available to as wide an audience/Readership as is possible. I believe that the unique perspective that the Doctrine offers can be a beneficial thing in a person’s life. Plus it is fun. And I get to meet and interact with a range and variety of people that simply would not be possible any other way. Forget the obvious geographical hurdles, through writing Posts, reading Comments, replying to Comments I have come to know many people. The overall effect of this is my life is enhanced.  (Plus we have Wakefield Doctrine tee shirts…wandering the earth leaving a wake of raised eyebrows!)

What do you like about the Ten Things of Thankful hop

As most people know, writing a blog can become an all-consuming in terms of the hours in our days. Although most of us are social (to varying degrees) and recognise that the best way to promote our blogs is by reading ‘other people’s blogs’, we all too often find that we just do not have the time. A bloghop, is a way to combine writing a Post and socializing with other blog writers. The TTofT has the genius touch of being a 2 day blog*, over the weekend. This is brilliant. The reason I say that is that it is common knowledge that ‘nothing happens in the blogosphere on the weekend’, which means that most people don’t publish new Posts on the weekend (they don’t want to waste new content if there is no one to read it).

As is often seen, common knowledge can be incorrect. There are plenty of writers and readers looking for something to read (or write) on weekends, but most of them do not have the courage that the founder, Considerer, had. From the very first weekend, there has been a very strong response, to this bloghop both from Readers and writers. Very cool.
What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in life? 

Simply to continue to apply the principles of the Wakefield Doctrine in my life on a daily basis. The time-honoured practice of the inventor trying out the invention/cure for the dreaded disease on himself/herself before expecting others to do so, may be somewhat of a cliché, but it is the approach I have been chosen. Taking into account my personality before this effort began, nearly everything I do in connection with the Wakefield Doctrine is a huge challenge….a challenge that has been rewarding at every turn. From my perspective, it has been an unalloyed success from the very start.

Which people inspire you? 

I immediately think of Ola, our first dog, in response to this question.  (One of the definitions of the word ‘inspire’ is: “…to exert an animating, enlivening, or exalting influence on” )
Most of us think of the concept of being inspired, or gaining inspiration as something that causes us to act differently or to think differently or to know new things or have enhanced skill. I would suggest, after reading up on the Wakefield Doctrine (with particular attention to the characteristics of the clark personality type), that you consider ‘how a person relates themselves to the world around them’ as the evidence of inspiration. Ola was a source of inspiration in that she brought a new life out  in a part of me (that the Doctrine would say was, ‘my rogerian aspect’) that was rather…under-utilized.

What achievement are you working towards? 

It would make me totally smile to be somewhere and overhear a total stranger (passing by on the street or maybe on TV that is blasting out at the public as I pump my gas or buy my coffee, or perhaps sitting in an airline terminal), say something that derives from the Wakefield Doctrine ( “…he is such a roger’  or maybe someone admonishing a child or a friend,   “…you know, you often make your life more difficult than it needs to be, you don’t always have be so much a clark”, or even, “yeah, we’ve been friends for a lifetime, I never get over how much energy he has or how often he embarrasses me…what a frickin scott”) How would you most like to inspire others? 

To help people understand and use the Wakefield Doctrine as a tool, as an additional perspective, a way to look at a situation, at people, at themselves…in a way that allows them to better understand. As my answer to Question 7 alludes to, the Wakefield Doctrine is about “how people relate themselves to the world around them”
If by using the unique perspective that the Doctrine makes available, you can better understand the other person (or yourself!) then I will have been successful.

Tell me something utterly frivolous about you… 

I get a pleasure from digging holes. A deep abiding, fundamental good feeling…not the extreme highs and lows of passion as occurs in love and sex, it’s more the feeling of satisfaction, as when as watching a child sleep after a long day…a feeling of rightness.

…I’m serious. It is also lesson in the incredible influence and power of a mother’s words to her child. I’ll tell the story in a Post sometime.

* most blog hops give an ‘open for contribution’ period of, like a week, but most people will focus on the first day and then move on to the next blog(Post) the next day

Clark, I can only appreciate the wonder of the Wakefield Doctrine. For anyone new to it, *do* go and check it out. It’s uncannily, eerily accurate, and easy (for some) to pick up, understand and play with for a while. The point is to best understand your own character, the different ways you respond to external stimuli (under the guise of a clark (thinker), roger (feel-er) or scott (act-er)) and maximise your ability to be analytical about your response in any given situation, thereby tailoring your behaviour to best fit.

See you on Saturday for Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful



28 thoughts on “TToT: Meet the Co-Hosts 2

  1. Great interview Clark 🙂 I'm glad Una impacts you so much, and sounds like it almost “forces” you to tap into some other worldview aspects (roger).

    I think it would be crazy sweet to hear people randomly talking about the Wakefield Doctrine while out and about (or even more so traveling). Is that possibly the indication “I've made it” do you think?

    I didn't have time to read the “digging holes” story, but wll try to come back soon. I have yet to do a lot of commenting/reading and eventually writing. Cutting it close!

    I'm glad the new co-host likes K2 🙂 It's pretty spiffy!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  2. The Roger part only came into play because I'm a snuggler by nature…and whatever…yes. I want the homemaker question, although I am not a homemaker and even when I stayed at home with my son, I was not a homemaker (my husband does all the laundry – further that I'm a Clark I suppose)….YES I WANT TO HEAR IT.


  3. I agree with willow. While I've studied the Wakefield Doctrine I don't quite understand it. so I've been to their site but I haven't commented yet. So this was a really great introduction.


  4. Kristi

    nah, I suspecting a clark there, not a roger. 2reasons: a) you got the Doctrine totally quick, 2) you have a tee short that clearly says 'clark' on it (yeah, the other moms at the country club must be all over that one, c) your writing in clever, creative and insightful without a giant 'hey look at me' sign on it.

    on the issue of parents and children…still a relatively under-understood area, I know of families where everyone….I mean *everyone* is a roger, and then I know of families with more normal distribution of worldviews… lol

    Hey! you want a test for rogerian homemaker? I have one single question, of the 'do you find this: reasonable or insane variety let me know if you want to hear it


  5. Another notch in the WD bedpost for being right on the money for you then 😉

    (SO not how I had you pegged*. Fascinating!)

    *Not that the WD is for me to 'peg' anyone, as it's all about how each individual relates themself to the world around them.


  6. …you know, the Doctrine has a saying about clarks,
    “they hate being the center of attention and will not tolerate being ignored'.
    That occurs to me as I (re)read this Post, especially that little 'tease' line about digging holes.

    Here's the story:

    I've always derived an inordinate amount of pleasure from digging holes. Let me expand that to, 'using a shovel', because this pleasure is generalized enough to include not only digging holes, and turning soil for a garden, but also shoveling snow. (We have a very long driveway, but in the winter, and despite hating the cold, I look forward to getting out and clearing the driveway.)

    It's hard to explain (this) feeling of pleasure, other than to say, I get something out of every aspect of using a shovel. Once the decision to dig up the garden (or shovel the snow) is made, I begin, in my mind, to anticipate the process, visualizing each step as they must unfold, where I would start, what the best approach would be, where to pile the dirt (or the snow). I not only look forward to digging, I look forward to digging …better than I have ever done it before.
    Like the near carnal anticipation of a lover's encounter, my mind touches on the activities to come, to prepare myself, all the while increasing the sense of pleasure soon to be a reality.
    You know, like anyone would…

    So, after a lifetime of this, I decided to figure why there is some much pleasure in using a shovel.

    A few years ago, (just before I began writing the Wakefield Doctrine blog), I decided to try a 'recollection technique' that Carlos Castaneda wrote about, which entails trying to re-live ome's life backwards…starting in the present day, remembering the previous day and so on… a day (or a week or a month) at a time.
    Interesting process.

    (One of the things I recounted/remembered) was being five years old (or so) and asking my mother about work. Not an uncommon topic for children of this age, I suspect. I may have been asking her about what a friend's father did for a living or what she thought I should do 'when I grew up'.

    What she said, (and I can hear her voice, hell, I can picture the scene: me sitting at the dining table doing homework as she prepared dinner, we lived in a ranch style house, where the kitchen and the dining area were open to each other, no one else was around at the time of this conversation, just me and her and Nema, our dog… a German Shepherd), was this: “Clark, it doesn't matter what you end up doing for a living, as long as it's honest work. You can do anything, even dig ditches and if it's honest work, and you're happy doing it, then I will be proud of you.”

    Call me naive, or un-sophisticated about parenting* …a simple statement, in a conversation that she may not have given a second thought to, and the path of my entire life (at least one aspect of it) is permanently shaped. Incredible.
    (…and, not long after this insight, I found myself thinking, “oh man! why not, “you know, clark, even if you are filthy rich and irresistible to women, I will still be proud of you' lol )

    * our family here, has always been a 'pack of three', Phyllis, myself and an 'only dog'.


  7. Clark me mate! This was perfectly brilliant. And perhaps it is my gigantic insecurities and the fact that my mother was a class A asshole but I've felt SO confident that I have been a Clark with a second Scott…for so long…but then, I read this and I wonder if I am, at heart a Roger who learned to become a Clark because I was sick of the Clarks not getting me. Scott is always there, but underneath, mostly. I love this. And you guys.


  8. I loved this interview, how full and in depth it goes. I haven't read The Wakefield Doctrine and I am going to immediately check this out. Feel like I'm missing out on something important. Thank you both for the time and effort. 🙂


  9. Ahhh but you will, Grasshopper!

    Commenting works best over at WD because Clark tends to then explain whatever-it-is in a much more understandable way (certainly works for me when he dumbs it down a little, y'know?)


  10. It was a good one, wasn't it?

    Any time 🙂 BUT I've been trying to work this one out – as I am the Original, but also a co-host, does that make me a host, a co-host or what? It's a conundrum.


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