TToT 7:2 (not) doing it by halves

This week, the completely wonderful Heather, from The Destiny Manifest, tagged me to play a little game called ‘Five Things About Me – Old School Blogging’

Now I know very little about ‘Old School Blogging’ (enough to know that if you want it to be truly retro, it has to be spelled ‘Skool’) but I can tell you five things about me, and I DO like Heather. I have no recollection of how I stumbled accross her blog, but I adore it – her posts are often very insightful, very beautiful, funny, and sometimes heartbreakingly sad. She and I have bonded over events in our lives, and are on our way to becoming good bloggy friends.

So I thought that I could do this Ten Things by halves, and answer the fives from the tag, and then add five ‘proper’ Things of Thankful at the end.

Without further ado, a rather indulgent and narcissistic ‘Five Things of Me’

Five things I have a passion for
  1. Books, as anyone who’s been here during the new bookshelf saga will know. I adore books. I breathe reading. Words are my crutch, my comfort, my escape, my pleasure and my challenge. I love to learn. I love to think new thoughts. I love to read any time I can. I sometimes even dream in words!
  2. Writing. A bit of a spin-off from books, perhaps, but I love writing as a vehicle for conveying thoughts, for sharing information, for Making You Feel!
  3. Blogging. Okay, now I’m cheating a little (only not really) because yes, ‘blogging’ should be a sub-category in ‘writing’ but it’s so special and unique it deserves its own place. I love the connections I can make with other people. I love reading about their worlds. I love getting to know the people behind the blogs. I adore developing conversations in comment sections. I love finding people scattered across the world who are in some way MY people, with whom I connect as well (but in a different way) as any in Real Life.
  4. Adoption. Long before Husby and I discovered we are unlikely to have biological children, we decided that we would adopt at least one child. I have a real heart for these children in the care system and fervently hope that one day I can be matched with one and offer them the home and family they’ve been denied thus far. 
  5. Poverty and homelessness. These things really cut me up because I feel that NOTHING separates most wealthy people from most poor people but a serendipitous accident of birth. Read more about my feelings (at length) on ‘Taking advantage or taken for granted‘ – a post which probably caused the most controversy of all that I’ve written so far.
Five things I would like to do before I die
  1. I *would* like to write a book
  2. I would like to be a mother
  3. I would like to be a little, ugly old lady, walking down the street with her ugly, little old Husby, still holding hands. I saw this once, and it was so touching, and such an inspiration.
  4. I would like to climb to the top of a mountain. Not necessarily a huge, enormous one, but one over 1000ft.
  5. I would like to own my abode (even with a mortgage)
Five things I say a lot

  1.  “Awesome”
  2. “Rightio”
  3. “I think…”
  4. “It’ll be alright in the end”
  5. “These things happen”
Five books/magazines I’ve read lately
Five Favourite movies

  1. Flight of the Navigator
  2. Gone in 60 Seconds
  3. The Secret Garden
  4. Hairspray
  5. Fast and Furious 
Five places I would love to travel

  1. Corfu – to see where Gerald Durrell grew up
  2. The Yellow Mountains of China
  3. Mauritius, because I read an account where there were “no less than five rainbows looped across the mountains”, which sounds incredible
  4. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, because it’s AMAZING  (and I want to convince them to let me have a go in Alvin)
  5. Indiana – I have a lawn there to cut.
Five people I invite to do this meme
  1. Shanique, from Adventure of a Willow Wimp
  2. Terrye from The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan
  3. Denise from Girlie on the Edge
  4. Dyanne from I Want Backsies
  5. Mrs Random from Mrs Always Random and Usually Shallow

(I didn’t realise that this is an *actual* thing, so if you’re doing it, please go here and link up)

ONWARDS! My Five Things of Thankful

1. I’m thankful for my baby sister’s baking skills. She made EPIC cakes for my beach birthday picnic today. There were plenty to go round and everyone loved them. They were SO pretty. Not to mention that she was such a darling to make time to bake them for me.

2. For the *perfect* picnic spot on top of a grassy cliff, under tall, shade-casting pine trees, overlooking the sparkling sea, under the widest and most perfect upturn of blue sky you ever did see. And masses of that sunshiney stuff tempered with a trickling and refreshing sea breeze.

3. For my wonderful Cinema Friend, who was charged with taking the official photos on his iPhone (with fancy switch-a-roo camera which can take photos in both directions, who did a grand job, but also got a number of candid shots of me, not least this one, where he pretended I should look at *something* on his phone, then snapped this.

4. Music. In particular, this weekend, discovering that a song I’d heard on my favourite radio station and *loved* was by the Beatles, which is weird, being a die-hard Beach Boys fan. I guess I can adapt.

5. Water. Again. I do like  my water, and am so grateful that I live in a place where there’s such an abundance of it, in clean, clear, disease-free amounts. And that my best friend decided to have an impromptu water fight with me at my picnic. And I lost (really badly) and got totally soaked and had to stand in the sun to dry for an hour. It was so refreshing and fun (and gave her the opportunity to crow a little bit about getting one over on me, and also to nickname me ‘Lucy Leather’ for all the rays I was trying to catch – her comment “When you’re 40, you’re gonna look about 80, you Lucy Leather” and it stuck. So now I sound like a dominatrix. Thanks bestie xXx)



Last week I attempted to hold a raffle. It fell *totally* flat on its face because I hid it too subtly in the ‘spiel’ at the beginning of the post. So this time a heads up.

I’m going to hold a raffle next week.

The winner will get a button for their blog made by the lovely Elizabeth from Rocks No Salt Mommy, because I’ve seen her buttons (she’s going to be making me a couple) and they’re gorgeous.

Further details next week.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


42 thoughts on “TToT 7:2 (not) doing it by halves

  1. You did indeed play the raffle. You didn't win :p I'll make the next one clearer and you can certainly enter.

    I do know about button frustration.

    Pics are around – friend me on facebook and you can see them 😛 There's a great one of my friend licking my face after I lost the fight.

    The questionnaire is only for co-hosts, dinny worry.

    lol I bet your guess is right. But I don't care because I've found the PERFECT vehicle to cut it in –


  2. The cupcakes were awesome.

    The lawn in Indiana belongs to a dear bloggy friend; Christine (over at We got talking a while ago over comments and read each others backlogs of posts (I read hers because she's a hysterical, very honest, very wonderful writer with a wealth of stories from her husband, 6 kids and hobby farm (if the sound of a pig rodeo or photos of her face-down on the table sleeping in the new kitchen sound appealing you should SO go over there) and she read mine because she probably had nothing better to do, what with having such a simple, straightforward life and all) and we fell in friendship.

    We live very far apart but she once offered to let me mow her lawn. I agreed so she'd let me come and meet her, and I aim to try to stick to it one day 😀


  3. Oh my fucken nuts, I just commented above to a comment and forgot I had this all filled out and was skimming some… GAH!

    I will attempt to recall… I'm old and this was a full 5 minutes ago.

    Wait a sec, didn't I play the raffle?! I'm pretty sure I did! I wins! Yeah, it was kind of situated bad I think. I will try to keep a look out for the next, because I'd love me some buttons! I can't seem to make them worth a damn.

    I thought I'd be able to use my new header as a button of sorts… yeah no… jut highlights like half of one of the “C”s lol

    Sounds like you had a great time at the picnic and that is awesome. Those cupcakes look so good and I really want one.

    Also, instead of watermelon I wish your friend had snapped a pic while trying to eat one of those instead. Or one during the water fight! (pics or it didn't happen, Dyanne would agree!)

    I like the questionnaire, but am secretly thankful I wasn't selected (this may make next weeks TToT >.> What?! I've commitment issues!)

    I haven't really heard any of those places you wish to travel to, except Indiana and I've a guess who you know there lol The grass is a trap, it's about a foot and a half high!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  4. I've habit of newest to old >.< though I think I almost read that piece first. Glad I hadn't (but it sounds like the tags are at the top now, if this is the piece referenced about feelings).


  5. Whatever a raffle is, I might participate if I get it figured out.

    LOLed about the picture of you with the water melon. However, I did not laugh over you but with you! 😉 Very funny!


  6. I'm behind in my blog reading, and to complicate things more, I am reading newest to oldest, which I never do. For that reason, as I was reading this and seeing the sweet things you said about growing old with your husby, all I could think about was that I was FURIOUS with him for being such an ass to you over the shoes. AND I REALIZE IT WAS FICTION. That just shows how real your story was.


  7. Yeah I guess I'm a pretty brazen twerp 😉 Anyone who knows me knows it and they might as well have a pic to giggle at 🙂

    Yes we do! My current options are walking, cycling, swimming or driving.

    This needs careful consideration.


  8. Bolder because you POSTED it for all the world to see…I would hit “delete” and that would be the end of it. People already know I'm a twerp…I don't need a photo to prove it further.

    And oh you're so sweet. We'll have to figure out how to get you to Indiana now…


  9. Ha! I hope you don't come to resent your role as interpreter/message relayer. 🙂

    WonderAunty, you are welcome any day, any time. The porch is always open.

    I love that WonderAunty keeps up on us and has an opinion. It is a special thing that the internet has made possible.


  10. I would always believe you have done something you're tagged to do (and you come up in my blog feed anyways, so I'd knoooooowwwww!)

    My friend is *so* hilarious! He does make me laugh. If ever anyone wanted a collection of images of me looking like a complete twerp, he's the go-to guy!

    (bolder how?)

    Well, as they say, it's not the place; it's the people. And you would be a delightful added bonus now that I know you live so close by to her 😀

    It would be glorious and I would be honoured if you'd join us 🙂


  11. Hey…thanks so much for the tag…just so you see, I did participate! 🙂

    Love the picture your friend took, BTW…you are bolder than I! 🙂

    And Indiana? Really? I mean I like it, but really? Out of ALL the places in the world…if you want to meet me and Christine, we can all meet someplace neutral… 😉 I'm certain it's more about her than me, which is totally fine. She's way more entertaining than I am!


  12. Why thank you so much Girlie 🙂

    They totally were – I can't say it enough. And my sister's commissionable, for anyone local (if she feels like it, y'know)

    Funfetti candy sounds AMAZING! We don't get it here. I'm gonna have to look it up!

    There's a totally allowable turn-around. I give you three days. *po-faced*


  13. “Reporting to you from WonderAunty HQ with a very special, possibly (though not necessarily) one-off message. Commencing:

    'WonderAunty would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to come for lemonade and cupcakes on the porch. What date, what time?!!!'

    And also…

    'WonderAunty thinks you are lovely (and all the bloggy friends) and it gives her a warm glow to see the friendship between you all, and all the meaningful things you share.”

    This is Considerer, reporting from WonderAunty HQ – over and out”


  14. Very nice post today:) An impressive combination of your own unique weekend posting of the TToT and Heather's 5 Things. Before I get to that…..I agree with everyone else. The birthday cupcakes do look amazing! Makes me want to run right out and….. go to a bakery. LOL
    I can handle baking a regular cake and sprinkling the funfetti candy provided by the Pillsbury folks. That's the extent of my baking talents.
    Now, to that tagging thing. Yikes! Last time I got tagged I was so slow with my post, it was too late! Hopefully there's an allowable turnaround time for lollygagging blog writers such as myself 😀


  15. Thank goodness at least one person will be in the raffle!

    I will do my utmost to bring them!

    And I reckon I did my list in reverse order of 'want' – I was totally hesitant about including it because it's a less…'generic' thing to include. More, er, important on a different level.


    Tongue tied (or the typing equiv)

    Glad you love it 🙂


  16. It's quite good…to be perfectly honest I'm struggling with it. I think my brain is not built in a physics shape, which is disappointing, so I'm reading a chapter here and there, sporadically. It's been 'on the go' for about 2 months now. And for someone who can devour a good book in a day, that's rather shameful!

    Hope you like the book though, if you get it.

    (and heck, if you fancy it, do the meme too – I'm all about breaking the rules when they're silly – join right on in – I hereby nominate you)


  17. Of all the places in the world, I LOVE that you put Indiana on the list. Not just LOVE, but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. When you do finally get here, and after you mow the lawn, we will have some seriously super fun! (Don't forget. Mom and WonderAunty must come, too! And if you can't bring your sister's cupcakes on the plane, bring her, too.)

    Yay free buttons! Can't wait for that raffle!


  18. I saw the Guardians reviewof how to teach quantum physics to your dog and I wanted to buy it then so I guess I'll have to go back and get it now. I love this 5 meme thing.!


  19. Wow! Thanks for the book recommendation – it sounds awesome. I may have to see if I can find it in the library.

    There are bound to be smaller mountains closer than Africa. I may have to travel some distance (as England's not famed for its mountains) but I know there are plenty in Ireland and Wales which aren't too far away.

    Thanks for this comment – you rock 🙂


  20. I just finished reading this book called “My Year with Eleanor”, about this woman from New York City who committed to a whole year of doing things that scared her. One of her major goals was to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, and she did it! When you wrote you wanted to climb a mountain, it immediately reminded me of this because I was so inspired by this book that now I want to try and climb one too. Now, I don't think I could immediately climb Kilimanjaro, especially since, you know, it's in AFRICA, but a small one would be good.


  21. Hi Rachel, thanks for stopping by 🙂

    I really hope that one day we're allowed to adopt. I think it might be something to work on next year, the way things are now.

    'Working' is right – we're not there yet! (are any of us?)

    Nice to meet a fellow user of 'awesome'. That's awesome!

    And the cakes were indeed quite incredible 🙂


  22. Those cupcakes are incredible! I could see why you'd be thankful for them! I think it's so “awesome” (yes, I use that word a lot too) that you are thinking of adopting. I read your piece at Katia's blog, and I love how you are working to turn a really painful situation into a beautiful one. So many wonderful kids are in need of a loving home. Yours would be one.


  23. 😉 It's not compulsory, but I did rather think that if you were to answer yours in your usual style (which I kinda think of as on the often hilariously sarcastic side – case in point – 7 things to not take on vacation) then your list would be a real hoot 😉


  24. Oh that's awesome! We only just managed to snag Linda's list this week 🙂 Great to have you here and joining in 🙂

    I guess (since I'm in a rule-breaky kind of mood, I could go right ahead and tag you as well – go for it 🙂 You're it!


  25. Oh bless you Heather! How nice to have too many things to pick from. I'm glad you're finding the exercise to be a good one. It's not just the picking of the Ten, is it – it's the justification as to why they're being included which also has bearing.


  26. I love your answers! The cupcakes are AH-mazing… send me one? 😉

    I'm working on my 10 things. Why is this hard for me? I have so many good things in my life, but I find it difficult to pick them out and list them, so this is a good exercise for me. 🙂


  27. Hehe thanks. Looking forward to yours. I saw you'd been tagged already – it's gonna be an interesting week with all these people doing the tag game.

    They were SO good. My Sis is an awesome baker


  28. Oh I loved your answers to the Old School blogging and I too got tagged by Heather and sharing mine later this week. And those cupcakes, seriously looked so yummy. You do have mad baking skills!! 🙂


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