Ten Things of Thankful #7

This week has been incredible for so many reasons. And I’m limited to ten of them! It’s simply not fair, but I shouldn’t gripe, for I’m the one who made the rules here (who’m I kidding? I’m totally gonna blow it tonight, but for good reason – you’ll see)

Yes, folks; it’s official. Today I got the paperwork through email* and responded, officially accepting their conditional offer. Conditional on my proving my identity and passing a criminal records check. All absolutely no bother (no matter what else you might hear to the contrary) and to boot, I had an absolutely wonderful interview with lovely people who I’m going to work with.

*saying I got paperwork through email sounds weird. But I don’t know how else to put it.

From Mum and WonderAunty as a celebration of the job. So I held the flowers nicely and behaved myself for a photo, and then wore the card as a hat.

Kristi. Now known as ‘New Kristi’, to differentiate her from ‘Old Kristi‘, though she reckons she may be older than ‘Old Kristi’, which I guess makes her ‘LessNew Kristi’. Or something. Anyway, she blogs over at Thankful Me, and absolutely has a passion for things which help a person to focus on the good in their life, and the things they are grateful for. She’s been a staunch and loyal participant and I’m THRILLED to have her aboard our little gang.

She was also the most eager to participate in a new little venture I’ve got going, of profiling the co-hosts** with Ten Things of Co-Hosts, which will happen on a Thursday. She gets Ten of my very special Awesome Points for being first. Next week, Clark’s up.

** I’ve sweetened the deal for them though – once they’re all done with their profiles, they each get to create three questions for me. Anything at all. They’re *loving* that idea. And if you want to submit your questions, it’s really very simple – become a co-host of Ten Things. I’m even thinking I might make some temporary co-host positions, so if you don’t want to commit to it forever, you could do a month or so…let me know what you think.

This time, over at Katia’s blog. Again, on the topic of infertility and miscarriage, but this time sharing more of a potted history of my own story. It was hard to write, but I’m hugely pleased to look back on it (I wrote it a few months ago) because I can really see how far I’ve come and the changes for good which have been wrought in me. Doesn’t mean I’m not sad or mourning still, but it means I’m not panicking, anxious, and feeling as though I’ve been dropped off a cliff.

At some point I may turn into an infertility bore, but I really want to get the message out there for the sake of women like me, who (if they’re anything like I was) need to see other people’s stories, to track them through the timeline from loss to grief to healing, and know that there *is* another side to come out of. And yes, everything looks slightly different through the ‘Can’t Have Kids’ glasses, but actually, there is still goodness and laughter and love and happiness. I promise.

It was touch and go, because the water quality still wasn’t *quite* as perfect as I’d like, if I’m honest, but I put some stuff in which will protect the fish from any dodginess, and gave them another water change today. Niece and Neff sat for the half hour, helping me set the timer for every five minutes, so that I could add more water to the bag they came in from the shop and acclimatise them slowly. They’re now happily (well, ish, they’re still kinda shy and hiding behind stuff) flitting around the tank, exploring and enjoying each other’s company.

Seems kinda mean on the face of it, but this was an ex-parent of children who I worked with at the nursery (my old job) and not a family I got on well with. Nor did anyone, really. The kids were sweet enough, but we were never grouped together so I didn’t bond with them. Leaving a friend’s house last night with my Oldest Work Buddy, SusieQ, who should happen down the street but this family! They called to SusieQ and started talking to her. Fortunately, EmmaExplorer was driving me home and I RAN down the road and into the car *so* quickly.

I later had a text from SusieQ saying “I saw you! Well done for legging it!!!”

Too right!

(Up to and including post all my Things with loud, obnoxious capitals)
Today I am gathering my friends to the beach, where we will picnic, paddle, playpark and possibly ice-cream it up. There will be no mishaps. All will be fun and celebrations and glitterbombs.

My Sis is a master-baker. Seriously. I cannot even begin to compete (though I think I have the edge on her with cooking other stuff) and she’s made GORGEOUS cupcakes for the picnic (saves that panic moment where someone gets out the big birthday cake and all the guests shout and cheer and then no-one has a knife to cut the thing). BUT (and this is very sweet) her lovely chap decorated one especially for me, which is awesome, and also LOOK AT IT!

Mine! All MINE! My preciousss*

*whaddya mean I should share on my birthday? Get away with you!

It’s cheap and meant to be fab. Which is great, cos I can’t find my old one since that time I went camping and fell into the river, drunk! It may be in the river (doubtful) or it may turn up in ten years when I finally get round to finishing the unpacking after the house move (more likely).

I was so busy blogging on Thursday that I clean forgot to go and pick up Niece from nursery. I was only ten minutes late, but they were ten stressful minutes (also got stuck behind a bin lorry on the way there *augh!*) and she was quite literally the very last baby in the baby shop. But she gave me a massive smile and ran straight into my arms for a hug.

I posted my tale of idiocy and woe on the Considerings Facebook Page (2 likes til I hit 100, FYI) and received ample placation from various bods who were quite prepared to accept that I’d done this.

I sat smugly and carried on blogging (and snuggling with Niece, while she watched Curious George. I actually stopped blogging for that, because I bet it won’t be that many years before she’s *far* too grown up to snuggle on the couch with her Aunty Lizzi) and was quite pleased that my transgression wasn’t so big after all.

Until I also forgot to go and get Neff from school.

Later that same day.

Sis was very good about it though.

I started a new creative writing thing and in spite of having a link to my spiffy new page, clear on the bottom of the post (and later, at the top) the wool was truly pulled over people’s eyes. For which I apologised yesterday, because it was quite a difficult emotion which I portrayed, and tapped into a lot of people’s own fears. However, on the front of my testing the waters to see whether I was any good (albeit brief) at stretching my creative muscles, it went really, really well and I’m psyched about it.

My birthday present from Mum and WonderAunty. They’re gorgeous. At least as gorgeous as the cake. And I get to keep them rather than eat them, so YAY!

Despite what certain, pessimistic bods might say, the world is NOT going to look like the below for a long, long time. It just isn’t, k? I’ve been far too busy reveling in 30+ temperatures and loving every second of it. Because it’s not only Not Cold, it’s Gorgeously Hot!

14. I’M DONE!

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts


66 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #7

  1. I will do. So far Kristi (who shall henceforth be known as 'K2', to distinguish her from 'old Kristi' (without calling 'old Kristi' old)) is the only one, but it's Clark next 😀

    Delousing powder and jet wash all ready to go 😉


  2. Cake would be wonderful! Sound like a plan 🙂

    I need to scope out the other posts and the profiling/interviewing posts. Sounds interesting. They have no idea what they've signed up for! Muahahahaha! Make sure to delouse them good!


  3. Today Jak – thanks 🙂 The cakes were awesome. If we ever meet, we shall go for cake.

    We certainly were getting restless waiting for fish – a week seemed like a very long wait and a fortnight was worse!

    I've got 7 co-hosts – they're each gonna get profiled.

    Thanks for the kudos and the slightly barbed comment about forgiveness and my deserving of same :p

    There will be NOTHING in the background check. I am clean as a shiny new pin, thank you very much 😉


  4. Sheesh 13 things >.< 14 technically. That cupcake looked amazing, and I would have loved to have one haha I have a weakness for baked goods. Happy early-birthday! Unless “next Tue” meant “this” Tue then Happy Birthday! My timing is always off… and naturally always late to the party. Sounds like you had a great time! Maybe the second thankful list will be more party time? I'm glad you finally were able to get fish in the tank. Was everyone getting restless waiting? Co-hosts and profiling?! I have to backtrack through the week, because it seems there was already an episode. It's great you had so much to be thankful for this week 🙂 Kudos on running away and avoiding people you can't stand lol And thank goodness for forgiveness! Those lil runts had every right to get on your case 😉 Also, congrats with the job! I'm still curious if they will find some sketchiness in the background check. Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  5. They really were, Joy.

    And hey, I'm excited cos tonight I'm going to spend my last evening in my 20's drinking your recipe for Amaretto sours – *so* excited 🙂

    There were a HUGE amount of things to be thankful for last week – I suppose I should be thankful for having such a big list, too 😀


  6. Wow, what a HUGE list you had! But there were definitely many things to be thankful for in your life last week! 🙂

    I love the picture of you with the flowers, really lovely!

    Also, congrats on your new job! Woo hoo!!

    And don't get me started on those cupcakes! They look like pure delight!


  7. I don't *think* so, not yet, but even if so, then another comment's always welcome 🙂

    You like winter? Wow! I now know a few people who do, and still don't really *get* them about that one.

    The shoes are SO pretty. The flowers are now…dead 😉


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