Thank you – you just made my summer

Dear Ms Lovely Interviewer

I really enjoyed our interview on Friday, and felt it went really well. So well, in fact, that I came away confident that if I didn’t get the job, it was because there were a couple of candidates far more suitable for the positions than I. We laughed, I conveyed all the information I wanted to, and even managed to come up with some questions which showed my dedication to the cause with regard to fund-raising and awareness-raising, which you seemed to really like.

I’ve been waiting in a state of mild anxiety over the weekend, praying that the Right Thing would happen and that whether that was that I’d get the job, or that there was something better lined up in my future that I’d have peace about it. And I managed a reasonably panic-free weekend.

But today! Can you believe it. I was beginning to get butterflies about your promised call-back tomorrow if I was successful. So when the phone rang and Husby answered, I thought nothing of it. But there you were, on the other end, and you told me how much you’d enjoyed my interview, how well you thought I’d done, and…

…you offered me the job!*

I was so thrilled to accept. I’ve barely stopped grinning since. I made super-quick phonecalls to family, then had to keep an appointment with Wise Woman Lynne (who said that I’ve come a long way since she last saw me, and doesn’t think there’s any more work to be doing – I’ve got that ‘at peace’ thing going on all over the place, huh?) and it spilled over into that – my excitement and happiness at having been picked for a job I really, really wanted, just bubbled right out of me.

Then I went and, still in a haze of excitement, bought summery shoes (which I did need, but thought I’d treat myself to) and posted a special mysterious parcel to the US, happy that things were working together for Good (for once). 

Summery shoes, which, I was told conclusively by my Sis that I would not find in an open-toe, non-buckle, non-flip-flop style, and totally DID (though it was in a store she recommended)

Ms Lovely Interviewer, you can’t possibly realise how wonderful this news is, and the way it’s made me feel. Even the ice-cream sundaes Husby and I made last night don’t begin to describe how absolutely super this event is (and, in the scheme of things, fairly commonplace, after all, people get jobs every day) but life’s been tough lately, and I feel as though rays of sunshine have come beaming down out of all those dark clouds, and my little boat’s sailing into calmer waters.

It had cherries, meringue, sprinkles and sauce, and STILL wasn’t as good as hearing your news

I had something all planned for today, Ms Lovely Interviewer, and I just cannot for the life of me remember what it was – it’s as though the news you gave me (so warmly and encouragingly, saying how much you were looking forward to me being part of your team – that was really nice) has exploded in my brain like fireworks and I can’t remember anything else! Perhaps it’s ‘cos I’m a July baby, but really I think it’s just cos I’m so thrilled that this amazingly Good Thing has happened to me.

Edward Monkton’s thought for July

Since then, I’ve had a wonderful phonecall with my Dad, and caught him up on the good news, then Mum and WonderAunty popped round with a gorgeous big bunch of flowers for me and a card, which I wore for a photo (I might post it tomorrow once it’s been vetted!). I’m just so pleased to have the security of knowing I’ve a job (and not just any old job, but a trainee Diabetic Retinopather, with my own mobile clinic, using awesome tech to peer inside people’s eyes and make sure they’re not going blind from poor blood-sugar control) and that I can have the summer to garden, get sunburnt, turn 30 and spend time with Husby, Sis, Niece and Neff (especially while the kiddies are off school). You have absolutely made my day, my week and my summer. And if this turns into a fantastically awesome career (I believe it has the potential to) then you just made my life!

So, along with your good, wonderful, job-offering self, I warmly invite all my readers to share one thing which has gone really well for them lately, in an impromptu extension to yesterday’s Ten Things of Thankful hop.

My large and gorgeous bunch of ‘New Job Flowers’

So, unless your card’s all full, won’t you join me for a dance?

*I am going to be training to be a diabetic retinopather, driving around in my own mobile clinic in a big van, to take pictures of people’s retinas and submit them for grading. It’s *so* cool!

(also, results on the raffle from Saturday – of the THREE people who entered, the person who won (by picking the closest number to that which I’d pre-chosen (74, if you’re interested)) lives locally and has received her prize. She’s not a bloggy person, so it was a chocolate prize. If I do another raffle ever, I’ll make it clearer that a) I mean it, and b) let y’all know what the prize is)

So if you missed it before, there’s ONE MORE DAY TO JOIN IN 🙂

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
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51 thoughts on “Thank you – you just made my summer

  1. The sundaes were awesome. Nothing like having a cupboard full of sprinkles and cherries.

    You're right – the week did continue to improve. But thanks for the retro-congrats and best wishes 😀

    (does that make you more of a handbag kinda guy?)


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