Ten Things of Thankful #6

WELCOME Ladies and Gentlemen to this next round of Ten Things of Thankful. Number Six, if I’m not mistaken. The weather is set to gorgeous and our co-hosts are all waiting for the flag. They’re in the starting box, revving to go, here’s the flag aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they’re OFF!

It’s a great day for a race, it’s a great day to be here, and it’s a great day to be YOU so settle in, watch the participants and don’t forget that YOU can contribute and be a winner here, too!

Please find your free raffle ticket at the concessions stand.

[40 laps later]

We can see Considerer and Patch vying for second position, Christine’s looking confident, as is Joy. And Clark, who knows where he’s going, but look – it’s working – he’s pulling away from the pack. But they’ve all underestimated Kristi, who’s coming up fast, and LOOK AT HER GO!

 [28 laps later]

The last TEN now, and lookie there – they’ve all got their Ten Things neatly lined up and ready to go, it’s SO close, Ladies and Gentlemen, there’s just no way to know WHO it’s gonna be!

[9 laps later]

They’re coming round the last lap, hurtling towards the finish line, who’s it gonna be? They’re neck and neck, and they’re onto the last bend, into the final straight and its…its…JOY! WE HAVE A WINNERRRRRRRRRRR!

Though technically as Joy (at I can say Mama) is in a time zone ahead of the rest of the hosts, I should accept that she has an advantage to me (next in the time zoning, and not at all competitive, of course) and Patch and I on the rest of the crowd 😉

But anyway, TOO MANY ADOs.

It’s been a tough day and I could do with some laughs and some lightness, so PLEASE link up and share some wonderful with me.

1. I am *so* very glad that the NHS is open all hours, and you can walk in with your Husby and his severe downturn in emotional health and be SEEN and LISTENED TO and have ACTION PLANS put in place. Which for a year of going to the GP, didn’t happen. It’s a shame it’s been let to get to this stage, but HUZZAH! Progress. Triumph. And we’re still here and still soldiering on and a heap more positive.

2. I had an interview today for a trainee diabetic eye screener. I should find out on Tuesday whether I’ve been successful in bagging one of the two available positions. I really, really hope so because it looks like an awesome job. The interview went well, and I don’t feel that I messed up at all. I came away positive that if I don’t get picked, there was a MUCH better candidate.

3. As promised, I am very, hugely grateful to Deltaflute, Kristi and Jak for their most excellent recommendations regarding grammatical books for parts of speech (the learning thereof) and they may know that I’ve been able to add these to my ‘Dear Birthday Fairy’ letter.

4. I was thankful and excited and just thrilled to pieces to see one of my old favourites, the romanesco, featured on a blog post over at Melanie’s Science Sphere. I fell in love with the Fibonacci sequence not too many years ago, and when I discovered after that, that there was a vegetable which grows so precisely within its principles and that I’d been bought one and could eat it, well…I was so excited I very nearly sprained something!

5. I was thankful a while ago that when my old Youtube account was accidentally deleted (by me, in a technology *derp* moment) the animation Husby and I made was still saved on his computer. It was the end of our holiday visiting his family in Ireland, and the day before my wedding dress fitting, and that unpronounceable Icelandic volcano spewed ash all over the skies and stopped all the planes. So we called his mum back, she zoomed us through Dublin and we caught a ferry with less than a minute to spare. Then the ferry broke and we missed our connecting train. Then the next train broke and we had to catch another and another. And arrived back, shattered, starving hungry, and 10 hours later on for a journey which should have taken 2. I’d made the comic strip on my DS to while away the hours and Husby did magic on them.

6. I am thankful that my recipe for courgette cake worked so well and used up some otherwise-mighta-been-wasted veg. Get your best carrot-cake recipe and use courgette (zucchini) instead and nutmeg instead of cinnamon. You’re welcome.

7. I am ADORING the platform I have here to put stuff out there and have conversations with people. It’s really quite marvellous. Do stop a while and chat. Jump into other people’s comments. It’s fun.

8. But was very frustrating earlier this week when I got blocked/suspended halfway through last weekend’s hop and so I was hugely grateful when Clark let me guest-post at the Wakefield Doctrine, and when he subsequently figured out I’d been relegated to his (and by extrapolation, all other WordPress blogs’) spam box, and so was able to reinstate me as a commenter.

9. Tomorrow, if the water quality’s good enough, I might get my first FISHIES! So exciting. I’ll have 6 Gold Ring Danios, please!

10. I am thankful for a simple meal from the freezer, Husby’s homemade Garlic Bread Toast and Big Bang Theory as a wonderful distraction from the challenges of the day.

And breathe.

And link up with us 🙂

And tell me your raffle ticket number. Closest to the one I’ve picked now wins a mystery prize (this time not just Awesome Points).

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts

39 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #6

  1. Ouch! I wondered whether it was something like that! Well done you for making it happen though – I'm sure your effort on the presentation will prove worthwhile.

    You were lucky, is all I'm gonna say!


  2. Crap I think I was too late. Crazy week for me – spent seven hours yesterday doing a work presentation that I thought might take three. Another awesome list, Lizzi. I love the Brittish word “derp” – awesome. Here's to getting your fish tomorrow!!! I just dumped mine in. They lived. Go figure. 🙂


  3. That depends on your time zone, dear!

    The illustrations were made on the DS, the comic animation and sounds were added later by Husby, using his Macbook.

    National Health Service – free healthcare for all in the UK. Pretty widely known, yo 😉

    I've not seen it, but practice makes perfect, and think of the things you want to tell them, then figure out how to get them worked into the conversation. Go with a game plan 🙂

    I do hope so – looking forward to getting them and reading them through. I also found Eats, Shoots and Leaves in a charity shop, so now I have that too.

    You picked 7, and you are one of the few to take up the raffle offer! But I shall bear it in mind. Reckon I need to make it clearer that it's a real deal next time!


  4. Whew that sounds like an intense race! I do think that advantage is a bit much, though 🙂 I think if I were involved in the race I would finally start to hit the gas as everyone else already finished up. I'm slow like that!

    That video is awesome, and even more so being you made it on your DS? I didn't know that was even possible.

    Glad you two were able to get help when needing it. Not sure what the NHS is exactly, but sounds like it was there when needed. Hopefully things have smoothed out.

    Good luck with that interview! I am scared to death about having to interview again. I really really suck at them. Not sure if you've seen Trainspotting, but this one character (I think named Spud… been a long time) who completely ruins an interview… yeah… I may not be “that” bad… but yeah. I'm sure you did great!

    Also, glad I could be of help with the book. Hopefully they will help you out, whichever you end up being able to get.

    I'll have to check out part two and see if you got some fishies!

    Raffle number?! From what to what? What the WHAT what?! 7! I pick 7! How high can it go? 50? 500? ACK

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  5. It's the French for that vegetable (which we use commonly here in England) whereas Zucchini is the Italian, more commonly used in the US. There are a few things like that, such as cilantro, which here we know as coriander, and arugula, which we call rocket.

    Looking forward to hearing how your interjections go! Should be fun.

    Thanks for the prayers – I'll hear on Tuesday and probably (maybe) post something then, but certainly feed back in the next TToT.

    (Tweet me if you want further unusual words you can plonk into conversations and baffle people – I know a particularly good one I probably shouldn't say here…)


  6. OK…courgette?!? I have never in my life heard this word. I may start using it casually in conversation…not just when I talk about zuc (which, of course, I do so often!), but randomly interjecting it. I'll keep you posted!

    Good luck on the job…please keep us apprised of the outcome. We'll be praying! 🙂


  7. Oh, well in that case it only works from yours, cos I can't edit comments here. Or replies. Or really very much (another one in the ballot for moving host someday)

    There will be something forsure – keep seeking.

    In the meantime. Girlie over at yours – WOW! The insight.


  8. lol… you mean, I'm expected to reproduce that link thing? (no! wasn't luck, it was totally my massive intelligence and knowledge and such…)

    actually, Considerer, I think it only works from the writers blog… where you can edit and add links to Replies (to Comments) …the one I almost tried with Joy's Post…all I had was the anchor url, but it would have looked like what is was…a url…

    the ways things change around here, I'm there will be something cool to do with urls


  9. yeah… but it's what 2 am there now? (just turning 6:30pm in Wakefield)… hey, Joy you're totally invited for the next Doctrine Video Brunch… Cyndi and and Denise and I might have to get up at 6am but that should put us at early afternoon for you, no?


  10. Hey Mary – you're very welcome. I'd remove the link but honestly, I've no idea how! I'll try to figure it out for you. Thanks for re-linking.

    I'll try to post some info on the anchors when I find out more about them – this is really Clark's baby, though I have heard of them before.

    They were vegetables – related to a cauliflower. And stunning.

    I hope I do too – that would be an AMAZING Thing to share next week… fingers crossed!


  11. Great to see you here Yvonne 🙂 Glad you like the idea. It's a pretty specific angle, but I think it works well and people have been really versatile and creative about how they've made their lists. It's been amazing to see the creativity and positivity each person brings.

    I hope you like the cake. Perhaps you could share your recipe – Husby's a big fan of chocolate, and if I could hide courgette in there, so much the better 😉


  12. Hi,

    Considering thanks for letting me know. I changed it on the latest link. If you want to you can remove no.9 I don't how that happened. Thanks again, I was wondering about the anchor experiment. Do tell us how that works in a future post and link to me when it is up. I want to know too. I am so science ignorant sometimes. But the vegetables or flowers? were pretty. Will need to google that to learn more. Hope you get that job.


  13. Thank you for this link up! It's my first time here and I like what I see. I like the idea of a courgette cake, and will try your suggestion. I've got a recipe for chocolate and courgette muffins and they are great.


  14. Hah!

    A URL will take you to a specific website. An anchor tag will take you to a specific spot on that website. It's HTML magic.

    Joy, we're chatting. Might come over to yours and do it there, too 🙂


  15. anchors, is that what it's called? will try another one here (I'm sure Joy won't mind)…

    lol well, maybe she will mind I just tried a copy paste but it was just the whole url (from my Comment at 'Icansay…' ) but it looked a little, rude. so, I'll surpass on that*

    *one of the first rogerian expressions noted in the Wakefield Doctrine….


  16. yeah! no! Item #4 on my list brought me to this very Comment! (on the other hand they will need to scroll up for the rest of your Post).

    we may be on to something here, Ms. Considerer! (of course, like most things clarklike, we are galloping away from the herd… following a new and exciting idea).

    will be back

    (lets see if we can't link a comment from a comment in someone else's Post…)


  17. HA you are making it up as you go. A valid method, sir! Also, no-one's taken their free raffle ticket yet – I'll just put that out there for future readers and hoppers. Pick your number…


  18. Still writing the Doctrine 10 Ts of Tful… I find it good to take a break when I think I am about half finished*. Grateful for the chance to check out what others…. wait a minute!! Did I just say, “grateful for???

    I did!

    (I'll be right back!)


  19. I tellya, it kept me going through that 12 horrendous hours, that did! I kept adding to it as each new disaster happened!

    I KNOW. Big Bang's the Big Best thing to watch.

    And yes, thank goodness, he is!


  20. Thanks Rich. I'm doing my best to expand my capabilities as a writer in small ways, so it;s interesting to try a different style of intro each week.

    If your eyes are up to it at some point, it'd be great to have you here. It'd be awesome 🙂 We're open all weekend, if that helps 😉


  21. I am trying to think of a new way each week to introduce the hop, because why not!

    (don't tell anyone, I'm totally with you on the taste. It was not impressive. But WOW did it look amazing!)

    I did a comic strip series of pictures and Husby has a program on his macbook that let him put it into that format and add the sounds. The 'nom nom nom' sounds are actually us, recorded into his mic 😉

    Yes. Google kinda did, there's a bloke supposedly still looking into why it happened. I'll let you know if I ever hear anything else. That said, his placations might just be one big Bazinga!


  22. Nice intro!! You're extremely versatile, to say the least. I hope the job interview went well for you and you get the position. You deserve it and much more. I may join your hop soon, if my eyes allow. Right now, I'm still limited in computer time. Great job!


  23. What a cool and unique introduction! I love the idea! 🙂

    As for your list I did not know it was growing within the Fibonacci sequence! How cool! It looks awesome, doesn't it? However, I prefer broccoli or cauliflower tastewise.

    Completely in love with your youtube clip!! How did you do that?

    As you know my blog was blocked this week, too. Did google get back to you? I still wonder what happened. So annoying!

    One last thing: I am a huge Big Bang Theory fan, too!

    Lovely list! xo


  24. ah ha! That's how you do it, Janine!! you simply do not require sleep! lol

    You are one of the Comments I always 'look for' when I am out and about reading Posts and all.

    (…now if you both will excuse me…I need to stumble back to bed.)

    …hey Ruchira


  25. Ahhh my wonderful Comment Queen, have a Tiara 🙂 I am so looking forward to yours, and am quite loving this hosting thing. It gives me enormous enjoyment to read all the wonderful things going on in other people's lives and to see the sheer determination they have to find Good Things even when times are tough 🙂


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