Wonderful Wednesday

I’m hoping to link up with Cyndi over at Pictimilitude for this Wonderful Wednesday, but either she’s having as many technical issues as I am, or my technical issues are worse than I thought.

It’s been a gorgeous, sunny, warm morning again, and Husby and I cleaned the spider, the fish tank and I found my sunset rock, which I thought I’d lost.

So while I’m not (politely) trolling blogs which presume to give good conception advice and patronise the infertile, I thought I’d take some pics and share the lovely things of today.

[Update to the above – the woman who writes the blog sent me a really lovely email saying that she hadn’t thought her post through properly, apologised, and has put a note at the top of her post to the effect that the advice is not meant for those with diagnosed infertility problems. She did upset a lot of my infertile friends though, and I think it bears warning that it’s easy to mistake ‘difficult to conceive’ for ‘infertile’ when in reality the two are hugely different deals and treating the one as the other results in huge hurts.]

Newly cleaned and much prettier now
Another angle. It’s not that big in real life…as it were

This is what Spideygirl looks like when she’s sulking. She hides in her cup and pulls her legs up over her face
My awesome river rock, found in Devon – yes, that river – the one I fell into drunk
Look at those veins of colour! Amazing
My awesome ‘sunset rock’, which reminds me of the opening sequence in The Lion King


15 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday

  1. I adore cool rocks. I got more cool rocks than Jenny from the block!

    Hopefully this weekend, maybe Thursday I'll try for – check the water quality again etc.

    Lemme know 'bout your rock πŸ™‚


  2. It's amazing. I can't wait to get fish in there…maybe tomorrow or Saturday if the water quality's right πŸ™‚

    Spidey's not scary, just grouchy (wouldn't you be if you were a spider? I would be)

    Those rocks…wow! Still in awe πŸ™‚


  3. Hah we are a rare breed. I inherited her from a friend who was keeping her illicitly in his college room and got busted! Husby had always wanted a spider, so we jumped at the chance.

    I *adore* picking up rocks. And shells. And interesting bits of stick.

    (apologise, I have Niece here asking me to type 'E' for her name – 'E E E E E E E'


  4. The fish are fun, but the spider is fascinating. I can't tell you how freaked I was when I came home one day and found TWO in there…then it occurred to me – she'd shed her skin and gotten bigger πŸ™‚


  5. Oooo when you're a millionaire with your very own Wakefield Doctrine private jet, that would be such a cool thing to do. You'd be welcome to admire the aquarium and avoid the terrarium (*that's* the one) and pass me a hat (for my damn head)

    I'm hoping comments chez toi are fully functional now


  6. That sunset rock is gorgeous! I'm with Clark in that I would be much more interested in meeting the (eventual) fish than Spideygirl. I know, I'm terribly cliche and would probably like her if I gave her a chance.


  7. OK…. now I hope someday to do the Wakefield Doctrine World Tour* but if I visit, I will probably be happy to admire the fish tank, but not so much the arachnaquarium** lol

    Good Post at the Doctrine, thank you.
    I found one of your Comments in my spam folder and insisted (to the machine) that it was far from being spam.
    (you might want to try another Comment.

    *being a clark, the plan is simply to get a bunch of docTees and Wakefield Doctrine hats (for everyone's damn heads) and show up on their doorsteps, thank whoever answers the door for participating, hand them a docTee and head back to the airport.
    ** yes, I believe that is a real word!


  8. Happy Wednesday to you, too πŸ™‚

    I found it also in the river I fell in drunk…in a lovely place in Devon, where I recently went for a study tour with my college.


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