Please, don’t envy my knees

Dear little old lady
I saw you today
While cutting your grass
In my own merry way
And there when you saw me
You tilted your head
“I wish I could crouch down like that”
You then said

I know that our jealousy clouds what we sees
But please, don’t envy my knees

My knees are connected
(in sort of a way)
To heart, mind and body
And my every day
And therein lie things
That I hope you don’t know
Rough patches, troughs
And a lot of sorrow

I know that our unknowing clouds what we sees
But please, don’t envy my knees

I’d like to think of you
In your lovely house
With pictures of grandkids
A comfy old spouse
And hope that in years
When my age becomes yours
I’ll have these things too
And wish not for befores

I know that our daydreaming clouds what we sees
But please, don’t envy my knees

So, might I suggest
Be content with your lot
Don’t wish for my knees
And forget what you’ve got
Each life brings some great stuff
But too, so much pain
You’ve got your good memories
Don’t wish f’r it again

I know our unmindfulness clouds what we sees
But please, I entreat you
Please, I implore you
Please, I might beg you
Don’t envy my knees.


16 thoughts on “Please, don’t envy my knees

  1. Heheheh I can always trust that you'll like my funnies (or at least look them over and tell me how to improve). As I was writing it I was reminded of us in college, back in that corridor, having poetry competitions. Made me smile πŸ™‚


  2. It just struck me as such an odd thing to be envious of that it really stuck with me through the day.

    Counting our blessings, that's how it goes – if we spend time envious, we miss out on the good stuff we've got going on in our own lives.


  3. I loved this Lizzi and couldn't agree more then sometimes the grass does truly look greener on the other side, but thanks for the gentle reminder here that it really isn't. And loved how you used your knees of all things to make this point!!


  4. Thank you, but all I'm doing is passing on my own learning – it is in sharing our knowledge and engaging with one another that we grow. And it's great that here on the blogosphere we can 'grow' one another.

    I am guilty of this too, many times. Sometimes many times an hour. I need the reminder as much as anyone.


  5. Hah. I can certainly send you the e-equivalent of a postcard from the childless.

    I am quite convinced as time goes by that we are all staring across at the greener grass on the 'other side' of a Mobius strip.


  6. Fabulous knees πŸ˜›

    I get it and I love it. And I'm guilty.. So so guilty. But I'm learning too – to appreciate everything that i am and everything that I am not.

    I love how you teach worthwhile things in roundabout ways.


  7. I love this, Lizzi! Really love this… and it speaks to me all the more because I have really bad knees and I have been guilty of saying “I wish I could walk/run/crouch/jump/bend like that, but my knees…”. This is an excellent reminder to focus on what we do have, instead of what we do not. Thank you!


  8. Oh, I love it!! I so wondered what's behind this title, and it's beautiful. How comes the grass is always greener on the other side? Yes, I do sometimes envy my child-less friends and colleagues of their ability to be sponaneous, to travel as they please. But then again, I wouldn't trade the little ones for anything. So all I ask for are postcards!


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