TToT #5 Round 2

Welcome to the slow hop.

The relax-into-it-and-have-a-chat hop.

The more-like-a-long-bath-than-a-shower hop.

It’s Sunday and it’s round two (for me) of Ten Things of Thankful the fifth.

I thought I’d begin by showing you a wee map of just how gorgeously global this hop is. The dots indicate the active hosts. Think there’s room for more? Applications on a postcard, please.

First make sure the tub’s nice and clean, maybe give it a bit of a rinse and a wipe-round before you start

1. The sleepover went really well and Niece and Neff behaved brilliantly. There were no meltdowns and even though they got up shortly after 6, they were happy to play quietly and only need to talk to me about 15 times between them before 7.30 when I got up properly

Put in the plug and turn on the taps, making sure there’s plenty of hot water.

2. Husby took Niece and Neff to the park for half an hour after breakfast so that I could have 30 minutes to myself, giving me time to get dressed and ready alone, and check in here to see how the hop had been growing overnight. It grew well, people 🙂

Slooooowly drizzle bubble bath into the stream of running water and watch the foam begin to form

3. I got to have last night’s delicious pizza again for lunch (loving the whole ‘leftovers’ deal, in a household where normally enough food is cooked for those consuming it to consume. We just don’t ‘do’ waste (except at the moment when I cannot figure out how to stop bread from going mouldy *very* quickly in the heat))

Rush out and throw various items of apparel at any horizontal space (preferably without an audience) and grab a towel

4. We went to the beach this afternoon. Niece, Neff and I paddled in the sea, played in the warm sand, found beautiful shells and ate ice lollies. We played ‘tag’ on the playpark and thoroughly enjoyed each others’ company.

Wrap yourself in a snuggly dressing gown 

5. Niece showed some lovely manners on the way home; she asked me to turn the music down so I could hear her, then said “Thank you for taking us to the beach”. What a sweetie. It warmed the cockles of my heart.

Locate your favourite book and bring it to the bathroom along with a small, bathside table

6. I went to water the garden at Mum’s, and not only had WonderAunty managed to obtain a hose, making this SO verymuch easier than with watering cans, but I got to spend a lovely time looking at the flowers as I watered

Fetch a glass of your favourite wine or a mug of tea or coffee (no, no other drinks are acceptable for a bath. Unless you wanna really rock out with a cocktail)

7. Whilst watering, I noticed a blackbird behaving rather furtively, skipping around in a section of passion-fruit vine on the wall. I then saw the tiny gape of a baby bird in a nest. Closer inspection by WonderAunty and I led to some gorgeous photos

Gather assorted candles/relaxing music as desired and set them out

8. I also had fun larking around with the hose and ended up sprinkling myself liberally (and intentionally) with water, which was gorgeously cooling at the end of a hot, sticky day. (Also made me re-thankful for clean, running water (who else drank out of the hose as a kid?) and made me want to remind you about the toilet twinning, which I’ve just done – our toilet is now twinned with one in Uganda (which is nice, as our church has a link parish there, in Bupadhengo)) 

Close the bathroom door and shut out the world for at least the next 40 minutes

9.  I got fed full of BBQ and red wine tonight, courtesy of our church Youth Leader, as a thank-you for helping out over the last coupla years. It was a perfect, warm evening in a back garden with everyone sat around in chairs and chatting (and swapping hilarious tales between them of high-jinks at university, including the dubious practice of ‘Trophying’ – a university tradition involving (let us be honest) nicking stuff from elsewhere and displaying it prominently (a tradition between campuses of the uni in question) and while we laughed, various bods admitted that they were rather aware that the regalement now did them no favours with regard to the honesty they now embraced as Christians…live and learn, I guess.)

Disrobe and dip in that first toe, then the whole foot (water gently welcoming you in) then the other foot, then gradually lower yourself into that enveloping, enriching warmth

10. Tomorrow I get to go to Monkey World for my Explorer Friend’s birthday. It’s going to be awesome because a) birthdays always are, b) the weather’s set to be gorgeous, c) we’re going to have a picnic and d) MONKEYS!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand relax.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
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22 thoughts on “TToT #5 Round 2

  1. Great to know the fridge thing works.

    Re the bath salts – we have a shop here called 'Lush', which is all about the eco-friendly, delicious, glitter-filled, wonderful toiletries, and they do a GORRRGEOUS scented soap called 'Honey I washed the kids' which really, really smells of honey…but tastes definitely like soap. I had to find out though.

    I've been reading on fb that many bloggers find that if they post too much it 'all begins to taste like beans'. I'm interested to know whether that's true for all bloggers – I'm watching the responses avidly.


  2. GAH! Two days worth again. You are a machine! Sounds like you had a fitting ending to a fun weekend. Appreciative runts, full bellies, and a nice warm bath.

    Note: Don't eat or sniff bath salts…

    As mentioned above, a friend suggested I place my bread in the fridge, which I thought was kind of unnecessary, but turned out being awesome. I don't even think about it now I just always place it in the fridge. It lasts so much longer. Maybe… scarily too long? lol Long nonetheless! Give it a shot 😉

    Have fun at the birthday party!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  3. Part of why I shower – all very well to have a relax (once clean) but something in me shudders when I think of stewing in my own filth 😉 (never MIND anyone else's)


  4. Ew! Does that make it worthwhile? A truck went past me the other day with a hot tub on the back, advertising that it was for hire for events and had a jacuzzi function and it really made me cringe – it's surely bad enough that the pipes in your bath are full with your own human soup remains never mind someone ELSE'S!!


  5. Oh brilliant I'll get her to share it with me – sounds hilarious!

    Your bathtub sounds AWESOME but how do you ever clean the jets? That's always been beyond my ken. I usually get fed up before I fall asleep, but I've been known to doze.


  6. I haven't worked it out yet. I'd say she's likely to be a scott and Neff a clark. It wasn't a screamand though – it was very sweet 🙂

    So, interesting new point – at what age can you begin to determine WD traits?

    Monkey World was awesome, thanks 🙂


  7. I told your Explorer Friend to find Mike Rowe's “Dirtiest Jobs” episode where he's at the monkey sanctuary in South Africa, and you'll see how Monkey World could quickly turn into Jurrasic Park 🙂

    I LOVE my bathtub! It came with the house, it's huge, has jacuzzi jets (but I don't like those) and is wonderful for long, soaky baths. I have a special bath pillow and often (usually) fall asleep while I'm in there.

    Oh, I took feet pictures like yours from my tub and posted them on my blog, and now I get the occasional foot fetishist, just so you know….


  8. Most excellent day for you!
    I can't help but ask – is your niece a clark? Your description of her asking you to turn down the radio (and the reason why) was lovely. Unless, it was a “scremand” (combo scream/demand) as only scotts can do LOL
    Loved the pics.
    Have a wonderful day today and thanks to this blog hop I already know about what's going down at Monkey World tomorrow:) Enjoy!


  9. sounds like an excellent Saturday, yo.

    …working on Sunday (actually just starting 7:17 on writing this)… don't forget the camera!

    My goal is to stay at home with the family unit and resist the call of work* and perhaps do some yard work**.

    * there is always something that could be done… but I recognize the need/value in re-charge
    ** whole different animal… yard work, once properly engaged is way fun


  10. Sounds like a wonderful day today and we did the pool instead of the beach and movies, too. All-in-all here is to great Saturdays and even better Sundays (Monkeys sound quite intriguing by the way!!).


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