Periphery on the agenda

Meeting agenda for 4.7.13, 23:00

Chair: Considerer

Present: Few and far between

Apologies: Americans.

Item one: The Mysterious Parcel

Comment: Slip from post office through letterbox alerting household to presence of parcel being held to ransom by sorting office. Sorting office claim ‘random’ check by customs incurred a VAT charge and a handling charge for charging the VAT charge. Household not expecting parcels from abroad. Further investigation required

Report: Upon paying the release fee, parcel transpired to be housewarming gift from relatives in New Zealand. Well wrapped in three colours of bubble-wrap (sufficient for one colour each for Niece, Neff and Husby) and layers of protective cardboard, gift turned out to be gorgeous, original artwork by local(?) artist. Household *thrilled*

Item two: New Fish Tank Report

Comment: Tank status update required.

Report: Filter remains operational and tank has not flooded down back of fancy, recycled cabinet. Plants are still alive and green. Bogwood has not absorbed sufficient water to remain weighted and has shifted position. Rectification not urgent – can be achieved at same time as moving that plant which ended up in a stupid, non-visible corner.

Item three: Sleep deprivation

Comment: Three hours sleep prior to a busy day is insufficient and a ten-minute nap will do only temporary good. Ensure adequate levels of rest from now on for as long as maintainable.

Report: Taken under advisement

Item four: There’s something strange in the Gangnam-hood

Comment: Who you gonna call?



Item five: The travesty state of international postage

Comment: Approx. ten providers searched. Prices ranged from very reasonable to utterly outrageous. Important to know why.

Report: Some courier services just don’t want to take your mail elsewhere.


Item six: Potential further interview with Sub-Conscious

Comment: Explore possibility and provide feedback on idea potential

Report: Audience feedback strongly positive. Subject in two minds about participation but could probably be convinced with sufficient flattery. 

Item seven: Waffling

Comment: It has become apparent that ‘Considerings’ occasionally faces the problem of nearly drowning under the weight of its own words. Requires action.
Report: Verbosity and platitudinous ponderosity both noted and efforts will be made to duly purge them from posts. Streamlining activated and ‘tangent’ button set to 0.1

Any Other Business

Yes – it is my pleasure to wish a very Happy Independence Day to all Americans (who will doubtless catch up when they read the documented minutes for the next meeting. Time now to attend to point three

Meeting closed 00:44 14.07.23


12 thoughts on “Periphery on the agenda

  1. At least you've a cast-iron excuse! I doubt anyone would deny you your final chance to pack.

    It's a gorgeous gift, and embarrassingly, when I first unwrapped it, I was so busy being taken aback by the beauty of the design and the little New Zealand in the centre, I completely missed that it was a Kiwi. Ahhhhhhh such a clark.

    WD List

    clark: gotcha
    scott: gotcha
    roger: *checks roger trap* dangit!


  2. You know, for one with such a love of language, you'd think I'd've paid attention in class at some point (ergo enabling me to understand the grammaticals you just spouted right there) and yet, somehow, while I drank in the language like the thirstiest of sponges, the 'parts of language' stuff just bounced right out of my mind even as they were being taught.

    To the learned or the academic, you have doubtless made yourself transparent, but I am gazing (somewhat blankly) through an ignorant haze of turbidity.

    Non. 😉


  3. Looky here, the one and only American not at a BBQ today. Too much to do before tomorrow.
    How sweet are your New Zealand relatives to send you such a lovely housewarming gift!
    Sleep well!


  4. tangential gets a bad rap when applied to clarks.

    lets consider the rhetorical style of the three personality types:

    scotts: noun VERB object
    rogers: pronoun noun-another pronoun adverb verb totally gerundly
    clarks: impersonal pronoun infinitive noun verb tangential objects

    I think that makes things clearly-er, non?


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