A texture past midnight

Took a late-night wander around the house with macro on, in a bid to get into the habit of taking my own photos for the blog and stop stealing from Google images. I began with some glorious roses and sweet peas (both garden-grown) that were given to us by Mum, and then began spotting some really quite beautiful things.

Amazing what lens fodder there is just lying around the house.

I’ve called them ‘Textures of Home’ for no other reason than I liked it. And now have no further need of words for today.

And to round off with some sheer musical AWESOME, I give you a mash up between Queen and The Beatles – the delightfully titled ‘Fat Bottomed Girls Come Together’


38 thoughts on “A texture past midnight

  1. That's true. I have heard that people have been successfully prosecuted though (although that is only hearsay).

    I reckon the cord would only be a few bucks – mini usb to USB shouldn't be too tough to ebay


  2. Hmm I suppose the not making money part is a big factor. It's just, when you find an image on the interwebs how exactly is one to even know if that site is it's original source? Perhaps they got it elsewhere? I'd like to think if an imagine isn't watermarked they can't necessarily do anything without proof, whatever that may entail >.< I have a smartphone with no service… but… I've never tried taking pics/video being I have no way to emails them and no cord to hook up to my computer. I wonder how much those cost? The cord.


  3. I didn't print them at home. I had them printed at the store. Is it expensive to print pictures in the UK? It's about 19 cents per photo, so the entire game only cost a couple of dollars.


  4. Thank you Rich. I do have fun (mostly) here in my little corner of the internet.

    You're welcome for the video hook-up – I found it via the sidebar links on Youtube from…goodness knows what…and knew I'd struck gold.


  5. Nice pics! Very creative! You have great range… from your self conversation last week to this! (Yes, I read, but find commenting a pain when I'm on my I-Phone, lol). And, I've got to give you credit for that video. Being a music freak, I thought I'd seen almost everything. Thanks for turning me on to that one! Great job!


  6. Why thank you 🙂 Just wish I could've displayed some of them a bit bigger without losing the flow of the post or the contrasts between images. Oh well, people with blogs hosted free shouldn't gripe, I suppose.


  7. They do it manually and it's a hassle, which is why I don't credit (and could technically be done for image theft, but I think less of an issue seeing as I make no money from the blog).

    I don't know if you have a smartphone, but that's where I'm hoping to head – too much happens when I don't have a camera to hand and it mucks everything up. I would like to eventually be self-sustaining, image-wise, otherwise I could copy Kristi and provide my own illustrations.


  8. Those are some nice pic. I've kind of wondered about using pictures in blogs. I avoided it a while, because I wasn't sure if there were possibly any legality issues concerning them. some people post sources, but I don't know if they do it manually or it auto posts to the image when using a specific feature or what.

    I don't exactly have the luxury of taking my own, so I kind of rely from random ones I find elsewhere. There was also the question of if finding one and making a meme out of it, what all you should do to make sure you catch no flack.

    Would be easier if I could just take my own, but I wouldn't ever think or “capture” some of the things I've come across >.< Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  9. I can get you a digi copy – ask WonderAunty if she might print? It's not *quite* the same pattern as the door glass there – that was larger and more raised. Glad you like 'em though.


  10. Pretty please cud i have a copy of the heart on glass on. I love the pattern of the glass, you've caught the light really well on there. Remember the glass pane in the front door at 22? Same pattern! 😀


  11. Thanks – I had real fun resizing them all and deciding which would go together nicely. It certainly kept me peaceably occupied for a good hour or so 🙂

    The mashup was awesome! Having clicked through to it via a mashup of Gangnam Style and the Ghostbuster's theme, I thought it bore sharing 🙂


  12. Love the way you juxtaposed those images with one another. The mundane can become so interesting when we stop taking it for granted. Loved that mashup too!


  13. Thank you 🙂 As you see, it was great fun making it happen. I am beginning to think that sourcing at least some of my own photos for the blog should be possible 🙂


  14. Hope you get the chance later (now?) because it's hilarious.

    I am so lucky to have a home filled with such beauty. As I type this in a quiet corner of the living room, the scent from the vase of roses has welled up and is spilling over from the cups of the flowers, down and across the top of my new cabinet, where it falls over the edge to perfume the air next to me.

    Sounds like fun. If only ink was less expensive! it's an amazing idea for a treasure hunt 🙂 Hope your little boys enjoy it 🙂


  15. Thanks – I felt a little smug when I came up with it – it resonated with me and I was pleased to have grabbed the phrase (from out of nowhere?). Cameras are awesome 🙂

    And yes, very interesting! I wonder if somewhere, there's a clark-super-consciousness boogying away to Queen. Happy day to you 🙂


  16. I can't listen to the video just yet, as most of the house is still asleep.
    I love your photos. You do have loads of lovely things in your home.
    Back when I first got my macro lens, I made up a little game for the kids. (years ago, when I only had four.) It would be fun for your niece and nephew. I went around the house and took lots of close-up shots, then printed them. I passed the photos out to them, and they went scurrying around the house trying to figure out what the images were. Buttons on their coats, flowers on their curtains, heads on their army men. It went on and on. Thanks for reminding me of it. I'll have to do this for the little boys.


  17. “A texture past midnight”. Love the title! Enjoyed your exploration of image and texture. Are not cameras fantastic:)
    Funny that you post the Queen vid. I'm presently reading Freddie Mercury: The Great Pretender.
    Happy day today!


  18. XmlSplit-59-Trial Oh cool! I'm sorry I missed out there! I'll pop on over and see what you were up to – it sounds good 🙂

    I was very impressed by this mashup. I do love a good mashup.


  19. I've always been a bit of a hoarder when it comes to Beautiful Things, but I was surprised by how many of these were mundane! I first started experimenting when I was in Ireland with my (then boyfriend) Husby, and took a few experimental shots like the flowers on the Ten Things banner, and had such a blast that he eventually got a new camera and gave me his old one. I've been a little hooked ever since, just without the commitment to make it a proper hobby.


  20. that was a really cool idea…I had a little contest on my blog with textures a few weeks ago…I am listening to your video while I type this and forgot this music…its great! a real past blast!thanks…


  21. Wow, you have so many beautifully textured items in your house and find it quite amazing what you can photograph with a great camera in macro settings, too. Wonderful job and thank you for sharing!! 🙂


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