"Did you see what she was WEARING??"

Aaaaaaand welcome to Sunday – the most-unusual second day of a blog hop. Meaning you have lots more time to link up with us and share the things which are wonderful in your life (trust me – they’re there, even if they’re hard to find – you’re still turning oxygen into carbon dioxide, aintcha? If nothing else, your lungs work). It also means we have another whole day of wonderful, gorgeous conversation, which is how I (and other co-hosts) roll – we love us a good dialogue, so do jump on in with a comment or a link, contribute to the big thankful pudding and grab a spoon.

And here, just because I like you, I’ll share you one thing you can instantly be thankful for having watched (and which makes sense of my title). And if you’ve already seen it, then you can be thankful you know what I’m on about (though you really might as well just watch it again)

1. I might as well just join right on in and be thankful for Carol Burnett. And Star Trek. And spoofs. And comedy. Can they all count as one, just this once?

2. Weddings. I went to a lovely one today. I got to wear gorgeous shoes, my posh dress and throw confetti at a beaming bride and groom. The weather was sunshiney marvellous and the ceremony was beautiful. I was very pleased to have been there.

It’s not very clear, but those’re pandas hiding in bamboo…

3.While we’re on the apparel, I finally received a very exciting, squishy parcel from the US in the post this morning. It was, of course, my Wakefield Doctrine DocTee, sent by my lovely co-host, Clark. So apart from that I was halfway through getting dressed to attend the wedding, I went into secondary mode, got my scott on and wore it with a half-and-half look, thusly claiming our chic front balcony for the Wakefield Doctrine (it’s a ‘thing’, k?) and frustrating Husby no end as I demanded re-takes which showed both my head and my shoes and not too much flab…

4. Today was warm. Tomorrow will be also. I feel better when there’s blue in the sky and warmth beaming down on my skin. At some point I may develop SAD to prove the point…

5. I got to spend some wonderful quality time with Husby today just chilling out. We had a Big Bang-a-thon over dinner (homemade chicken fajitas – this time not booby-trapped) and then headed out to buy us some pudding after discovering that the only sweet stuff in the house was sugar. In the packet.

6. Honesty in unlikely places (and dishonesty in (if I’m honest) likely ones) – as we went to buy pudding, we saw what appeared to be two homeless guys sat begging outside the supermarket. While we indulged choosing our frivolous, calorific treats, I figured we could sling some stuff in the basket for them. When we got back, there was only one hobo, and when Husby approached (with the bag of goodies) the bloke asked for money. Husby said no, but we’d bought him food and drink if he wanted it. He looked ashamed and told us “No thanks, I don’t need it.” Just WOW!

7. I’m thankful that my shoulder is aching. It’s a weird, dull ache right there in the socket, and while it’s there, it is serving as a reminder that I’ve nothing worse wrong with me and that this is actually a pretty small cross to bear. Also, if this is all I have to complain about today, it’s a pretty good day.

8. I’m thankful for being put in my place by Mum. Husby was Man Who Unblocked Toilet the other day, but used (and threw away after, in a bin in the garden (I really hope)) a wire coathanger from my wardrobe. The coathanger had contained all my scarves, neatly arranged. They were left in a pile outside the wardrobe. I asked him to put them back on another hanger and found them all kerfluffled, snaggled around and with the delicatest, fluffiest one tangled on the teeth of the trouser-suit coathanger he’d used. When I whined about this, Mum smartly told me “Well, he unblocked the toilet, and would you rather he did that next time, or for fear of being moaned at for getting your scarves wrong, he left it blocked? Men don’t really understand about arranging scarves – you’d have to teach him, but couldn’t you just do it yourself as your contribution to ‘Getting the Toilet Unblocked’?”

At nearly 30 I’m still not too old to get told. I suspect I never will be.

9. Later today I will get to help my Explorer Friend set up her first ever, brand new blog. I only hope I’m up to the challenge! I’ve read some of her writing and it’s good, folks!

10. I’ve been invited to feature in a bio post over at the Wakefield Doctrine, which is a fantastic offer and one I plan on taking up. Apparently I’m quite happy to share my Considerings all over the blogosphere, so let me know if you want any ramblings sent in your direction (form an orderly queue, now!).

Now onwards to your…

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts

14 thoughts on “"Did you see what she was WEARING??"

  1. She's an American comedian (comedienne?) and is of Christine's era rather than ours (apparently) but I'm all for a revival – she's terrific.

    The shirt says 'The Wakefield Doctrine' and on the sleeve 'clark' (it's all about personality types – well worth a look-see)

    And argh! Really? 😦


  2. That video was great 🙂 It's probably a crime I don't exactly know who Carol is, though.

    That is a really good pic (whichever # it was that was decided upon), and the shirt is sweet. Can't read what it says (looks like some print on the front). I still need to check out the shirts on the Wakefield site. Any shoes with pandas are cool with me!

    Your shoulder aching is just 30 giving you a sneak preview of what is to come >.>

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  3. Oh good, I'm glad you agree.

    You have to show off some pictures of your fun shoes, though I do like tennis shoes. What kinds of styles do you like?

    I did like your candid DocTee shots – they were blurry fun. But looking forward to the next.

    I've had an interestingly divided response on the 'Mum was right' thing – my single friends say I was right, my married friends say she was. Seems conclusive – I should listen to her.

    She's a fab friend – I think you'll like her 🙂


  4. I read this last night on my phone, but wanted to come back to comment: I love those shoes and I thought I would do a blog post to join in the hop, but then I ended up writing about something else. LOL Oh well, ^_^ Awesome post. 🙂


  5. Comedy, spoofs, and Carol deserve their own list!
    Those shoes are fantastic. It wasn't until about 7 years ago that I discovered the wonderfulness of fun shoes. I never wore anything but flats and tennis shoes. Now, I would have shelves and shelves of them if I were filthy rich.
    Your t-shirt photo? You.look.Mahvelous. I shall retake mine tomorrow, when the sun is still up.
    A wise mum, your mum is. She is completely correct on this one.
    Oooh, can't wait to meet your Explorer friend!


  6. Thanks – I even managed to forget I had them, having kept them safe in their box. It was like having them new again when I found them.

    I shall have to learn this one, and try not to make it learning the hard way! Hope the rest of your weekend is awesome.


  7. Definitely another great day of thankful things. Love those shoes and seriously I don't wear heels enough sadly anymore. And mom is always right and learned this too many times before and finally don't fight this one anymore. Enjoy the rest of the weekend now, too 🙂


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