Ten Things of Thankful #4

[I wonder how many repeats of things from Friday’s 7 Quick Takes I can get away with re-posting here. Given it’s an hour since I wrote that post, cos that kind of trippy thing happens around midnight – one day becomes the next very rapidly, and when one hosts a blog hop with co-hosts who are WAY ahead of the game, one has to attempt some semblance of organisation and preparedness. One may also have to stop referring to oneself as ‘one’. Imminently.]

Although, having squandered one of my Quick Takes talking about the timing, and one of them on my shiny new social media buttons (actually, I don’t think that one was squandered – I do *love* the shiny new social media buttons) I’ve probably got more than enough actual stuff to fill up the Ten Things pretty rapidly. Let’s see. I already know that #10’s an awesome one; just #1-#9 to go…

1. That Husby is not in the slightest bit squeamish (just as well, given all the meds he has to inject), and is very quick off the mark, so tonight when, three bites into a delicious plate of Moroccan-style lamb, potato wedges and salad (all homemade, I hasten to add), a weird and very nasty stabbing pain in the roof of my mouth and a rapid (but careful) explore with my tongue gave me to know that there was something there – something that had pierced into my skin, I was able to put down the dinner, mumble to Husby “I need you in the bedroom, now – get the tweezers”, he didn’t question, he just acted, and within a short time, he’d pulled a tiny, stabby piece of fzkana* out of my soft palate. Oh the blessed relief!

*I don’t know what a fzkana is – I just made it up, and I don’t know WHAT got pulled out of my mouth, but the word is as uncomfortable to say as the entire experience was to undergo.

2. That my Explorer Friend and I found our way back this time without any damage to person or property. We got lost again, cos that’s how we roll. And we burned a ton of calories doing it. And it was beautiful – look! (This is why I need a smartphone.)

3. I’m in two minds about whether biltong deserves a place here. It totally, 100% does if taken on face value (especially the gorgeous chilli biltong provided by the new South African ‘Biltong and Barbies’ shop in town, but (vegetarians, skip to the next Thing here, please – consider this adequate warning) there are moments when I end up over-thinking it and wondering whether the drying process really kills off any beef-worm cysts, orΒ  how much like meaty chewing gum the bits my Dad calls ‘knicker elastic’ are (and that’s what they’re called in cooked meat – I guess it’s some kind of intramuscular connective sinew) when you find one at the end of the biltong stick. On the one hand, yes, it’s sun-dried cow, and on the other hand it’s utterly delicious. For now I’m going firmly with ‘Tastes Good’.

4. I’m hugely, amazingly thankful to Kristi, of Finding Ninee, who let me be a part of her initiative, Our Land, this week. She’s collecting stories from those who are finding that the place they need to live is a world of empathy, wonder and compassion, and they write to show how that can be done. I wrote primarily about the ‘How to’ and the ‘How not to’ of treating a person who you’ve heard has been diagnosed as infertile. It’s a topic close to my heart (as Husby and I are. Infertile, that is) and since that diagnosis it’s been on my heart to in some way reach out and share my story and connect with others who have similar stories, as well as help the demystificaion of the subject and lift the taboo a little from around it.

5. I am so thankful that after a week of weird sleeping patterns, a cold and a late-night stomach ache, I can go to bed tonight (well, this morning – I’m once again in the wee hours) and have a lie-in. I’ll say this for infertility – there are a few minor perks (not that I wouldn’t swap them in a second) and I’ll take every ounce of pleasure/bonus/advantage I can get in this crappy ride…

6. I had a wonderful time on Wednesday, when a group of us got together at a friend’s house to celebrate the official, final day of the course we’ve been on for the last two years. The weather held and even became warm and sunshiney and we BBQ’d like it was going out of style. Which it has been, given that English summers seem to be on a ‘wetter’ trend. We spent the evening covered in smoke, burger grease and great conversation. It was idyllic, peaceful and what summer and being a student are *meant* to be about.

7. I had a very mysterious phonecall (that’s a lie – I made a very mysterious phonecall as it was in response to a missed call, but I’m not really sure on the validity of making the mysterious phonecall – I rather think that mystery is something done to one, rather than initiated by oneself (and we’re back at ‘one’) And now I’ve overthunk this, I’ll side-step and carry on, but do let me know what you think if you’ve time – there’s a point here somewhere to be pinned down and hashed out) with WonderAunty, who (in cahoots with Husby and Mum) is organising a ‘Surprise day’ for my birthday. Cos it’s gonna be my 30th. Yuk. Makes me think of all the things I was ‘meant’ to have accomplished by now. But the fact that there’s going to be a surprise day (you know it’s going to be good when you’re explicitly asked “Do you trust me enough to let me just arrange things?”) will help considerably.

8. I’m thankful that in addition to my nice, new, shiny, SIGNED AND PERSONALISED copy of The Bone Collector, Husby has Jeffrey Deaver’s latest release, and he’ll let me read it after he’s done with it. YAY for new books, and YAY for Mr Deaver being such a gentleman and an excellent writer.

9. I’m thankful to Janine, and to my CinemaFriend, who have both helped me on Twitter when I’ve sent them near-incomprehensible tweets asking what on earth to do (sometimes with the simplest of things!) and who have both been very gracious. Janine’s even offered ongoing help, should I need it (I will). However, I am pleased to report (for any anti-Twits out there) that the good bits of Twitter are a barrel of laughs and I’m having such fun over there πŸ˜‰


The awesome #10 I mentioned earlier.

Regular readers (and friends in Real Life) will know of the existence of WonderAunty, but what you may not know is that she’s an absolutely amazing, hilarious poet (and an absolutely amazing person to boot). Having completed my course (Ornamental fish management) she presented (as in, read out, brilliantly) this poem to me, and has generously agreed to having it featured as one of my Ten Things of Thankful. So with no further ado, I present, WonderAunty.

Fins of tankfulness for our koi dizzi-fishi-lahling
with punny best fishes as she fin-ishes her coarse with flying-fish-colours
Although our gull’s coarse isn’t offishelly fin-ished,
we unoffishelly know that the gull’s done distinctionally well
and piked at the top of the scale.
She may be feeling koi
and her mind may be swimming
but she’s juggled like an octopus
is not one for flapping or carping
and has * never * been crabby.
As we sealebrate wedding anniversary 3
Β we also think of her sole mate husby
and when they met on salmonchanted evening
falling for each other hook line and sinker.
Β they tuna-d in to each other
no longer floundering
rocks for each other
and they now have their plaice
r-eel-y good.
Con-sea-derer and husby
Β as you porpoisefully pond-er
your friends-and-family swim alongside you in sea changes
when fathoming depths and shifting sands
building bridges to kelp sea us through soundly.
may you roe your boat riding the waves
fly to the star, fish
and look to the rainbow, trout.
Well, you’ve most likely haddock enough of this spouting
so to end this fishy tail
we all –s-pray for you
may Cod bless you
may you ride the tide to everyfin fintastic
may you find pearls of fishdom
may the world be your oyster
and have a whale of a time.
(trawled from the net and many fish sauces)

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
Β Your hosts


28 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #4

  1. No bleeding. I don't think it stuck in all that far, just very sharply (and I didn't want to try dislodging it myself in case I swallowed it, which would've been a trip to A&E)

    You're absolutely right – getting lost is fun as long as you have a friend there. I should imagine getting lost alone is bloody terrifying! Hope you find someone.

    Can you drop hints in the right direction about 'secret special days left outstanding'? I hope it's good too – I've no idea! I'm sure I trust them…probably.

    There's a main 'Our Land' post, and then there's an archive linked within it. Mine is titled 'Please be Patient With Me'

    And YAY for WonderAunty's awesomeness

    And YAY for your lovely big comment πŸ™‚ Great to see you here.


  2. ACK Kudos to your hubs! I would have been like… “OMN we need to get you to the hospital STAT!” and then fainted.

    I wonder what the heck it could have been. There was no bleeding? That creeps me out (the unknown… not the lack of bleeding).

    Looks like you had a great time exploring with your friend. I miss doing that. I need a random adventuring buddy. One that can double as my body guard to protect me from badgers and other vicious wildlife! Getting lost isn't so bad as long as someone is with you πŸ™‚

    Always love a good BBQ! Now that summer is in full swing I've been going to a few and have a few more lined up! Spring/Summer birthdays definitely seem to inspire BBQing; been to 3 already.

    Speaking of Bdays… I hope your secret special day is awesome! I've never received one of those to my recollection. I'm sure it is going to be great! The 30's aren't so bad (yet)…

    Maybe I shared the wrong Our Land posting (not that there is a “wrong” one to share). Is there a main specific one to introduce people to the series? Maybe I did do that… Hmm.

    That was a great poem! Very fun and original. It would take me ages to come up with something remotely a fraction of its genius. Hooray for WonderAunty!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  3. Your sense of duty does you credit – you shall be appropriately awarded. Thank you πŸ™‚ You may send me any or all of your snakes.

    It was a gorgeous accidental hike! At least it was cooler (and less reptilian) thank yours.

    I was so pleased that Husby's not squeamish! It was a really scary moment til he fixed it!

    (and fanx, I feel a little better about 30. A tiny little bit)


  4. Awesome list today! Glad your husband was able to perform surgery to remove the fzkana in your mouth. My husband would have been able to do the same thing for me. I would have sent him to the emergency room instead.

    30? You're just a baby duck!

    Your hiking destination is lovely! WHERE ARE THE BIG UGLY SNAKES? Oh, yes, that's right. With me. Don't forget to come get them!

    p.s. I dutifully admired your social media buttons. So shiny and new!


  5. It's like a big thankful party, isn't it! We're all loving joining in and the taking part is the best bit πŸ˜€

    I quite like the challenge of 140 characters – I'm known to run off at the fingertips somewhat so it's a big change.

    I hope Our Land grows really really big – the messages it holds are so important, and hey, you've already been in the NYT once – here's to a twoser! (or your own book…?)

    I'm glad I was able to make you laugh. I've been blessed to have so much material to choose from this weekend and it's been awesome to share some of the highlights.

    (I'm gonna write to the OED and start campaigning for fzkana's imclusion next to 'thing needing sudden extraction from mouth'. It'll go with my other favourite (though real (if archaic)) word, 'ayoni'. 10 Awesome points to anyone who can discover its meaning…


  6. You have not been exaggerating at all about WonderAuntie – brilliant! I love it! I cracked up at the word fzkana and give huge props to husby for not questioning at all that you needed him in the bedroom with tweezers! I also laughed at your mysterious phone call – that it was a lie and it was you actually calling a number from a missed call – ah to mystery!
    I'm thankful that you allowed me to share your awesome words in Our Land! And YAY to Twitter! It's a weird weird place but also full of really cool people. There's something freeing about communicating in 140 characters or less. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Awesome list, Lizzi and this hop is such a brilliant idea! Love it. Thank you for allowing me to participate!


  7. Thank you Natalia – it's great to see you here with us again πŸ™‚ Looking forward to hopping over to yours in a moment.

    I was pretty proud of 'fzkana' until I realised that in my first edition of the blog (which was live for about 20 hours before I was told this, and then rectified it) that I omitted to mention I made the word up, and people just thought I was a bit of a dunce for not really knowing what it meant! Don't tell Clark (see top comments) that I also had to re-edit!

    It was very sore, but fortunately seems to have healed quickly and is now barely even tender πŸ™‚


  8. I so love your writing! it flows so nicely! Great list this week (as always) I'm glad you are ok after you were able to get that piece off fzkana (loved the made up word) out of your mouth! bet you are sore though.


  9. Thank you for your wise words. You're right. I think on my 30th I might have to post 30 blessings. You've got my brain working now πŸ™‚

    I hope that I arrive someplace better than I expected. The journey so far has certainly been varied.


  10. Which plays right into either clark or scott (btw, thanks for the DocTee – got it this morning. Pics to follow πŸ™‚

    And I LOVE the dialogue. As you point out, it seems to be something quite unusual in the HopWorld. I'm glad we're part of it πŸ™‚


  11. The 30's are great years… wait and see! Instead of being sad about what you haven't accomplished, look at all that you have, and the many blessings you have to count each week!! Life seldom takes us where we plan to go, but we often end up arriving at someplace even better, it's the journey that's exciting! πŸ™‚


  12. I did wonder, and then I thought 'Naaaah – tastes good'. I think it must've been a bit of herb stem or something, as the closest thing it looked like was the spiky bit inside a tomato, but the recipe had no tomatoes in it.

    I once had a biscuit with plastic in it, but that was part of a dessert in a restaurant and it was swiftly returned.


  13. (…why, I hear that all the time!)

    it's the start of another weekend, (which still involves work), but I really like seeing this idea (2 day hop) catch on… while I have not been in the blogosphere a real long time, I have been around long enough to know that weekends tend to be, 'hello?? anyone out there' time for most blogs.

    you are demonstrating the coolest of personal attributes, i.e. doing what you think is a good idea, regardless of what 'everyone knows'


  14. holy moly woman…OMG…I'd be afraid to eat again..that might cure me of overeating…I JUST CAN'T…I …OMG…I am so horrified right now! that's one of my fears something being in my food that shouldn't…


  15. Ow! That hurts a lot too. I've done that. And the thing where you slip with a toothbrush – that's AGONY!

    It was an awesome BBQ and I kinda envy the Americans their cast-iron excuse for an evening of it on Thursday (not that one should really need an excuse, but with the weather here, we could do with something similar)


  16. It was scary! I thought I'd managed to stick myself with glass or something (though how glass would end up in my home cooking I've no idea!)

    Husby's great at bearing with me, poor chap! But I really did need him last night. Can't imagine what I would've done if I'd've been on my own then!

    Yes, that's the tongue-poking-out-smilie. I shall try not to reKindle the argument.

    I KNOW! She's awesome. And if I don't get at least a text about this, I shall fall over from shock πŸ™‚ She's brilliant.


  17. I've had a run of good days – maybe there is some small element of balance in life after all πŸ™‚ Having loads to be thankful for is a great thing, and at the moment it's easy – the exercise (and challenge) comes in the dark days when you feel there's little good in life – THEN the Ten Things come into their own.

    Looking forward to reading you soon.


  18. I am so sorry, that bit in your mouth must have hurt like the dickens, but poor Husby. How often does the man get to hear, “I need you in the bedroom, now!” Only to find he is going to be performing surgery on the roof of your mouth. True love, I tell you. True. Love.
    Last time I'm going to say it, then I'll let it go. BAH! Twitter! :p (Is that the emoticon for me sticking my tongue out?)
    Lastly, oh my word, you have not exaggerated about WonderAunty!
    I know she reads these, so I'm just going to tell her. WonderAunty, you are no common catfish! Your poem is fantastic. It's clear you love your niece to pieces, and she you. Hope to hear from you more often!
    I'm off to finish my thankful list.


  19. Seriously, I don't know how you do it, but I am in awe you wrote of all the positive an hour or so ago and here you are back with more. But I love it and you really do have a lot to be thankful for, which in my book is a great thing. By the way, I am just happy I can help if you need with Twitter and so glad you are now on there!! And once again you know I will be linking it up in the morning with you as always!! πŸ™‚


  20. still Friday here…so I have a few hours grace, excellent start to the Post (the 3rd…already!).

    Will check back and tell Christine that I will promise to try and remember to not forget to sign myself here into this here blog hop here.


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