7 Quick Takes 35 x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

The best Fourth of July I had was…pick a number, I guess – they’re all the same – day after the 3rd but before the 5th. Might fall on any day of the week. 

We learn in primary school that ‘In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue’ but in as much as we don’t learn the rest of the poem (having Googled to check I had the date right, I literally just discovered that there *is* a rest of the poem) but that’s really, truly it.

Eventually, by osmosis, we learn that it’s ‘Independence Day’ in America, and it sounds terribly grand and important. We might know a little bit about ships going over and indians pilgrims but then we muddle it up with a turkey and get muddled with thanksgiving. So we re-watch the Addams Family Values to learn from Wednesday and Pugsley about whether we were thinking about thanksgiving or independence day. Then we learn (at some point) that the independence was from us, and pretty much lose all interest. I’ve yet to meet a Brit who can (or has the inclination) to talk widely on the topic.

And in a way, I guess it doesn’t matter any more (to us in England, that is).

Soon enough we’ll all be celebrating ‘Internet Day’ – when we became a global village and began connecting with each other on much more meaningful levels, in spite of the distances.

Whatever the heritage, an excuse for BBQ, booze and a jolly good time with friends-and-relations is not to be sneezed at, so if you’re American at home, and plan on celebrating, I hope you have a lovely time.

— 2 —

Husby of Awesomeness (who bought me my very own Star Trek Insignia badge the other day) today trekked into town, in the rain, to attend a book signing by the awesome Jeffrey Deaver. Never mind that he bought me a new copy of The Bone Collector (the copy we own, that’s his really, is ripped) but he asked Mr Deaver to sign it, which he did. I then received a text message telling me

Got your book signed and JD now says your work should let you take the rest of the day off to read it.

 Jeffrey Deaver second-hand texted me!


— 3 —

With the help of Fabulous Blogging’s excellent tutorial, I managed to cobble together some shiny new social media buttons – look – there in the top right. They’re not slick, they’re not swish, and they’re distinctly homemade, but I made them and I love them, and they make the top of my blog look purty*.

If you Facebook, Tweet or any of the others, do test them out – THEY ACTUALLY WORK!

I did that.

(with help)

*beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all…

— 4 —

Somewhere or another, my dear usual suspect left a somewhat snarky comment about hoping I’d be better from my cold soon (it’s all gone now, thanks) so that I could get lost in the woods again and regale everyone with the hilarity.

As I read the comment, I shook my head and mentally played Sheldon Cooper’s look of haughty derision.

There was absolutely no way I was getting lost again so soon after not having lived down the last expedition.

And yet, this evening when my Explorer Friend and I went for our constitutional walk and ended up going ‘a bit further’ and then ‘I’m sure this is the right direction, we can loop back from here’, a 3-4km walk (with intermittent jogging, cos we’re trying to get fit, y’know) turned into a 6-8km hike through the backwoods of the city, having overshot, misunderstood our geography entirely and ended up on a motorway bridge, waaaaaaaaaaay out of our zone.

We kept the motorway noise behind us and followed a likely path deep into the woods (it was legit – there was a man walking his dog there – no more fake paths for us) and apart from a short stop to sclooch, we eventually wended our way through the beautiful scenery to a chainlink fence which proved to be the opposite corner of the golf course to which we’d started, then along that and back (the long way) to her house.

We left hers at 7.20, anticipating an hour of goodly exercising.

We arrived back at 9.20, bedraggled, aching and with at least one of us having had to retrieve errant sections of fern from her undergarments. Yes, that one was me.

— 5 —

I’m now a minute past deadline here – fortunately I can rely on the time difference to allow this to still count as a Friday post in the US 😉

— 6 —

I was absolutely thrilled to pieces to be invited to guest post over at Finding Ninee this week, with a piece for the ‘Our Land’ series, titled ‘Please be Patient With Me’. Our Land aims to spread empathy and wonder and compassion, and my particular piece gives you the ‘How to’ and ‘How not to’ react to someone when they tell you they’re infertile. Please read it and share – it’s got some very important content which will help break the taboos around the subject and give practical advice so that an interaction with an infertile person isn’t experienced by them as an emotional assault (which happens all too often, from the most well-meaning of people!)

— 7 —
Now that I’m thoroughly thankful for the awesomeness this week, won’t y’all come on back and join me tomorrow (or Sunday) for the weekend-long Ten Things of Happiness blog hop. It’s an awesome hop to be involved in, as there seems to be building a tradition of genuine care for and interest in hoppers, and much dialogue is had. Hope to see you there!

Ten Things of Thankful

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24 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes 35 x FTSF

  1. 😉 It's three days on and I've lost my train of thought on this so the safest answer is 'probably'.

    Thanks for your compliments on the buttons. I had fun and definitely preferred them to ones I found available. They took ages but I feel were worth the effort – I can recommend the DIY approach.


  2. AHA! Some were rehashed 😉

    I like your social buttons. When I did my blog I looked up a variety of different options for placing buttons and I don't think anyone uses them lol At least not the left sidebar popout. They aren't as cool as your customized ones. I may have to look into that!

    I don't have a favorite 4th. They have all been pretty much the same with only slight variations. Earlier childhood outings at our capitol may be the most memorable.

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  3. As I say – we barely scraped the surface of it at school – I've still no idea (despite a tiny amount of internet research) why independence was wanted/needed and what we (England) were doing 'wrong' at the time. I guess no-one likes to publicise their mistakes.

    Adunno who we'd pitch it to, but it sounds like a great excuse for a day of celebrations. Apparently the internet went public on August 6, 1991 so I figure this is the day to go for. Maybe the White House or European Union could give it some thought.

    I'm so glad you liked the post over at Kristi's – isn't Our Land the most marvellous thing! Hoping I'm still lined up for yours at some point 🙂


  4. I agree with Kate, the bit about the Adams family and realizing the American independence is from YOU was hilarious! I have to say, I do love the idea of Internet Day. Now who do we pitch it to?

    On a different note, I LOVED your post on Kristi's Our Land this week. It was beyond amazing. Way to go you and Kristi!


  5. Naaah it's easy to get caught up in the stuff that's a big deal and is right in your face – I daresay that I forgot about other people while we were celebrating the Queen's diamond jubilee etc 🙂


  6. Your FTSF response made me laugh out loud. I'm so America-centric that I forget that people don't live in the US. How pathetic is that? (that's partially a joke) And my kids weren't even born here!


  7. Having read the other FTSF hopped blogs, independence day sounds like such a glorious, patriotic day (no matter what the individual's views of how the country's doing at the moment) with a real sense of unity and nostalgia. I love that. We don't really have that here now – 'England' as a concept has changed so much since WWII that we all seem to be looking back to the post-war 50's as the Golden Age and lamenting that it's Not The Same.

    SO glad you'd never laugh at me. In public. On my own blog. Honestly though it was the funniest moment – I made it back up to my explorer friend and realised that no, I'd brought a bit of the sclooch-patch with me (having yelped and made her yell down “Are you ok?” when I sat on the damn fern in the first place…)

    Glad you like the buttons (glad you can see them!)

    See you on the hop 😀


  8. I'm cracking up at your description of Independence Day! “then we learned it was FROM us??” HA. It's actually a really fun holiday here – cookouts, friends, beer and fireworks. Not much more one could ask for!
    And how awesome are you for rewatching the Adams Family Values!?? LOVE IT. I also love that you and your friend go so utterly lost on your expedition – that's so something that I'd do. And fern in the underwear…um. I'm not laughing at you (I'm totally laughing at you).
    Love your words on Our Land. Said it before but wanted to say it again.
    Your social media buttons are awesome.
    Looking forward to the hop!! Mwah!


  9. Aw no! I hope that's not a wide happening! It'd rather negate the point of my having them if too many people can't see them!

    So looking forward to your Ten Things 🙂

    Sorry that you found FTSF hard – take next week off 😉

    (I keep pestering other people on Twitter to learn how to do it – I'm really rubbish. Fortunately they're all bearing with me for now…)


  10. Unfortunately I can't see the media buttons but I guess they're awesome. Oh and also I was searching for u on Twitter before you had the Twitter..Glad that you have it although to be honest I'm just trying to get into Twitter so yah.


  11. So many many things I don't know what to comment on. FTSF was a bummer for me today but you killed it. Hubby is awesome..loved the Our Land post. I read it twice. I also tried not to laugh at your hike..but it was funny…will be joining you tomorrow for TTot.


  12. 😉 Thought you'd appreciate the timing of that one!

    And he is, rather, isn't he.

    I guess I should clarify that comment – it doesn't matter any more to US. Of course it matters to ye – that's why it's such a big shindig every year 🙂 And Fireworks are awesome – any excuse is good enough. See you at the hop 🙂


  13. I adored Wednesday – she was just so deliciously evil! Brilliant casting there. She was amazing (hey, maybe that's where I got the inspiration for some of my childhood pranks…)

    And thank you 🙂 I don't think the novelty will wear off for me any time soon.


  14. It's a great post (I didn't use picmonkey though – I Googled an image mapping site) and really helped me get the hang of it.

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, and I'm so glad that you found the Our Land post useful. It's a tough ol' topic to manage.


  15. Looking forward to your link tomorrow – FTSF was (for about the first time) pretty challenging to write. I really came up squat! Thanks for having me anyway 🙂

    (It's a thought bubble…y'know…cos I consider stuff 😉 )


  16. XmlSplit-51-Trial I'm trying really hard not to laugh at your 2 hour hike. Trying…trying…hahahaha. Sorry. couldn't hold it in. 🙂
    Your husband is proving himself to be nothing short of splendid.
    While I very much enjoyed your 4th of July intro, be careful. When you say “it doesn't matter anymore” many Americans would say, “You're only saying that because you lost.” It is still a very big deal to many, many people. We spend approximately half a year of school learning all about why and how we managed to split away from Great Britain. And there's fireworks. We won't give up our fireworks. 🙂
    See you at the hop!


  17. I really liked the picture of Adam's family movie. I always empathized with Wednesday because she was different and awesome. I could see myself watching the overly happy pictures and being horrified.


  18. Love the social media buttons. I've been thinking of giving mine a facelift, so I'll have to check out that post. I'm also planning to hooking up with you tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful!

    PS – Great post on Our Land. It gave me some good tips for helping a coworker struggling right now.


  19. You put a smile on my face with your take on Independence Day and love the new social media buttons very unique with the comment bubble!! And you know I will be linking up in the morning for sure again!! And thank you as always for linking with us today, too 🙂


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