Ten Things of Thankful #3

 1. I’m thankful you’re here, as I have a sneaking suspicion that in the third week of any given hop, you begin to pick up momentum (or crash and burn horribly). I watched Finish the Sentence Friday gather speed and get better and better. I missed the start of 7 Quick Takes, but it clearly survived and has thrived. I Hate Mondays is flourishing. And now, this little here hop here might *just* go on to grow into something wonderful.

2. I’m thankful in various turns for Google+ hangouts, Clark and Husby for all joining in the inaugural Wakefield Doctrine Video Chat Test Run, which (although not my ball, and completely Clark’s (though he’s generously allowing me to join in)) was awesome fun and showed that we have a clear (if laggy) way forward to have live chats with anyone who wants to further their knowledge of the personality theory of clarks, scotts and rogers, and begin to take charge of the aspects within their own person and use the underused ones to manage life (and other people) better.

3. Actually, I genuinely am thankful for my parents-in-law staying with us. We’ve been treated to dinner, not a day goes by without some small gift or token bought for us (today, strawberries, milk, bread and a bar of chocolate) and because we have an excuse to go to Sprinkles for ice cream. YAY! Ice cream.

4.  I am thankful for the ladies in the infertility group You, Me and Infertility, who are so supportive, lovely and encouraging on our group effort to be more healthy and get more exercise (look away from my #3 now – I did not just say I was going for ice-cream). Under the guidance of our great and glorious leader (admin lackey, whatever) who, in her own words, likes to “ride around on an enchanted unicorn that poops rainbow glitter while wearing a tutu and sparkly ballet slippers” we help each other through the pain of hearing new pregnancy announcements,  buoy each other up when we suffer the distress of seeing parents taking their children for granted (or worse), give one another virtual hugs when one of us gets given the ‘Pity Face’ or is told ‘Well at least you don’t have to get woken up all through the night to deal with screaming, poopy babies’ (FYI – we’d JUMP at the chance). 

We are there for one another. We matter to one another. We are for one another. And in the midst of all the pain infertility brings, it’s a beautiful, wonderful thing to be a part of.

5. I am thankful for my camera. Now I must refer you to #3 because I pretended to be a tourist and took photo-snaps of our gelato adventure. It was INCREDIBLE.

The outside is glamorous enough; like a beacon shining in the middle of studentville, attracting throngs of people. When we arrived it was a case of sit out in the cold wind or standing room only. Later (when I snapped this) it was dark and the lights in the store coupled with the funky music and the glossy, ice-cream counter were like a lovely, shiny, gelato Mecca.

Oh. My. Days. The flavours! Massive, fat tubs laden with thick, creamy, soft swirls – transferred to your cone or bowl with a flat spatula and a swift scrape and the flair of the long-accustomed. Mint chocolate oreo. White chocolate and blueberry. Lime pavlova. Ferrero Rocher…the list goes on and on and on

Husby had mint-choc-chip and plain Oreo in a waffle basket (chocolate-lined waffle basket, let it be said)

I had raspberry pavlova and blue banana in a large Sprinkles waffle cone. Just get the SIZE of it! Just as well I had a small dinner!

6. I am thankful for the people who read this who are not bloggers. I suspect there are a sizeable core of people who visit Considerings who know me in real life (or, maybe don’t) but who aren’t in the blogging world themselves, yet still take the time to pop over and absorb whatever funny/interesting/agonising/exciting stuff I’ve been writing about. And sometimes I hear from them via Facebook or other mediums, and it’s so lovely to know that you’re out there and this matters to you.

I know I can get pretty hung up on comment counts, viewer counts and which ‘celebrity’ blogger has paid me a visit here, but actually, you guys are the hidden, vital audience I want to reach – those who want to catch up on what’s going on with me when I don’t have make time to tell you myself – those who want to see what’s going on but not make themselves known – those who come here because they genuinely want to, not just through the blogosphere etiquette because I’ve left them a comment on their blog.

You guys matter, you are important, and I’m so glad you’re here and continue to visit.

7. I am SO glad I’m part of the fortnightly netball group here. It’s been so much fun learning and (gradually) improving, as well as making new friends, keeping up with old friends and running around getting hot and sticky and having a hilarious time. Tonight it meant I could have guilt-free gelato (back to that again, I know!) but in all honesty, it’s a wonderful, disparate group of women and girls who all share this one, special thing. Epic fun.

8. I am very thankful for clean, running water. This struck me this evening as I once again had a think in the shower. I’d been glugging away whilst at netball, I had a massive glassful from the tap when I arrived home, and there I was luxuriously washing in it, rinsing in it and just standing there to enjoy it. Not everyone has that, in fact a large proportion of the people in the world have crappy, shitty, disease-filled water to drink and less to wash in. And I don’t remember enough to be grateful for the actually really big, important things – they are commonplace and I take them for granted and it’s not really on.

9. On that note, I am grateful for the mad, genius, charitable organisations like Toilet Twinning, and when I get a job, this is something I plan to do. Friends of ours have done it and I saw the certificate in their downstairs loo and was utterly fascinated, amused and amazed by the sheer brilliance of it.

10. I am thankful this week for the beautiful furniture in my house – my bookcase and my new fishtank cabinet and how beautiful it is here and how much I love coming home.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
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36 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #3

  1. Aw that's a shame. Hope you get to have some soon in all its icy, creamy goodness.

    (don't tell anyone, but the level that Clark and I have been 'debating' thus far on the video link has really not been intimidating, depth-wise. I am slightly worried that I'll flounder when there are more than just he and I there, but between just us two we've covered the mundane as much as the profound. And it's been fun. Do suck it and see – it'd be lovely to see you there)


  2. Actually no, I did not have one because we do not have gelato at home and I was too lazy to go get some.

    I totally understand what you mean about your group. xoxo

    I think my problem with the WD participation would rather be that I am not sure I could debate on such a level without “proofreading” (because you obviously cannot do that if you talk 😉 ), you know?


  3. 1. Netball is like basketball but you can't dribble or run with the ball and when you catch it, you have to pass it to another team mate. Imagine pinball with moving flippers.
    2. GOOD. Facebook page comments are awesome too.
    3. I'm glad you do too – it matters so much. Good for your friends – I bet they really help to keep you grounded and thankful for the small stuff.
    4. You're invited 🙂


  4. I can't claim credit for #6 – I read a post about it on…..ohmidaysiforgot…..someone else's blog (isn't that awful?) and thought it merited some attention here.

    Glad you come here cos you want to, not just cos of the tenners I keep sending in the post 😉

    PS – really looking forward to seeing the ensuing pictures
    PPS – of gelato?


  5. 1. You're going to have to explain netball to the uneducated! It sounds like quite a workout.
    2. I don't have many blog subscribers, but my Facebook friends are loyal readers and make their comments on my Facebook page. I appreciate that so much!
    3. I often remind myself how thankful I am for clean water. We have friends who do mission work in Haiti, helping to bring clean water there, not only to the people in villages, but to hospitals (scary that they don't already have clean water there, but they don't always).


  6. I think that this hop will continue to gain momentum and be a huge success. Thank you for sharing it with us. Also, thank you for writing number six. It's easy to get hung up on counts and hits and page views and whether we, as bloggers, are “good enough.” I definitely come here because I want to. Thanks for the reminder that finding friends in the blogosphere is what counts.
    PS – I recently got a new camera and EEEP I am loving it!
    PPS – I will not eat gelato today. I will not eat gelato today. I will. (not?)


  7. Thank you so much for starting this! What a wonderful idea you had, I feel like I am among friends who understand, who really get me. I look forward to the next one!


  8. Yes – you have a perfect handle on the idea. It helps us to get into the habit of thankfulness and see it in many more places than the ten we list. I'm so glad you've joined us here.


  9. Thank you so much for beginning this hop! It is such a delight and a true blessing to see what others share with the group! And it makes me realize that I have WAY more to be thankful for than these paltry ten things I share on my lists each week. 🙂


  10. I really love this hop; I'm glad you started it. While I do participate in other hops, I feel compelled (in a good way) to link up with this one weekly. Thanks for hosting!


  11. Ahhhh sounds like the ol cat's been misbehaving nicely!

    Ice cream? Now who was that with then? 😉

    I'd like to see next week's posts on a BLOG, missus :p

    These were great 🙂


  12. 10 things of thankful for this week:
    1. The fact I have an interview for a pharmacist job at the hospital that I *really* want.
    2. That I lead my church cell group, all by myself for the first time, and people responded and the time was filled and did not drag! Note to self – somone wants warning via e-mail a few days before of the “welcome” section question so that they can think about it.
    3. My glorious lovely fur baby cat, who never fails to delight (yesterday it was slipping into the car unnoticed and then setting the alarm off!).
    4. The world of Facebook which has allowed me to share my story and the amazing support and feedback I have had from people since posting it yesterday.
    5. My lovely tomato plants given to me by a customer which seem to be coming along very well and which will hopefully yield lots of yummy tomatoes.
    6. Tasty ice-cream I had yesterday.
    7. Sleep – I had a lovely nap this afternoon!
    8. Bed, to help with number 7, I have a lovely double bed all to myself which also provides room for the cat to curl up with me when she feels like it.
    9. Tomorrow is Sunday – after church I should have time to do some crafting, watch a film, have a nice long bath, things I want to do!!
    10. The lovely ladies I went to for prayer ministry last Sunday after the service – they were so brilliant :).

    Will start thinking of next week's 10 now 😉


  13. Thanks – glad you like the idea – it's not quite as awesome as your one-click-to-feed-kids video, but it's pretty cool.

    If you get in on it, let me know how it goes.


  14. Hello and welcome – I'm so glad you've joined us. I've read your blog before and enjoyed it – I'm really excited you're joining in.

    Janine's great, isn't she 🙂

    Hope your weekend is awesome.


  15. Yes it makes it more relaxed, forsure and although I am often hyper-competitive, I actually feel as though we are building something here which is more than just a 'numbers game' but that many of the people who are attracted to the idea see the value in it as well as the fun, and will continue to participate on personally meaningful grounds (to any FTSF hosts – not that pure fun doesn't have its place – it absolutely does).

    I enjoyed the license you took with your post and what better way to break the rules than by thoroughly enjoying the fact that you CAN! Awesome stuff.

    Always easier the first time with someone else as new to it as you – this can be said of many things in life, I believe. An even footing can be so good to start from.

    Have fun getting on with getting on.


  16. …ok, week three (though no one is 'counting the house'*, I'm coming to appreciate the fundamental difference/advantage to how you set this hop up… as a weekend long event. At first I had my doubts, me being 'all energy expenditure at once Post writer guy', but just as the FTSF (thanks to Janine and them) let me trick myself into getting away from writing posts and just interacting with other bloggers, your weekend format is allowing me to think about blog hops more as a social interaction than a semi-competion. very cool

    liked your grat list. I trust everyone, (my co-hosters) will allow me some… er literary license on today's Post. I have, of late, found myself thinking: grammar? syntax?? rules of rhetoric? hah! I laugh at your rules of writering** .

    The Video Chat was fun… there is something about doing something new with other people to whom it is new as well (as opposed to trying to learn something in the company of experienced and skilled people)… that is especially enjoyable.
    Which is what I will say to anyone out there reading… hey! we'll be experimenting with the video chat thing, join us…we are *so* not yet skilled and experienced! lol)

    Will stop back later.. it is, as ZZ Top says, 'time to hit those streets a runnin'

    * not that I'm keeping score… much lol
    ** and the use of actual, real words too!


  17. Why thank you dear 🙂

    Sorry I shared the gelato without really sharing – shall I bring some when I come to mow?

    I discovered yesterday that someone I've not spoken to for a shamefully long time is a dedicated reader of the blog! I must, must, must catch up with her. I feel like such a bad friend now!

    And yes. The toilet-twinning is hilarious and genius all at once – I can't wait to do it.


  18. You hit my weak spot with the ice cream. Love that stuff. And I'm not so sure I'm thankful for your camera, seeing as how I had to endure those photos of all that ice cream and don't get a single bite! 🙂
    Very true about the non-blog writers who read the blog. I am forever stunned when people I know say they read every post.
    It is genius for the twinned toilets people to send a certificate to put in the bathroom. besides the genius of making such a simple yet life-altering difference in the lives of so many people.
    Lovely job, Host Master!


  19. Thanks – I love it too (and have 'bonded' with it, having had the devil's own job to sort it out and manage Niece and Neff at the same time)

    I'm glad you like the link up – I'll go and indulge in a little 'Thankful Things' catch up now 😀


  20. Timing-wise it's tricky – I've tried to make it so that it works for all the co-hosts to be able to be live from midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday (however, I now see that it seems to be open for 6 days this time, so clearly something's gone wrong) as such it begins at 10pm on Friday GMT and ends 5am on Monday GMT.

    Looking forward to your list, Michelle 🙂


  21. Did you have one in the end? They're just SO good! Definitely worth the calories.

    Pity you wouldn't be able to participate – it's very much good fun. I think timing is quite an issue between the non-US members of the WD in terms of linking up – gets quite complex.

    Thanks for your kind words – the group is a wonderful place to be, the sadness being we'd all rather not have the reason to be there, y'know?

    I'm glad you think in the shower too. I thought a bit more analytically recently and discovered I do quite a lot of thinking in the shower…

    And YES! It will be awesome.


  22. If you are confident, I am confident, seeing as you are one of the instigators of the uber-successful FTST, which is so good 🙂 Looking forward to your linkup, and thankyou lots for the feedback.


  23. Your list is great!

    When I saw your pictures of the gelato I felt the urgent need to eat one myself STAT! 😉

    The Video Chat with Clark sounds awesome! I am not sure I would be able to participate though.

    As for your infertility group I am so glad that you found a place where you are supported and feel being backed up on all your worries and pains with regard to that subject. Hugging you extra tight on this one! xoxo

    I also like your no. 6 very much. You are so right in every word that you wrote, this is something that I need to get more awareness about, too. Thank you for reminding me!

    Last but not least, I love you musing on the water. I always feel so blessed because of that, too, and I think about it very often while I shower. What sheer luxuriousness!

    I love our blog hop and I am sure it will grow into a huge success! xoxo


  24. I know this blog hop is so going to be successful and so damn happy for you that you started this from the round up. And you know I will be linking up again in the morning. Thank you seriously for hosting and we do definitely have loads to be thankful for!!


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