Today, the moment I’ve been waiting for for a long time happened. I am absolutely thrilled to pieces.

In fact it might be the best news I’ve had all week.

Can you guess?




(did you get it yet?)




That’s right – the bookshelves are finished.

And they are utterly, indescribably, absolutely gorgeous.

All those books from under our table? They’re on it.

Piles of DVDs from round the sides of the room? They’re on it.

And there’s still more space!

Which is just as well, as there are still boxes and bags of books in the bedroom to sort out and place. And Husby and I get to share the delight (at some point soon) of going through all these books and organising them, probably by genre, and replacing them on the beautiful new shelves.

For now, though, the books are off the floor and we were able to sit down to a meal at the table (with plenty of room for our feet) with Husby’s parents, who’ve come over to visit from Ireland.

I suspect that the largest genres (by far) will be crime/thriller and science/nature, followed by an all-encompassing ‘fantasy’, which can cover Husby’s Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks and my Harry Potter series (one each birthday from WonderAunty from when I was 12 til they finished).

I am *so* excited and totally have my book-geek firing on all cylindars.

And yet…

…as practical as it is to organise by genre, there’s this, which makes my bookworm heart beat in a much faster pace than normal…

In other news, I appear to have been rather lax on the ‘Two Weeks of Ten Things of Thankful’ front and seem to have ground to a halt somewhere around 12, with a couple of days missed out.

I have no excuse for last Friday, but yesterday was awash with worry on hearing that my bestfriendintheworld was unwell, but I’ve now heard she’s receiving the treatment she needs, so that’s a huge relief. Husby’s been unwell too, which has taken a lot of my emotional energy. Other friends have also had really hard things going on in their lives, which I’ve tried to support them in. In many ways at the moment it’s rather a useful thing I’m not the 8 months pregnant I might have been…

 Ten (rather tired) Things of Thankful #13

1. For the amazingly fast-acting medical-type-people who have helped my friends and I recently and further into the past; for their ongoing dedication in the face of budget cuts and their ability to be clear-headed and offer the right thing at any given moment.

2. For visiting in-laws who make Husby happy by bringing Irish biscuits, long-time-loved mantel clocks and kiddie photos (as well as bringing their lovely selves, of course)

3. For my sweet MIL bringing me a MASSIVE loaf of her homemade currant bread (which is one of my favourites of hers) – half is now in the freezer, the rest has already had a start made on it. It’s sooo good!

4. For lovely gifts from various Irish relatives as housewarming prezzies

5. For the unexpected day of work today I got offered at the college laboratories, with more days in the offing.

6. For the gorgeous new bookshelves!

7. For the great news our friends ‘Patch‘ (you know her – she’s a ‘Ten Things’ hop co-host) and ‘Lostinthewoods‘ had today, that their application to adopt will be taken forward to the next stage.

8. For my camera, which is doing good service in providing home-grown pics for the blog, rather than nicking images off Google (okay, I still do that, but less) which, I’ve been told, is rather beyond the bounds of blog-ettiquette.

9. For the fact that two books in a series I wanted to read, Husby already has (unbeknownst to me)

10. For our 3rd wedding anniversary, which is tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “It’s just WONDERFUL

  1. Oh my goodness – your dreams and mine are the same. Belle was always the Disney Princess I was most jealous of because did you see the size of the LIBRARY she was given as a wedding present?

    He is feeling better, thanks, and thanks for the best wishes 🙂


  2. A wall of books?! Who would not want an entire wall that is a built in bookcase! My dream home library is like you see in the movies – so big that I would need one of those tall ladders on wheels that move side to side LOL

    My best wishes for you and Husby (and that he is feeling better) on a happy 3rd year of marriage with many more to come:)


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