More blankets please – it’s summer

Well, from an ode to the ones that won’t to a guest post by Husby (which received higher viewings in its first day than Any. Other. Post. Ever. (am I bitter? No, course not (though it’s interesting how the ‘loyal audience’ I’ve built up and pandered to abandons me for a little bit of a Y-chromosome at the first hint of one over here (but you’re back, reading this, so I still loves ya)))) to a day when I just have so much to tell you.

Before I get started on the cryptic title, I have some photos to post – my dear Mum brought me round a gorgeous bunch of flowers from her garden on Monday and they were so beautiful I boasted about them to Lana from Little Bitty Life, who then rightfully turned round and demanded ‘pictures or it didn’t happen’ (‘cept she phrased it much more prettily) so I must attend to that first and show off to the WORLD my Mum’s awesome gardening skillz that led to my being in receipt of such a lovely bunch:

There were two types of geranium (one from a local Abbey, which has its own variety – the darker purple on the right)

There were several roses in white, pink and red, all of which just poured scent into the room and filled it up with deliciousness

Then there were two which I loved above all others. The foxglove, in bud, which reminded me of the Fibonacci sequence and the way the Golden Ratio (1.68) is found in nature in, for instance, the way the buds are positioned along the stem…

And the tradescantia, because it has a funny Latin name and I like saying it. It also sounds a bit like a contradiction in terms, because a ‘trad’ is someone who you would not expect to see in something ‘scantia’, so it appealed on many levels. OH and it has awesome fluffy stamens in the centre.

So there we have it. Gorgeous flowers.

Heralds of summer.

And on that note, back to my title, which may seem rather counter-seasonal, but here’s the thing – I adore summer, I love the warmer weather and bask in sunshine, BUT I don’t like sleeping in summer. I am my family’s Queen of Blankets and love nothing more than to be snuggled into one or another of the many I own, whatever the season or excuse.

In summer that quite naturally poses a rather sticky question – to snuggle and overheat or to remain unsnuggled. Not just unsnuggled, either; I daresay there are deep-seated psychological reasons (at this point, I daresay my ex-boss, a psychoanalyst in her other Hat, would begin muttering words like ‘containment’ or ‘boundary’) but whatever it is, I feel exposed and positively vulnerable at night without something (preferably several somethings) wrapped around me (no crude jokes here, thanks!).

I am absolutely at my happiest as I settle down to sleep if I can feel the weight of one or more blankets on top of the duvet, tucked under me at the edges and pulled up to my ears, pinning me down. Mum and Sis absolutely hate this and get upset in winter when the duvet alone will no longer suffice. I revel in it. To the point where I wore a bright pink blanket wrapped around me so often one winter, I earned the nickname ‘Pink Slug’ (attractive, non?)

Marvel of marvels, a hot pink slug was recently discovered.

Anyways, this week, after repeated protests from Husby (remember him? You liked him) that he was far, far too hot, we changed our autumn/spring tog duvet to the lighter, summer tog. Which was awesome, as I got cold and am now happily ensconced back under two blankets each night, being gently held by their woolly, fleecy goodness as I slumber.

The pink-bordered knitted one was made by clever Sis

Ten Things of Thankful #10 (of my personal, two-week challenge)

1. The BOOKSHELVES! Our wonderful builder/handyman/plumber/can-fix-anything, Pete, started today. STARTED. And LOOK! It’s already looking beautiful and a million times better than I could’ve imagined.

2. Books. I got two more today. I may have a problem. About half our books are under the table at the moment waiting to go on the new shelves (once complete). Maybe slightly less than half, actually, and they didn’t all fit in the frame…

3. Niece, who nearly made me die laughing today in a conversation that went like this

Her: Daft, daft, daft. Daft. Daft…daft.
Me: What are you saying?
Her: Daft. It’s a children’s word.
Me: Is it now?
Her: Yes. Daft.
Me: What’s a grown-up word then?
Her: F***!
Me: *choking back a massive snort of laughter* Yes, you’re absolutely right. That is a very grown up word. Don’t use it again, now will you?

4. My Explorer Friend is coming over very soon and we’re going to go for a massive walk to get fit and keep shedding the pounds.

5. Shedding the pounds is actually working.

6. Husby has been very humble about the success of his post and his head hasn’t gotten so big that he’s been stuck in any doorways yet.

7. I got him back for making me and my London Friend jump lots at the weekend (by screaming, while we were watching a film) – I hid outside the bathroom as he was leaving and from a crouching position, leaped out at him, screamed and tickled his thighs. The air turned very loud and very blue, very quickly.

8. It’s finally stopped raining.

9. Neff finished Pokemon Platinum (with help from Husby) and Niece watched lots of cartoons online and Husby watched them both while I tried to sleep off an unanticipated hayfever attack.

10. Tomorrow we shall see Upcountry friends who we miss, and who have a new baby we’ve not met yet (well, she’s not that new any more…), which will be very exciting.

Now resurrected as part of:

A Mother Life

18 thoughts on “More blankets please – it’s summer

  1. I sleep better under the weight of blankets, too. My husband sleeps on top of them, with a fan pointing at his, while I snuggle under my blankets. (I came from the Hump Day Hook Up.)


  2. Thanks for resurrecting this post, Lizzi. That conversation with your niece was priceless. And like you, I love to be snuggled under blankets – I think all that means is that we are warm, cuddly people. šŸ™‚


  3. There is a Parker-Knoll 'Man Chair' which I think could turn into a reading chair, but I tend to have 5 or 6 books on the go at once, so I think (as ever) the books I am reading will be all over the house, but the difference will be in their having a designated place to return to.

    Husby and I had a wonderfully indulgent conversation about our books and how we'll organise them – we figure by genre should be good.

    I so hope the hop works this week!


  4. Maybe that's what it is – fear of monsters!

    We do love our gardens over here – I'm not sure why so much but it does appear to be a big cultural 'thing' that we indulge in as a nation. My Mum particularly šŸ™‚

    The bookshelves are coming along beautifully šŸ™‚ I am still very excited.


  5. I'm with the group…at least as to the Bookshelves. Very attractive. I especially like that they are full floor-to-ceiling. Very libraryistic, do you have a designated chair? or do you 'borrow' a book to read and return it afterwords?

    'See' you tomorrow on the hop circuit.

    Hey!! Subsequent Readers!!! Come back at midnight and sign yerselfs up for the 10 Grat Hop… you'll be glad you did!


  6. The flowers are most beautiful and your mum actually grew them in her garden…the best part!
    One of the things I enjoyed the most on my visits to England were the gardens. I was amazed to see so many of them. I marveled to see townhomes, as we call them in the US, with the smallest of yards, be entirely comprised of flowers. Gorgeous.
    Now. This blanket thing. Ya do what ya gotta do! LOL Can't relate to the blanket thing but I can tell you this – it can be 200 degrees in the house but I absolutely have to have at least a sheet covering me. A holdover from childhood. Having at minimum a sheet covering your body was enough to keep the monsters(especially the ones under the bed)from getting you.
    Love, love the bookcases!!


  7. It really helps to have a friend to motivate you and keep you going, doesn't it šŸ™‚

    I am still very excited about the bookshelves – they are one of the best, most awesome things right now.

    And thanks for the compliment – I am if nothing else much more funny than the actual pink slug…

    I wish I knew what kind of rose it was. I want to say it's a David Austin one (a kind of designer rose which is popular here, dunno about worldwide) but it's absolutely stunning. And I know it's going to also drip petals everywhere in a few days time.

    Incidentally, if you ever make a trifle, the perfect summery topping (after the custard and whipped cream) is two colours of rose petals and those little silver confectionery balls…


  8. Oh, the flowers are BEAUTIFUL. The rose above the foxglove photo looks like it can't even be real! SO pretty.

    You are a much more attractive pink slug than the recently discovered one.

    Love the built in bookshelves. SO nice. Congrats on the success with shedding some pounds. It's such a hard thing to do. Good for you!! (Ashley and I just recently started on a pounds shedding quest of our own) –Lisa


  9. I'm so glad you think so too – it's a stunning bud šŸ™‚

    I think I'm going to be able to dine out on this story – it's had several people in stitches now šŸ™‚ And, er, all I can say is that it wasn't me!

    Thanks. They're much better than my attempt at drawing on a photo a few weeks back (oh HEY! I *have* done that, then – still, I guess bookshelves are easier than the awesomeness that you and Kristi regularly produce*)

    *now giggling at the rodeo-ninja-pig…again.


  10. (Don't tell anyone, but they're now busy shedding petals all over the place, particularly the geraniums – I think I snapped them at just the right moment)

    Thank goodness I'm not alone on the blankets thing! I may be an anomaly in my family, but in the wider world, I am NOT ALONE! Thanks for letting me know šŸ™‚


  11. That flower does look like the Fibonacci sequence!

    The response from your niece is fantastically hysterical! So, where did she learn the word? šŸ™‚

    The bookshelves are coming along very nicely!


  12. First off the flowers are beautiful. Seriously, loved your photos and second I am so much like you I need covers when I sleep, but my husband sounds like your that he hates them in the summertime. So could truly relate to your post today!!


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