‘Man’ speaks – Husby’s first guest post

 I suggested fairly recently that Husby might like to write a post for my blog, in part because I wanted him to feel important included in something I’ve been spending a lot of time doing, but also because (with regard to infertility) it’s quite hard to find a man’s perspective, even in a place as diverse as The Internet. Sweetly, he agreed to indulge me, and set about writing. I love the result and hope you do, too.

Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism – It’s a bit of a mouthful and basically means ‘buggered endocrine system’. The endocrine system is kind of important, though problems are not immediately fatal when compared to something going wrong with say the brain heart or lungs, thankfully.
Aside from all the side effects and resulting conditions *insert sympathy here* it means I have infertility. Grammatically that should be ‘I am infertile.’  To say that it sucks is a bit of an understatement. It’s also weird, not in the sense that it’s abnormal (which it is; ‘fertile’ being the default state of the healthy human race), but in that it has usually and traditionally been seen as a *hushed tone*‘wimmenz problem’, even though men are usually the contributing partner (parthenogenesis aside). Traditionally lack of male heirs was blamed on the woman by the ignorant, not realizing that it’s the male gamete that determines the gender! And of course we blokes are notorious for never going to the doctor ever, unless it’s serious
The whole ‘it’s mostly a woman thing’ is also funny as the drugs I’m on seemed to be marketed with women in mind. Thankfully I don’t worry about who it’s marketed for, I’m just grateful that I can have it. In addition I need to take another drug which generally only gets NHS* funding for women. Thankfully the lovely pharmacist Phil thought that I’d have to go on 6 months ago it and began sorting it out then so I could have it now. I would shudder to think what would happen if i) he wasn’t that smart or ii) the NHS didn’t care because I was a bloke. 

Notice the nice pastel colours.
Colours aside, even the name ‘Pregynl’  does not seem manly. I don’t know what a manly drug should be called: Rambomycin, Steelixitine, Angryvir, Arnold-Schwartzicyclin ? 
I would pick Rambomycin, administered by Rambo with a syringe fired from a bow
So I roll up to the hospital to learn that the pharmacist was off ill. Cue lots of bleeping, phoning and planning. Turns out the new medicine is easier to take than the one I’m currently on so I don’t actually need anyone to show me how to take it (in spite of them originally arranging extensive gaps in their schedules (now altered by illness) to show me what to do). Cue more waiting to get needles and syringes from another department. Bizarrely the pharmacy can give out expensive potent drugs, but not the method to take them.
So long story short, I’m on 6 shots a week on top of a minimum four daily shots of insulin (which by now is ‘normal’ so doesn’t count) so that in 3 months’ time my condition mightbe better enough to have sproglets (and by ‘better’, I mean my body will be co-operating by producing sperm, thus rendering sproglets a possibility). In 6 months we might have about a  50% chance of natural conception. So not lots. But better than nothing. And what’s a few dozen more injections in a lifetime?

….short of making me look like pinhead!
I’m glad I’m doing everything I can but it’s as slow process, and I think Wifey is coming round to that realization now. My experience of medicine is that specialists tend to know their field, doctors tend to want you to get better and that the human endocrine system is generally slow moving. With that in mind it’s a case of waiting yet again and dealing with the whole illness side while the infertility side hopefully sorts itself out quietly in the background.

*for the non-limeys NHS = obamacare/medicare but better in every way
Husby’s Ten Things of Thankfulness
1) NHS, Pharmacist Phil, Nurses & the super Dr Brown
2) Wifey for being supportive
3) Pepsi Max & Chocolate. Pepsi Max tastes like real Pepsi but with no sugar. Bonus: it contains caffeine. Chocolate needs no explanation.
4) D&D with friends yesterday. Almost a total party kill but they pulled through. Just!
5) House M.D. – Hugh Lauries’ mad antics as a genius doctor keeps me sane.
6) The recent nice weather. Ok today is a blip, but it’s hopefully going to pick up later in the week.
7) The Range – for having little polystyrene balls so I can make some planets for a miniature spaceship wargame.
8) My harmonica, I’m really bad at it but it’s fun and cathartic to blow funny noises with it.
9) My PC. She has been with me for many many years a lá Ship of Theseus
10) Flowers that mother-in-law brought yesterday. They are really nice and cheering.

20 thoughts on “‘Man’ speaks – Husby’s first guest post

  1. I'm so used to the 'sharp scratch' (as opposed to a blunt scratch??!) from all the needles and blood draws and injections and everything that I don't mind at all. I could probably do it myself.
    Mechanics-wise I get the metaphor, but there still should be a filter and oil change every so often!


  2. I guess the towel thing could work if the medicine doesn't and they have to be rather more…shall we say…invasive!

    I do like the Y Chromosome-side-of-the-fence stuff though – it's refreshingly different.


  3. excellent blogation, Joe!

    “And of course we blokes are notorious for never going to the doctor ever, unless it’s serious.”

    Very refreshing to see view 'in print'. Given how those of us from the, 'Y Chromosome side of the fence' are so under-represented in the blogosphere, it's refreshing to see someone voice a reasonable attitude about Drs and medicine and such. We all know that if you have a car (new or old) thats running the way you want it to, you don't take it to a mechanic!
    Take a car to a garage and start replacing parts and the next thing you know, you're trying to re-build the thing and your fun vehicle spends most of it's time stuck up on a lift with mechanics all digging around on it with power tools.*

    I would like to share something that I have learned to do when forced to deal with medical unpleasantries.
    If I'm in a Doctors office and anyone says/ types in an email/ or texts on their phone, the following: 'you may feel a little pinch' (or) 'lay back and try to make yourself comfortable'
    … I will immediately request a towel.

    Most of the times, they look a little puzzled but usually comply with my request. I, then take the towel and drape it over my head completely covering my face.

    It really helps! Not sure why, but it does. lol

    Good Post today! a chance to read a view of a friends life situation from a very-very-near-but-different-but-still quite similar-perspective!

    *Sorry for the horrifying visual metaphor for car repair and medicine


  4. Worth a try – I bet your husband would have some fascinating tales to tell.

    He's a funny sort, my fella – claims he's not creative then comes up with something awesome like Man Medicines 😀

    I'll give the relinking a try – I'm not 100% sure how to do it, so bear with me 🙂


  5. Excellent guest post by your husband! I need to get mine to write one. I love his choice for his medicine name: Rambomycin! HA! Now I need to copy you and start hounding my hubs to write a post from his perspective. Awesome idea! Love his thankful list as well. Excellent work.

    PS – I noticed I am on your blog roll (thank you!! and I SO need to make a blog roll) – when I updated my look, for some reason it doesn't pull from the home page. Any chance I can beg you to relink it to my feed? http://feeds.feedburner.com/findingninee


  6. Yes, the wizard was dead for a few moments (Sariella has a defibrillator or something!)but he took down the beholder before the gribbly thing chewed on him.


  7. He's occasionally wondered, but I feel it would turn out covered in toy soldiers and D&D. Very near TPK – D was looking rather worried as he rolled dice for you – what I did to her would have been NOTHING by comparison!


  8. Yes I like Hugh Laurie, and I like his crazy sense of humour as House. I mainly watch it for the mad stuff he gets up to and his bluntness towards patients (you're an idiot! etc) rather than the 'medical drama' !


  9. Didn't he do well? He's not so hot on the follow-ups though…I told him about 3 hours ago that he has comments to reply to and he's still at his computer NOT doing it! Ah well.


  10. He sure is 🙂 I only hope that all his efforts come to some kind of fruition at the moment. In the meantime he's gonna be getting better, which will definitely be positive.


  11. I absolutely LOVE that your hubby wrote this one…he is a keeper! Great sense of humor and willing to go in for a baby! 🙂 This is an excellent post and honestly brings a much-needed perspective to this issue.-Ashley


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