An Ode to the Ones that Won’t

Today has been just fine – to the point where there’s actually nothing at all interesting to write here.

In the opposite way to hospital patients (who all want the doctors to find them distinctly uninteresting, commonplace and easily-treatable) bloggers (I suppose) are always on the lookout for a story – something with which to regale the masses few people who stop on by to check them out.

And of course, there’s always the inherent (though sometimes tiny) promise, whispering in the ear of all who ply their words in public “If they like it enough, they might come back!”

Oh the allure of that quiet, seductive voice.

So we wrack our brains, we analyse each moment of the day, trying desperately to find some manner of rendering it amusing, engaging and above all entertaining, for what do we love more than to entertain? To invite, to captivate, to tantalisingly tickle the reader’s thinkbuds. (To alliterate?)

But alas, there are days when all is right with the world, but nothing particularly so. There are things which are funny, but not remarkably so. Events happen which confuse, amuse, sadden or frustrate us, but not to a notable extent. And at this point we are up the metaphorical creek with no paddle and that ever present (if to a large extent, imaginary) audience to attend to.

Today was one of those days, so instead I’ve drawn on an old resource which was written long ago when I was having a day filled with a similar problem.

With no further ado – an Ode to the Ones that Won’t

It’s not that I lack the words.
I can see them in all their finery
Hear their resonance inside my skull;
Taste their lingering richness.
They are as smooth as a silver fish
And have the heart of a dragon
Burning to be used.
Smouldering with a vividness
Only found in hot coals and fairytales.
Where I sit now
It is drab and cold – there is no magic in this milieu.
Raindrops are my companions,
Each falling wet on wet
Cold on cold.
In the palace of my mind
Full of grandeur and gold
These words recline on velvet cushions,
Complacently savouring the luxury of just existing.
Priceless art cannot show as much as these words.
Diamonds are not as beautiful,
Wine is not as intoxicating
Nor are iron-bound caskets so full of treasure.
I alone know their worth
For they are elusive
And will not consent to be displayed.
I alone must lament
And know their loss,
Whilst they remain smugly resplendent
Not budging.
Ten Things of Thankful #9 (of my two-week challenge)
1. I have only got one day of college left
2. I have only two assignments left and time to do them
3. I’m going to the movies at the weekend with my good friend (and Husby) to see Fast and Furious 6
4. Tomorrow’s a diet day and so far, so good – it’s being easy to stick to and having great effects
5. I get to see Niece and Neff on Thursday
6. Don’t tell anyone in case it breaks it, but this week, I’ve been feeling less terrible about the whole infertility thing
7. I spent a lovely evening with friends
8.There were nachos involved, and D&D
9. Husby said he might write a guest post for me, and I may just hold him to it
10. I had a wonderful chat with Clark and we even managed to get a brief videochat going! Thanks Facebook.

Julie DeNeen 2.0

10 thoughts on “An Ode to the Ones that Won’t

  1. Thanks. I'm not sure what to turn it into at all, but you can feel free to print it out if you like it so much šŸ™‚ If you figure out a way to make more of it, let me know and we can go from there šŸ™‚


  2. I want your poem in a frame… stat! Those are simply the most powerful and beautiful poetic words streamed together just so brilliantly and eloquently, I want to soak them in over and over again!!! Please- turn them into something. They are worthy of that. Just love reading your words!! šŸ™‚


  3. Thank you. I had a real issue with words that day (and yesterday) and the two seemed to fit well together. Chatting with Clark was awesome (if brief, due to technical difficulties) šŸ™‚


  4. This is true – a day in which the unremarkable manages to reach out across the wilds of the internet and sufficiently appeal to three people to the extent that they take the time and effort to engage back, now there's a wonder worth holding in mind šŸ™‚


  5. Aw no! I hope she feels better soon šŸ˜¦ There's never a good time for a double ear infection. I hope you get your wish soon…it can get so tiring when one thing happens after another.

    And yes, it was AMAZING šŸ™‚


  6. agree with my esteemed colleaguettes you have succeeded and made the non-noticable and ordinary sort of day interesting.
    Sort of what Castanada has don Juan tell Carlos… it is not the words themselves that are important, it is the Power they carry.
    How else to explain how the mundane and ordinary becomes interesting…
    of course having the kind of mind that will come up with a line like,

    “Events happen which confuse, amuse, sadden or frustrate us, but not to a notable extent.”

    surely doesn't hurt. lol

    It is, I suspect the power of the author willing to speak to the world (3 people, I person re-telling badly or 43,000 people) that starts the process of making the un-eventful into something more.

    See? you've managed to alter 3 people's lives* Not bad for a plain old Tuesday.

    (now for the video conferences… there is something that will be of interest and value as we proceed.
    * to an extent, to the degree that I spent 15 minutes, Kristi and Janine spent the time they did thinking about, reflecting on and writing a Comment…all caused by your doing something with un-remarkable events of a slow day. No doubt, my timeline/life will back-fill from the momentum of habit, but no change is non-significant. fun stuff.


  7. I love how you said that there are days when all is right with the world but nothing in particular so. Awesome sentence. Awesome, awesome sentence.


  8. Oh what a lovely poem and wish I had a quiet day today, but my little one was sick again. So back to the doctor to find out she had a double ear infection. I really am just wishing for one week where no one in my house is ill, but that is just me. Oh and I love that you had a video conference with Clark. Seriously got to love technology for sure!! šŸ™‚


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