My Fantasy Garage

It’s been a madly, wonderfully exciting weekend with the first Ten Things of Thankful hop going live and receiving an astoundingly positive response. I have loved reading each and every person’s Ten Things and have been completely bowled over by the honesty, joy and wonderful I have found there. I have been entertained, uplifted, awestruck and humbled by the things which others have shared. I loved every moment of it and warmly invite everyone back to join in again (and bring friends) next weekend.

So just ‘because’ (and partly because it’s been quite an emotional weekend), I’m going to step (largely) away from the norm and post a completely somewhatly frivolous entry here.

Growing up I was never into the ‘girlie’ things that the other lasses seemed to be – I didn’t understand makeup or ‘clothes’ or why they really mattered – I was far too busy getting into things like climbing the apple tree to read books perched among the branches, digging to Australia in the vegetable patch, pestering to go to the beach or crab fishing, or swooning over traction engines and vintage cars at local steam fairs (the absolute high spots of my summers).

As such, to me (from a very young age) absolutely THE most glamorous thing that a person could be was the soot-and-sweat-spattered, be-overalled driver of one of those glorious, gleaming traction engines, entering the ring with brass shining, flywheels a-spinning, delicious smoke pouring forth from the chimney.

Ever since that tender age, I have been obsessed with these gorgeous machines and still hold vague hopes that I’ll come across someone who wants to take me under his wing and teach me how to make one work.

In the meantime, the other thing I loved at these rallies was the vintage cars, and then I got into noticing the cars on the roads. Within a relatively short time, I was better than my female friends at knowing which car was which and began to appreciate the design points.

I hasten to point out, that I don’t know the first thing about the inside of a car and wouldn’t have a clue how to maintain one. My own, poor car, goes for months without oil checks, tyre checks or washing, and would have my dear Grandad (it was his previously) spinning in his grave because he was always very proud of his smart, red car (and rightly so – it’s a cracking car).

The outside of a car, on the other hand, is something which quite gets me going. I’m very shallow in that respect. I couldn’t talk to you about horsepower, torque, engine size or structure or any of those very technical things. I’m all about how the car looks.

My fantasy garage waxes and wanes as I see new cars I like and remove those I wasn’t really that keen on. It’s a list in my mind, and though I doubt I’d ever have the money (or, if I did have the money, the lack of social conscience which would allow me to spend it on said car) to buy one, but the small section of my brain which ticks over this every now and again is kept very happy by the following vehicles.

1. My absolute favourite and one of the first cars I became a little irrationally obsessed with was ‘Eleanor’ from the movie ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’. I watched that film every day for about three weeks when it first came out, just to see that wonderful machine being driven around. I was gutted when I later researched and found that the car used in the film had been put together from a couple of other models, but with no further ado, the Ford Shelby Mustang GT 500

2. Not that I could ever afford even this, but a retro classic and a nod to the surfing lifestyle I once thought might be possible (if the water wasn’t so damn cold around here…and I could surf) – the VW Split-screen Camper Van

3. A car which is more of a possibility (one day) being an everyday roadcar rather than a supercar or hunk of muscle; the Toyota Celica (2000)

4. Another Toyota, this time a little older, a little boxier (but I do like that) and completely awesome, the ’91 MRII

5. A long-loved favourite (it’s small, it’s cute and it looks like it’d beat you in a scrap) the Ford Capri

6. Then from the dinky-awesome to the re-DONK-ulous, the Ford GT, which is just a gleaming, slick pile of WOWZER! (although, given the choice, I’d still take the Shelby)

7. From thence to a little older, a little more Italian, and a lot more like a rocket which is set for the moon, the stunning (and incredibly tiny) Marcos Mantula (a car I once saw, parked repeatedly in a road nearby, and would cycle past extra-slowly so I could gaze upon its beauty for longer)

8. Likewise the sleek elegance of the Jaguar XJS, which lived in a different street nearby, and I had a total car-crush on, again slowing down when I walked past so that I could drink it in with my eyes.

9. This is the last of the older entries, and came about years ago having read Jeffrey Deaver’s ‘The Bone Collector’, in which the lead character, Amelia, drives one, and I couldn’t picture it, so looked it up and fell in carlove; the Chevrolet Camaro

10. My newest entry, shown to me by my SanFranFriend, who is a fellow drooler-over-pretty-cars (though he works with them and knows far more about their mechanicals than I ever will) and with whom I indulge in many fantasy-car-related flights of fancy. The Honda NSX

So there’s the tour. I hope you enjoyed it.

I also hope that you get some idea of the styles and designs I like if for no other reason than that I know that I am comprehendable to *someone* out there. I say this because Husby, the love of my life, my companion, close friend and (supposedly) one of the people who knows me best, upon hearing that I might share my fantasy garage, recommended this…

Ten Things of Thankful #8 (of my personal, two week challenge)

1. Cars, their designers and the local people who buy ones I like so I can go and drool over them without too much inconvenience
2. The internet, so I can keep having conversations with like-minded people who will know that there is no earthly reason to even SHOW me a picture of a weird little pea-car
3. Husby, for trying
4. The new South African Barbeque shop I found in town, which sells the most DELICIOUS chilli biltong strips I think I’ve ever found. I will be going back.
5. The pre-application interview went really well today and I have subsequently applied. Now to wait and see if I am shortlisted!
6. We now have a window-cleaner. A man with a ladder knocked at our door and gave us his card, offered to clean our windows and then had time and space to do them immediately when we said ‘yes please’. We are now looking out of sparkling, non-rain-stained windows (cos it’s tough to clean your own windows in a first floor flat)
7. The Bloppy Bloggers group on Facebook, which is filled with wonderful, inspiring people who are all prepared to help me!
8. My WonderAunty helped me a lot on my CV lately, has suggested a ‘consultation’ and I feel much more prepared for further job-seeking
9. Mum’s coming to tea and we’re going to have a delicious curry with homemade flatbreads
10. The sun’s still shining – maybe we’ll get a Summer after all.

10 thoughts on “My Fantasy Garage

  1. I never saw Kit – I really need to! I've heard so much about it.

    See, now if your hubby likes lambos and you do too, the next step is to persuade him to buy you one…:)


  2. Is it really? You astonish me! I may have to try to seek out the original (though now I love the remake so much, I don't know if I'll cope with seeing it altered).

    I adore the F&F movies (bar Tokyo Drift) and am really excited about finally going to see #6 at the weekend with a friend. I also loved Herbie as a youngster, so perhaps that set the precedent!

    Thanks – so far so good. I may then extend longer but we'll see. As an exercise for myself I think it's still proving useful at the moment. But certainly every Saturday.


  3. I rather like Kit, the talking car when I was a little girl. In recent years, I've taken a liking to Lamborghinis, which comes from hubby for the most part. A Murcielago just rocks my boat. Especially, since they have such wonderful names for all their cars.


  4. I'm not really a car guy… at least with maintaining or knowing anything about what makes them tick. I'm more on that shallow level like yourself. The look. However, I don't look them up ever online, and I very very rarely attend a car show (though I like the vintage style car shows).

    Some of those cars were new to me. I will always have a place for “Eleanor” πŸ™‚ I actually like that movie a bit. Actually, movies about cars (Fast & Furious / Gone in 60 Seconds [a remake did you know? I originally hadn't]) I tend to love. I find that somewhat odd.

    I can get down with the Bubble Car. >.> Eh…

    Good luck with your two weeks! Down to this final one, but then every Saturday thereafter?

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  5. It was so much fun πŸ™‚ I was really glad you joined in and enjoyed it. Rain is horrible – we're meant to get some tomorrow, which is hugely disappointing (just when I thought it was turning into summer). I'd be interested to know what an actual car buff thought of my choices (seeing as how I actually have no clue about cars and am going on looks alone…)


  6. Love, loved your new hop and will so be joining in again. Unfortunately we have more rain today, but oh well what can you do. And you tour of cars was amazing. My dad has always been a huge car buff and would so love looking at all the cars you posted up. May have to show him!! πŸ™‚


  7. OOoo I just looked it up on Google! Fingers crossed your husband finds you one – looks gorgeous.

    Looking forward to seeing you in the hop πŸ™‚ Have a great week.


  8. I'm not nearly as obsessed about cars as you, but I've always wanted a 1966 Ford Mustang convertible. I've asked my husband for one for my 50th Birthday. He has three years to find one.

    I love your Blog Hop idea! I will definitely be joining up this weekend!



  9. Thanks – it's on every weekend so do join in again πŸ™‚ (also, side note which*I* found hilarious is that I just popped in here having left your blog πŸ™‚ )


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