A wonderful weekend

This is gorgeous – the blog hop really does go on *all* weekend!

If you’ve already joined in, don’t worry – you don’t need to make another entry until next weekend (unless you’re really up for it and feel like a double-slam-dunk, in which case please, be my guest) but if you’ve not joined in yet and you’d like to, please do. If you haven’t got a blog, you can use the comments box 🙂

 Our good friend came to stay this weekend. At the point the blog-hop was going live, she and I were deep in red wine and shooting the breeze. She then forced (and I do mean forced; like held down with knife to throat because it was SO unbelievably awful) me to watch the movie ‘Casanova’ with her. She thought it might be ok because it had Heath Ledger in it, but it was more like a terrible, protracted advert for nasty perfume.

I just don’t know how it did it, either. It was set in Venice, which is widely recognised to be one of the most beautiful cities ever (my Dad keeps telling me “If you only get to go abroad to one place in future, make it Venice.”, and they made it look trashy. The acting managed to simultaneously to be hammed up to the extreme and vastly under-done. The storyline was bizarre and crafted to pass from one spectacle to another with little in the way of character development or anything less than the utterly hackneyed. The laws of physics were totally bypassed on several occasions and it was just so heinous overall, it was probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen for a while.

I am adding it firmly to my list of movies to never, ever watch again, and to warn people to stay the heck away from if they don’t want to feel the bitter wretchedness of knowing that they’ll never get that 90 minutes back again.

We got up late yesterday then wandered into town, where we ended up, complete with posh(ish) coffees, sitting in the sunshine by the sea, watching the cruise ships leaving (and deafening everyone with their incredibly loud horns). We pondered the logistics and appealability of cruises, jetskis and holidays in general. We both described the vehicles we’d like to drive (her; a massive mining truck, a cruise ship or an aeroplane – me; a traction engine, a steam train and an HGV) and chatted about the jobs we’re applying for.

I cooked everyone some Moroccanish Lamb Pitas for tea, then she and I went to babysit my gorgeous Goddaughter (who, from her bed, looked at me with a small smile, allowed me to kiss her goodnight, then said (impatiently) “Can you ask Mummy to come up and say goodnight, please?”) where we accidentally napped on the sofas then read children’s books, laughing lots at Dr Seuss.

Back home, we drank tea and watched G.I. Jane (she’d never seen it before but had caught snippets) and chatted a little before a (relatively) early night at 2am.

Then Husby had a night-hypo at 5.30am and it all went pear-shaped. Poor guy is wiped out, so I’m on my best, wifely behaviour and trying to keep his spirits up.

Moroccanish Lamb (for those who shall remain nameless, but who usually tell me off for writing about a recipe without actually writing the recipe – you know who you are)

(serves 4)

1. Take 250g lean lamb mince and cook in a little olive oil in a saucepan with a finely chopped onion, 2 cloves of sliced garlic and a good shaking of cinnamon (1tsp?).
2. Add a 400g can of chickpeas (drained) and three chopped bell peppers
3. Season with a stock cube (or similar) and some paprika
4. Add a handful of sultanas and some roughly chopped, dried apricots
5. If you have it to hand, add a small handful of chopped fresh coriander (cilantro)
6. Serve in warmed, cut, wholemeal pitas

NB: There is no ‘sauce’ with this dish, so when it starts to stick to the pan, add a splash of water to keep the mixture loose and mixable)

Ten Things of Thankful #7 (of my personal, two-week challenge)

1. For friends and room to host them
2. For meds which will hopefully soon help Husby feel better
3. For my church friend who was able to step in at the last moment and help in creche
4. For salt and vinegar crisps
5. For pharmacies open on Sundays
6. For days in which I feel Nina Simone is appropriate

7. For the people who continue to amaze and humble me by joining in the blog hop and sharing their things of thankful
8. For conversation over the internet with fascinating, thoughtful, inspiring people
9. For food, cooking and sharing food with friends and family
10. For a pre-application interview I have tomorrow for a job which could be *AWESOME* as a trainee diabetic eye-screener with my own van.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts

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14 thoughts on “A wonderful weekend

  1. Thanks, he has recovered now. Diabetes (Type 1) is precisely the thing – good diagnosis. It's such a relief that there are meds out there to help.

    Stay away from that film at ALL costs! Believe me. Even when slightly drunk it wasn't worth watching!


  2. Aha! Sounds like the weekend was a success! Minus the incident with the hubs 😦 Hope he is feeling a lot better now.

    I guess I am a bit clueless (or behind) on the going ons of any possible medical complications being experienced. Though, diabetes seemed hinted at. I'm very thankful there are meds he can take to make him feel worlds better, too!

    Going to have to remember to just avoid that movie. It wasn't ever really on my list of “must see” movies. Now it's just doubly not on it! Appreciate that. On a side note, I'd love to visit Venice!

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  3. Welcome – I'm glad you like the whole 'thankfulness' deal, and be rest assured – we're running this every weekend from now on so you will have ample chance to join in from now on 🙂 Sorry you missed it this time.


  4. Oh how I love that you came over to my blog…just so I could find YOU!!! Thankfulness is CONTAGIOUS! I absolutely love and adore this link up idea. How often do you run it? I will be SURE to get on the next one that comes around. SO grateful to have you for a new friend!! (There's number one on my gratitude list!)


  5. good work, yo

    Now, if you would just send me the code that you sent to Kristi (Finding Ninee) I went there (her blog) and it looks to work perfectly… clearly the code I was sent got banged up in the process of shipping.

    thanks for inviting me to participate.


  6. Why thankyou – I do rather pride (oops, I shouldn't though, should I?) myself on being able to bang together something rather scrumptious and (better) feed my friends. I cannot bake though. That is my sister's realm.

    Sultanas are bigger, browner, softer raisins (I assume y'all have raisins there…)

    I hate grams too – I certainly bake (badly) in oz. 1oz=25g, so I guess 10pz lamb, 16oz can chickpeas (in water). I assume a tsp is the same 😉

    Also, baby lamb….tastes GOOD 😀

    It was a great morning, thanks.


  7. You are a dear and a darling and I love your ten things. I'm so glad you've had a lovely day and the children are letting you relax on your throne of cushions with p'tea and rainbow drops. I can picture it now 🙂


  8. You dear, are a cook! Once I get the gram to ounces figured out and I get over the creepiness of eating of my brother's little lambs aaand I figure out what sultanas are, I will be all over that recipe. 🙂
    Sounds like a wonderful morning in town.


  9. 1. For the most awesome bestest sister ever who thinks up wonderful blogIdeas.
    2.sunshine. I'm acctually begining to warm up!
    3. Loving family
    4. Amazing new man
    5. Rainbow drops (eating now) fantastical drops of joy!
    6. The kids are FINALLY asleep
    7. Fabby days out at Staunton country park. Really, if u have kids under 10 and in reachable distance of Havent then its a great day trip. http://www.hants.gov.uk/staunton
    8. P'tea
    9. Positive influence
    10. Cushions. This chair is ridonkulous!!


  10. I *love* your photos. It looks like you had an amazing holiday. I can't remember the name of the ice-cream parlour that everyone's 'meant' to visit in San Marco (Florian's?) but I'd love to go there.


  11. 1. The sunshine – summer is finally arriving!
    2. I have applied for a job and (with friend's help) might have made a decent job of the application – here's hoping!
    3. Said friend and her lovely little family I have just spent the week with.
    4. Colchester zoo for keeping us all entertained all day yesterday – a good time had by all.
    5. Catching up with a friend I had not seen in a LONG time at her lovely college in Cambridge and being shown all round town.
    6. Catching up with another friend and her hubby in her lovely new house they've bought.
    7. Being able to go back to a place I lived at when very small and see the house we lived in.
    8. Cuddles with friend's lovely bunny, poor thing's quite ill and much more placid than normal!
    9. Having a car and it behaving so I can drive to all these places.
    10. Mother for looking after the cat and house while I was away.

    How's that for a start Lizzi?


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