The FIRST Ten Things of Thankful blog hop

It’s finally here! 

The first post of the first blog hop I’ve ever attempted to host.

And I’m thinking it’s going to be utterly marvellous, in fact, I’m thinking of what I’m going to say in years to come when this becomes the blog hop to top them all and I step up to receive my OBE (Order of the Blogging Empire) from whoever is then King or Queen of all Blogdom and here’s how it goes…

“I’m so surprised – I didn’t think it would be me! *deep breaths*

This is such an honour for many reasons. Firstly, Ten Things of Thankful was the initial, small hop I grew with a hope of spreading a little joy and making people really take some time to think about what’s been going on with them lately that’s really, really good. I have a theory, you see, that no matter how bad it gets, there is always something to be thankful for (even if it’s only that it isn’t worse).

And now that Ten Things of Thankful has gone viral 27 times, is part of the curriculum in 14 countries and once brought the President to tears as he tried to explain how it had affected his life for the good, I just want to tell you a bit about that very first one. *a small tear will trickle down my face*

I was nervous, to begin with, that no-one would like it, and no-one would co-host with me; I had visions of Going It Alone and failing horribly. Then like magic, not one, not two, but eight, wonderful people jumped on board alongside me and made it happen. We even met up once to celebrate and had a wild night (in the way that bloggers do – plugged into Skype) to share our joy at how well it went.

But then there were the dark years when criticism poured in as the hop became more and more lucrative and we phoned one another from our diamond mansions to discuss what we should do – apparently the readers didn’t appreciate us giving thanks for our massive bank accounts each week – so we clubbed together and spent all of our hard-earned gains on buying Australia and ridding it of poisonous critters so that we could legitimately rename it ThankfulLand. 

*voice wobbling* The people loved us again for that, because we realised that those who were genuinely for one another could govern themselves well and we created a country of joy and refuge where people worked together, helped one another and celebrated together. ThankfulLand currently enjoys the highest population of civil-minded, graceful-living, pro-neighbourly people in the world as well as the highest numbers of employment and the lowest rates of crime.

*misty-eyed nostalgia* And it all started back in 2012, with that first, tentative post, and then the people started joining in – so allow me a moment to thank those staunch, founding members by name…”

That’s the point where, if you want your name featured in, say, forty years, you’ll add your Ten Things of Thankful and linkie us up.

In all seriousness though, there’s no reason this couldn’t get huge (with your help) because there seems to be an increasing trend for folk to focus on the negatives in life (I know I’ve been guilty of that) and it can be really hard to get back under control until the reins are taken back and the positives are purposefully recognised.

SO by all means, post whatever you were going to post this weekend, but if you feel you’d like to consciously and intentionally seek out the joy, the good and the positive in your life, grab our banner and join right on in.

When I first broached the idea of this hop, I got a lot of feedback saying that it was a ‘great idea’. I don’t deflect kind, affirming feedback without good cause, but in this case I think it’s worth holding back for a second, because what this here actually is, is the start of a great idea. Whether or not it turns out to be a great idea is down to you – because its potential greatness is all in whether or not it perpetuates.

I’m thrilled to have you here, and I look forward to seeing what’s going on with you that’s worth celebrating – I am so looking forward to sharing your happinesses and seeing how far we can take this thing together.

Without further ado

Ten Things of Thankful

1. That I had a wonderful time playing netball with friends on Friday evening
2. The rain storms went away and the sun shone warmly for the rest of the day and I could even get my bike out
3. Husby helped me clean the house ready for our friend to come and stay
4. There is ROOM for our friend to come and stay – YAY second bedroom!
5. I had more lovely snuggles with Niece and Neff
6. Neff’s face of sheer glee when he catches a Pokemon he wanted on the DS
7. I’m about to eat homemade sweet potato wedges and frankly, they’re going to be utterly delicious
8. This blog hop
9. My friends who are helping me stay accountable for weight loss and exercise – they are rigorous!
10. I’ll be babysitting my gorgeous Goddaughter again this evening and I love seeing her, if only for a short while.

Aaaaaaaaaand a super-special ‘thing of thank-you’ from my WonderAunty, who has been avidly following my progress here and wanted to make known her special thank-you today:
“For favourite eldest nieceywiecey and favourite youngest nieceywiecey and for the silver threads of everyday love and kindness that link us all together and for faith, hope and love.”

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful
 Your hosts

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34 thoughts on “The FIRST Ten Things of Thankful blog hop

  1. No…possibly these people tend to be those who are somewhat entrenched in real life and consider a relationship of any kind with someone at the other end of a keyboard somewhat distasteful. I reckon they're troglodytes 🙂 Nothing depersonalised about it, it's the same as a friend who moves away and you keep in touch over the phone or whatever.


  2. Thank you very much! I sometimes dabble in the lighter side. Time will tell 🙂

    I agree about online friends most certainly! Though, sometimes others don't quite understand it lol


  3. Jak, you will be remembered as one of those who first stood to support the Ten Things of Thankful hop 🙂 And even if you're in The Grey, you're welcome to come and join the lighter side if you feel like it at a weekend. I still maintain that ten things can be found, even if it's “It's not worse than this.”

    I hope you find some friend power to support you soon. Online friends are just as good as Real Life ones in that respect 🙂


  4. Hahaha that was an excellent foreseen acceptance speech! All those diamond mansions are likely blinding 🙂

    If it takes place in ThankfulLand I won't be there, though. I'll have to watch on my holographic entertainment system from some remote location. If I am allowed into ThankfulLand I'm sure I will find a way to corrupt it.

    BUT, I will help you pave the way for as long as I can. I won't be frolicking in the light, nor prowling in the shadows; I will exist somewhere within The Grey.

    I am glad you were able to get your place set up for your friends to visit. Sounds like you are going to have some fun times! Definitely a good thing to be thankful for friends and family. I could use some of that friend power for my own diet/exercise endeavors.

    Thank you for organizing this blog hop and congratulations to you once you accept your award! I look forward to participating in it 🙂

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink


  5. Very cool! Being thankful is one way to happiness and good things in our lives. Loved this post. 🙂 Thank you also for visiting my blog the other day. I loved your insights!


  6. I shall remember in my acceptance speech that you cheered us on from the sidelines from the beginning and stuck with us through thick and thin (though do feel free to tell me at any point if my arrogance is no longer becoming 😉 ) I haven't heard of that book – I will have to look it up. Sounds brilliant 🙂


  7. I just wanted to tell you that I was there in the crowd, not inside her Blogdom's kingdom obviously, but outside watching your speech broadcasted with the thousands who were there and I cheered whenever you took a breath. 🙂 LOVED the post and the hop. I'm a fan of the small things and I loved your thankful ten list. BTW, I haven't read it by did you hear about The Book of Awesome? I think it's along those lines and might inspire you.


  8. Hehe she's awesome. Just Awesome.

    I couldn't have done it alone – it's truly been a team effort. I think you've managed to recruit the most people to it, so don't go being all humble 😉 Group success and I'm very excited. (you can come to my OBE ceremony and all, if you want). Looking forward to next week now.

    And with the exercise thing…I'll try.


  9. I completely understand why you call her “WonderAunty”. She's delightful.
    I'm so glad you took the initiative to figure out how to do a blog hop, then went to all the work to get it set up. Here I sit, getting to co-host and read all these wonderful thankful posts, and all I had to do was put my name on it. Doesn't exactly sound fair.
    Friends to support you in your exercise are invaluable. Keep it up!


  10. Awesome sauce! Looking forward to reading yours later. And yes, at some point in the future, we will definitely influence a future president…well, maybe, but get your hair done just in case 🙂


  11. Wow, I think I need to do another edit – I hadn't realized that the president will be reading this. Thank you huge for including me. I'm getting a (much needed haircut, highlights and – maybe lowlights because I now have 2 little ugly patches of gray) this afternoon and will link up once I'm home this evening! YAY.


  12. This is so cool! I post my link on Christine's page, it shows up on yours, too. MAGIC!

    And aren't you lucky to have #9? It's so much harder when your friends are the kind who try to get you to sway from your diet and exercise regimen JUST THIS ONCE.


  13. ok… think I have mine ready… going to set it to publish at 11:57 pm 06/07/13 it looks like the sign up thing is working (where people add their own blogs but, like everything in life (in mine in any event) there is a degree of re-work…tryout adjust etc… actually kinda fun)

    (I *know* that this is not about the numbers… but I'll bet we end up with mad readers…we'll see).

    Great idea C. thanks for the invite on this.


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