Blog Hop Announcement

After a resounding success at the recruitment stage, I am delighted to announce that the Ten Things of Thankful blog-hop-to-be has not three, not four, but NINE co-hosts (myself included). Watch out though, as things can always change.

How utterly, deliciously perfect is that?

We will go live on Saturday 8th of June at 00:00 (whatever time is local to the particular host) and will end at 23:23 on Sunday 9th of June, giving everyone plenty of time to join in.

I spent a lot of time figuring out the tool I need to use to allow you all to link in, and *hope* I have it nailed. Time shall tell. There’s even a banner you’ll be able to grab and add to your post; a clickable version of the picture above.

If you don’t blog, don’t worry – comment boxes are also an appropriate (and welcomed) way to join in.

Rinse and repeat each weekend from now and Ta-DAH! One brand, spanking new blog-hop is born.

Allow me to introduce my co-hosts, all of whom I am thrilled (and somewhat awed) to have on board with me.

With no further ado (and in alphabetical order, just because I can) allow me to present to you

The ‘Ten Things of Thankful’ Co-hosts

Andi, from Bringing the Sunshine

Cam, from A Woman’s Place…Depends on Her Vocation

Christine, from A Fly on our (Chicken Coop) Wall 

Clark, from The Wakefield Doctrine 

Joy, from Icansaymama 

Kristi, from Finding Ninee 

Patch, from Steps into Parenthood 

Rebecca, from Shoved To Them

In other news, I am making this announcement and running away – I’m off on a marine survey which will involve lots of beaching, some BBQ and a little overnight camp (dodgy, even in June!)

Wish me good weather.

Two weeks of Ten Things of Thankful (my personal challenge) #1

1. It’s been another sunny day
2. I’ve managed to create two potential guest posts for other blogs – more on them if they get published
3. I won at Scrabble
4. I found two jobs to apply for
5. I spent some quality time with Husby
6. I got to watch two episodes of QI, which I love
7. I had awesome pineapple-and-custard for pudding this evening and didn’t even have to fix it myself
8. Husby has promised to clear the kitchen before I arrive back on Tuesday
9. The weather looks set to stay fine
10. I’ve been looking into embryo adoption, which holds promise…maybe.


6 thoughts on “Blog Hop Announcement

  1. Yes, we shall see. At the moment the only positive response I've had is from an organisation in the US, who would want me to travel there for the procedure. So I now need to look into whats available here in the UK.


  2. I suspect you may be a minority gender in the blogosphere, unless there are secret robots/aliens/DIY blogs I know nothing of – I have 80 blogs on my blogroll, of which 6 are by men!

    I shall attempt a photo or so, though increasingly I feel that the functions offered by a smartphone may be far more useful in that capacity than the ol' brick I currently enjoy…perhaps I shall chance matters here once there are finances to do so.

    And thank you for offering to be a co-host..I'm looking forward to see what interest we all garner together…


  3. Congratulations on the completion of a (clearly) busy week with a great deal (clearly) accomplished!

    Thank you for accepting my application to be one of the co-hist(s)*

    Enjoy your time at the shore (is ocean? or sea?) there is no bad season for being at the beach, though warm is always better than cold.

    Don't forget the photos! and maybe a video Post 'en locale'? that would be very cool.

    *almost a clever made-up word, comes *that* close to being funny, but I'm kinda of fond of it. Besides, my only other joke about being a member of the minority gender is something along the lines of '…being from the Y chrome side of the fence'**
    ** yeah, I know…. ha ha


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