Ten blogs of thankful (open auditions)

Having started the ball rolling yesterday with my wonderful announcement about trying to set up a new blog hop, I was pretty surprised (and thrilled) by the positive responses the idea gained – I already have not one, but two co-hosts.
Please welcome to the spotlight, Christine; Coop Mama of six, Pig-Farmer extraordinaire, and all-round beacon of shiningly lovely posts (seriously, some are so funny I’ve cried with laughter…though they may not have been intended to be *quite* that funny). If you need a fix of the funny things kids do or how trying to get a pig to take its medicine (or pretty much do anything it doesn’t want to do) can turn into an instant rodeo, she’s your woman.

Next up is Kristi, whose ‘Ninee’ (that’s ‘aeroplane’ to us) -loving son inspired her to write about him, her experiences, and from there diversified into a little bit of everything. The thing I love most about Kristi’s blog is how often she provides her own illustrations, which add a whole new level to the joy and humour.

In fact, it’s just struck me that both of my co-hosts pepper their blog with their own illustrations…I feel I may be missing a trick here. Let’s see…

Here’s Christine trying to give her sick pig an injection

Here’s Kristi, having an embarrassing moment

Here’s one I just made of me ripping my trousers on barbed wire in the fores…oh nevermind.

I think I’d better leave the hand-made illustrations to Other People! Like my two co-hosts. However, because today I feel like doing things in even numbers, I’ll go right ahead and share my ten blogs of thankful and see if a fourth person would like to jump on the joy train.

Because lets face it – we could all do with a little joy! It’s something which seems to be in short supply and I know I have days where even reading that someone else has a Good Thing going makes me feel better. What better way to organise it than having a weekend blog hop, where people can drop in and share their warm fuzzies with one another. I daresay we’ll all feel better for it.

The other thing, which I think is really important, is to try to change our attitudes. When I’m having a day of struggling, trying to think of ten things to be thankful for (no matter how banal) makes me focus on the positives in life wherever they are. I am taking reality by the throat and making it Less Bad, which is a skill I can’t recommend highly enough.

These ten blogs are not the only ones I follow. They’re also not the only good ones out there.

But they are ones which, when a new post comes up on my feed, I think ‘Oh GOODY’ and read it straight away. (They’re also not the only ones I think ‘Oh goody’ about, but let’s face it, having a list of ten does limit me rather).

If any of these people of the ten (who I have listed without seeking any permission first and who can take umbrage or slip me a tenner for the publicity later) wish to be my fourth co-host, I would be enchanted.

If any blogger NOT of these ten would like to co-host, please get in touch πŸ™‚

And if anyone would like to join in, check back next weekend for the grand opening.

Ten Blogs of Thankful

1. A Fly on our (Chicken Coop) Wall
I know I’m going on a bit, but I do love Christine’s blog. It was the first one which I went back and read ALL of the posts to. Her writing is warm and humorous and every day she posts is a day made better by reading something wonderful. She’s offered to let me mow her lawn, and she’s lucky I don’t live in the US, or I’d totally be round there, mowing every day, just trying to be part of the fun.

2. Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With my Morning Quiet Time
Kate had me at the name! Witty, acerbic at times, and always fresh, this blog always brings a giggle. She also provides excellent updates on Facebook about ‘how I nearly threw up at the gym’ or ‘did my pilates instructor *really* just say “Prepare to die”?’

3. A Woman’s Place…Depends on Her Vocation
Cam’s middle daughter seems very similar to Niece – a nutty, sweet, climbing ball of the ever-unexpected. Her eldest blesses the cats before bed (whether the cats want it or not) and her youngest has one of the cutest baby-boy smiles I’ve seen in a while. From the profound to the workaday, this blog is never mundane and always worth a look.

4. Bringing the Sunshine
Andi offers great perspectives on offerings from current media with regard to children who have special needs. She also provides dollops of heart-warming family moments and gorgeous photographs. I found this blog while I was still hoping there was a possibility I could adopt via Reece’s Rainbow and wanted to know the nitty gritty on family life with a child who has Down Syndrome (you know, it’s not vastly different in many ways…)

5. Shoved to Them
Rebecca posts about homeschooling her brood, her faith, her perspective, and lately, her NEWLY PUBLISHED BOOK, Teaching in your Tiara! Her writing always makes me feel as though she’s invited me round for a cup of tea and is just chatting through her day. The first blog I ever read, and an inspiration to me.

6. The Wakefield Doctrine
Enter the world of clarks, scotts and rogers. Three very different personality types we all have a bit of inside, and the insights required to identify which you’re most like and how to tap into the attitudes of the other two to mange everyday life and the people around you; Clark will happily explain all about Why You Think The Way You Do.

7. Life with Katie: Our Adoption Story
Gem explains the ups, downs, ins and outs of the journey she’s been on to have her family and bring up her daughter, Katie. She’s just enjoyed a new addition to the family, and they’re all settling in very well to being a Four. Honest, introspective and funny, this is one of the blogs which I found (and continue to find) hugely helpful when considering adoption.

8. Meanderanting
My wonderful bezzie’s blog – and I don’t just love it because she’s my friend! It’s well-written, irreverent, hilarious and thought provoking, as she covers life with new faith and ADHD/Bipolar. And her best friend. Me.

9. Theonehandman
A stay-at-home Dad to a recently adopted son, the posts here are thought-provoking, warm, and offer great insight into the joys and pitfalls of adoption. The only one I’ve found so far with a Man’s Perspective on adoption, which is fantastic to have.

10. This Ain’t The Lyceum
Another blog that had me at the name, but reading deeper, Kelly’s honesty is just beautiful, as she posts frankly about her experiences of everyday life in ways which can be simultaneously gorgeous, heart-rending and hilarious.

Wow! I didn’t expect it to be so hard to narrow it down to just ten favourites!

Okay, I can’t. There are a few more I want to share, but quickly because I love them too much not to include them *somewhere* so that if you’ve not read them before, you can start catching up now.

Conversion Diary, Diapers and Drivel, Enjoying the Small Things, House Unseen. Life Unscripted, Iamthemilk, Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyholic, Kiss my List,Β  Momastery, Mommy, for Real, Peacefulwife, Slim Volume, Steps into Parenthood, The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan, The Dose of RealityΒ 
and my new discovery this evening; Transcending CP, which is *stunningly* well written.


19 thoughts on “Ten blogs of thankful (open auditions)

  1. I'm glad you've enjoyed it – nice to see you here. That's the wonderful thing about the internet – once a thing is posted, there really is no rush and the thing can just be consumed at one's leisure. I hope you enjoy them all πŸ™‚


  2. Damn! A day late and many dollars short. What a wonderful post! I've only recently discovered your blog via the Wakefield Doctrine. I'm working towards organizing myself such that I can easily get around to all the these wonderful blogs.
    Thank you for putting this list together. I have visited a couple of the blogs you've mentioned and enjoyed them immensely. I just bookmarked this post so I can go through your entire list of 10 one by one.
    Thanks for sharing:)


  3. I'm learning it myself at the moment – I'd be happy to talk you through it if you'd like to co-host, if not, feel free to join in when it happens.

    Hand drawn pics sound fab – can't wait πŸ™‚

    (and I'll always need snarky commentors)


  4. Just when I think I have a grasp of all the good blogs out there, I get another list of new blogs dumped on my lap. Good thing I don't have anything planned for tomorrow (after Mass of course.)
    I'd be happy to participate in the blog hop, though, admittedly, I'm not too familiar with them. I do linking but not hopping…at least not that I know of. You'll have to hold my hand. Do you need more hosts or just contributors? Or perhaps just snarky commentors? Let me know. But I could really stand to focus on the positive and maybe try my hand at some more hand draw pics.
    Thanks for including me!


  5. Yours had a ninja pig though. And captions.

    And I will always say wonderful, honest things about you (cheque's in the post, right?). I think this thankful thing is going to be awesome. A tonic. Just the job.

    I'm still trying to learn the inlinkz tool. I now know it's something to do with a Widget, but I have to watch a video, and there are only 7 days to go *panic*

    Clark is a person worth watching…

    Enjoy the blogs πŸ™‚ I found a WONDERFUL new one tonight via Kristi called Transcending CP, and the writer is just STUNNING!


  6. I love your blog because you say such wonderful, honest things about me. πŸ™‚
    I am so excited to do this hop with you and Kristi! Although, now I'm really going to have to step up my game with the illustrations. She's a pro! Even your first attempt at one beats mine, hands down. You added hair! And multiple colors on one person!
    As for Clark, I've got my eye on him. πŸ˜‰
    And now I'm off to read this list of blogs I've never heard of.


  7. You shall have your chair, sir, and let it be known – tis not the quantity of the audience, but the quality of the participants that counts.

    Is it too clark-like to admit that I, too, am somewhat (ok, a whole lot) in awe of them, too?

    I love your perspective on them.

    And yes, the company I keep here is awesome and continually evolving for better, I feel πŸ™‚


  8. Thank you for including the Wakefield Doctrine in your list!

    I will be happy to volunteer in whatever capacity is deemed the most helpful (…a chair with, 'the Wakefield Doctrine' sort of stitched across the back would be nice…*)
    I am being oblique (on my offer to co-host or help or get the coffee) because I am somewhat in awe of your co-hostini… Christine and Kristi.
    Kristi I know from the BB&G and from both the Twisted MixTape Tuesday blog hop, as well as FTSF (which Kate, above is one of the founding bloggerini).
    Kristi is kinda amazing in that she has that all too rare combination of humor, perceptiveness, a bit of a bite** and! …and she can draw! She writes good words.
    Christine is a more recent aquaintence. I enjoy her blog.
    But what really impresses me about her is that, while I don't recall where or how (Comment or FB or what), but she got in touch with me, introduced herself, said that she saw me at Considerings and…wanted to know more about me and the Doctrine…
    …that is the kind of friend that, if you are lucky, you have at one time or another. lol
    Very good company you are keeping here, Considerer.

    Having said all that, I am with HexPatch here, the Doctrine has a small following (of exceptional people) so I am not sure how much leverage we can offer, but I will be happy to contribute.***

    *well, yes but a virtual metaphorical chair would be nice
    ** the good kind, of course!
    *** a working principle we strive for is, 'help people get what they are working towards and everything else will follow'


  9. It's a great thing – you do it with such style πŸ™‚

    I thought you might be rather on the busy side, but it was a shot in the dark – you rather inspired me with the FTSF hop πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to getting this all underway now πŸ™‚


  10. And thank you for the nice things you said about my blog! I have to admit I had to look up the word “acerbic”. ha ha! I guess I can be acerbic at times. πŸ™‚ Wait, is that a good thing? I have no idea.


  11. Wow, I've only read three of these blogs (plus Finding Ninee) and one of those three is mine. I'm meandering my way through the others now. I love your idea for a hop. I wish I could co-host, but with the one I'm already doing, I'd get too overwhelmed. But, thank you SO much for asking. I will be be back to participate!


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