7 Quick Takes #31 x FTSF and an announcement

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

Blindingly easy one this week: My Favourite Movie of All Time.

Well, for a start, we call them ‘films’ over here, donchaknow.

And for a follow-up, this is absolutely the easiest FTSF I’ve ever done. I can answer it in a heartbeat.

While my fave isn’t particularly sophisticated (though I suppose some of the effects were, for the time it was made), it’s a movie I cherish.

I know I called it a ‘movie’ there, but y’all are American over at FTSF, so if I pretend it’s to better integrate with ye, then I can carry on kidding myself that my staunch bedrock of English culture isn’t slowly being eroded (E-rooooooooooooooooooooooooooded!) by cheap lovely imports.

I cherish it because it’s the first feature film I remember seeing, and seeing repeatedly.

Niece and Neff like to watch the same things over and over, and maybe it’s genetic, but I know I’ve seen this film so many times that watching it feels like walking in through my own front door and sitting down with a cuppa.

Even the title music makes me feel all gooey.

It is…..


Flight of the Navigator
a.k.a. the most STUPENDOUS and still un-topped movie of my all-time.

It is the movie which first introduced me to the wonders of Sci-Fi
It is the movie which first introduced me to spaceships, time travel and aliens.
It is the movie which first introduced me to Sarah Jessica Parker’s ridiculous hair.
It is the movie which first introduced me to American Culture (really, dog/frisbee competitions?! Fireworks on a boat? WOW!)
It is the movie which (and this is very important) first introduced me to the Beach Boys, with whose music I have ever since had a passionate and consistent affair.

Ohhhhhhh I just watched this video and I swear to you, my whole body erupted in goose bumps!

And you know the best thing?

I have this track on CD, so I can just plug it in and any time I want I’m flying that spaceship, baby!

— 2 —

In spite of the total awesomeness of the Pink Pancakes yesterday, there seems to have been some confusion over the whole eggs/dairy issue. Perhaps it was badly written.

Yes, Sis and I both know that eggs do not = dairy

(Presumably) whichever health professional suggested cutting them out of Neff’s diet for now, also knew this.

But because we’re children of the 80’s, back when you got shown a ‘food wheel’ like the one below and eggs were in with cheese, butter, milk, and anything else freshly squeezed from a bovine, for the intents and purposes of our easy understanding, conversation and ongoing relationship,

Eggs =  Dairy

To be fair, eggs are an anomaly. They’re neither taken forcibly from the animal nor are they a part of it chopped up for our consumption. If you try to Google ‘food wheel’, even current data can’t work out what to do with the egg – some put it in with fish and meat, others in with breads and starch. If, yesterday, I’d tried to describe the egg as ‘fish’ instead of ‘dairy’, I should imagine the comments would have been a lot worse.

Thanks for listening, and have another gratuitous peek at the awesomeness that incited near riots…

— 3 —

My Announcement, and terribly important, so it is, too!

The whole ‘ten things of thankful’ has been going really well and has been rather excellently received.

So I’m extending the challenge.

I’m planning to turn it into a blog hop (and believe me, finding a day which doesn’t clash with anyone else’s is just a *nightmare* so it’s going to be a Saturday deal so that people can continue to join in over the weekend.

(I nearly wanted to do it on a Monday, but that would be cruel, because it’s hard enough to find two things good on a Monday without having the pressure of an additional 8 hanging over you!)

Over the course of the week, I’ll be begging Husby to making a beautiful ‘Ten Things of Thankful‘ button to share, tearing my hair out learning how to use the linking tool by Inlinkz and desperately trying to corner conducting interviews for a co-host or two.

Any applications may be made via email or comment box *blows dust off both*

See you in a week with a lovely update!

— 4 —

Back in real life, it’s been a gorgeous, picnicky kind of a day, with an impromptu visit to feed the ducks at a local river. Afterwards, ice-lollies at the ready, Neff and I went on an adventure to see how many fish we could see (704, but only four of them were big. And by big, I mean probably 6 inches).

It utterly poured with rain on Thursday all day, non-stop, so I wore my big, waterproof boots. And there’s nothing like strolling past a golf-course, alongside a river with the sun blazing down and the ducks all staying in the shadows to make you wish to bloody everything that you’d thought to bring flip-flops instead.

Then I made a joke about Neff going for a quick swim.


He spent the remainder of the walk trying to find a place where the path was close enough to the surface of the river to complete this idea! In the end, we found a sheltered, odd patch of concrete beyond a bridge where he could sit, take his shoes and socks off and dunk his feet in the river.

Me: What’s it like?

Neff: FREEZING! I love it.

Me: Good for you.

Neff: You do it too…

And because life’s too short, my feet were too hot, and I was in a ‘what the hell’ kind of mood, I took life by the throat, peeled off my boots and socks, and sat down next to the boy with my arm around him and my feet in the river. Bliss.

What do you mean “The feet are too elegant and the water’s too clean”?
After not too long, he decided that dunking feet was too boring and tried to climb further in, began splashing and covering his feet with grass so he could wash them off. I totally joined in, even to the point where I had him under his arms and he was standing on my feet, in the river, singing about what a wonderful time he was having standing feet-on-feet in the river.
— 5 —

Upon arriving home for the sleepover, both kids were hot and tired, so I bunged them an ice pole each and set about filling up my tin bath in the garden. They went out and splashed and poured water and shot each other with super soakers and had a marvellous time. The best bit was that Husby minded them while they did this, so that I could have a shower. We’ve got this tag-team thing DOWN!

…course, then he went out for the evening, but he stayed for the part which had most potential to be an utter nightmare.

— 6 —

Yesterday I had a stupid argument on a stupid site which will remain nameless as to whether music and mathematics link up, cross over, and there’s a case to be made for an algorithm which could ‘rate’ the musicality of any given tune based on its numbers (tones, harmonics, rhythms etc)]

I was volubly shouted down by morons the people I was conversing with, and I want further feedback from what I know will be a far more sophisticated group.

— 7 —
On a note of personal pride (which I fully expect to be shattered several times during the night), I did bathtime, nighttime snack, teeth cleaned, into bed, 3 stories, 3 songs and SLEEP, All By Myself.

Well, obviously Niece and Neff were willing participants.

But this is my First Time.

And at the moment, I’m 1 for 1 on ‘Sleepover’.

Total ‘Party In Honour Of Me’ moment

As a final ‘thing’ and so I don’t miss another day! (Join in from next week…)

Ten Things of Thankful #9

1. Neff, Niece, Sis and Husby
3. Getting to reminisce about Flight of the Navigator
4. Sleeping children
5. I got to watch Ratatouille for the first time – it’s surprisingly not bad
6. Lovely home with 2 bedrooms so I can have the kids to stay over
7. Dunking my feet in the river and watching passers-by look visibly envious
8. Having an ice lolly
9. Waking up tomorrow morning Feeling Responsible For Someones Else
10. The impromptu, cardboard blackout blinds work really well.

For more sensible Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

21 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #31 x FTSF and an announcement

  1. Brilliant – I can tell you have excellent taste! I hope your kids like it – there's no time too soon to get them hooked. I've just created another post announcing the link-up: I'm starting to get excited.


  2. That is one of my favorite movies from when I was a kid. I introduced my husband to it, and he loved it. Maybe we should let the kids watch it today. And your 10 things to be thankful for linkup is most excellent.


  3. Thank goodness! I knew *everyone* couldn't be! It's a great movie and I thoroughly recommend it, though (as I discovered when I watched Dirty Dancing for the first time in my 20s (not when I was 9, like you're supposed to)) the magic may be a little faded through adult eyes 🙂

    I'll keep you posted about the blog hop – in fact, I'm about to post about it.


  4. I haven't seen the movie, maybe I should. Sounds interesting!

    As for the blog hop: maybe I will join it, I like the idea!

    Oh, and one more thing: I am so NOT American! 😉


  5. Ah ha! Light bulb! I emailed you back because there was another one going around too and I couldn't remember if yours was the thankful one or the other one. So, what are the rules and yes! I'll join!


  6. Cool, well keep checking back for updates – I'm thinking of running a cheeky audition later today!

    It was an awesome movie. I just looked it up and I was 3 when it came out, which is probably why it was such a feature of my childhood – I used to watch it at my Grandma's, as we didn't have a tv growing up. I adooooored it. Still do 🙂


  7. Hee hee! Awesome. I feel vindicated now – I just *knew* the two linked up in sensible, measurable ways.

    Also, you didn't contribute (nor even start it!) there was a veritable storm going on in my facebook feed about it! One of those random, tiny things you never think is going to be such a big issue. Funny how life goes sometimes!

    Thanks for the explanation and the links; they're great.


  8. It's so much fun! I should imagine if you watch it now, it'll be pretty dated but still awesome.

    I'll try to figure out how to contact you about joining in with the ten things of thankful 🙂


  9. Done! 'We make sacred pact. I promise teach inlinkz to you, you promise learn.'

    Bunged – 'gave' but with an inherent amount of sloppiness

    Ice-pole – long thin frozen juice treat

    It's 8.15 am and I've been up for over two hours…this is, shall we say, unusual for a Saturday, but all are fed, watered and have slept. I CAN do this 🙂


  10. I loved the pink hair – I think she was the first 'grown up' I ever saw with 'totally rad' hair.

    Thanks for the best wishes, and see you next week (if not before…)


  11. What a neat idea for a blog hop! That's a good idea! I totally forgot about Flight of the Navigator. That was a neat movie. Man, that's an old movie. Not as old as me, but it takes me back, like way back. 🙂


  12. So sorry about contributing to the eggs and diary drama. It's really not my thing to start something. Feel free to make fun of my lack of english to metric system conversions. 🙂

    As for music…it's definitely mathematical. And not just the physics of notes as your post mentions but also how you analyze it. In cords for example, you determine what type of cord it is based on the number of a note in the scale and then what the intervals are. Example: V7 A Five-Seven as it's called is a chord that the main pitch (lowest sometimes) is based on the fifth note in the scale and then you add the seventh. Sorry if I've thoroughly confused you.

    In the 20th century there was a whole group of composers who actually used mathematics to create pieces of music. It sounds funky. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve-tone_technique

    I couldn't find a piece that didn't make my ears bleed. Dang all the edumacation. A well…this might sufficiently creep you out.


  13. Every time I have read your thankful lists (and another woman who did a thankful list for A to Z)I thought, “Someone should do a link-up with this!” I said “someone” because I don't have the foggiest idea how. I would love to be a co-host if you teach me everything I need to know in plain (American) English.
    Speaking of, what does “bunged them an ice pole each” mean??
    There is nothing finer than dipping your feet in a cool stream on a warm day.
    Congrats on getting the kids to bed! Good luck in the morning.


  14. Oh great movie and seriously can't help, but love Sarah Jessica Parker no matter what she does. And wonderful announcement and look forward to hearing the update now. Congrats and wishing you tons of luck now. And thank you seriously for always linking up with us. Hope you have a great weekend, too!! 🙂


  15. Perhaps methodically working through them all is a clark-thing…though I tend to work upwards from the end! Your secret is safe though.

    I'll check the email or otherwise have my machines talk to your machines. Thanks 🙂


  16. good pick on the movie (have seen it, did enjoy it*)

    I am working my way through the list (of FTSF) am only at #19, but I skipped down to the end here, before I take a dinner break. Don't tell anyone! lol

    I'll return in a bit… btw I sent an email to the email that accompany your Comments to the Doctrine… if you have not received it then we will figure out another approach.

    *yeah, I know…what a surprise!


  17. Your day sounds pretty awesome there 🙂 I can't decide whether I'm more envious of the Lego figureine hunting (did you find one? Was it one in particular?) or the massive meal 🙂 And thanks for your #7 🙂 – lots of warm fuzzies back atcha.


  18. The best things about my day:
    1. Small person actually reading a word unaided – hurrah
    2. Small person being good company all day and not grumpy
    3. Bezzie mate's Easter present of small person sitting meaning Husby and I could go out for massive 5 course blow-out dinner just the two of us for once
    4. Sunshine but no burn
    5. Lego figurine hunting with Small person
    6. Toasties for lunch out and Small person being super well-behaved
    7. Being able to read your fabulous blog and knowing you've had a good day today just like you deserve every day xx


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