backwards thankfulness of things Ten

etirw ot tahw aedi on evah I yadot esuaceB

10. That I’ve decided to write the rest of this forwards…
9. That I got to spend a lovely afternoon with a friend, having a cup of tea and a looooooong chat
8. It didn’t rain on me much today
7. I found a new book called ‘How to teach quantum physics to your dog’ – it sounds awesome
6. It was only 50p.
5. I went to play the ever-geeky and ever-awesome D&D with friends tonight
4. I found one job to apply for.
3. Except it might’ve been two…
2. I’m still working on my uber-exciting bloggy post for the weekend (which has thus far garnered ZERO interest, which is thrilling…)
1. I slept.


2 thoughts on “backwards thankfulness of things Ten

  1. Coupla minutes.

    I'm trying my very durn best to be MYSTERIOUS and although it works for the big companies, it's doing nothing for me! Still, I shall do a Big Reveal soon enough and hope that it doesn't all fall flat on its face!


  2. There might be more interest if we knew what the heck you were talking about! 🙂
    And thank you for writing the list forward. (How long did it take you to write that one sentence backwards?)


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