The amazing bubble machine

After a predictably late night, I was grateful for a lazy start this morning, brought to perfection by a small helping of my absolute favourite cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch (a guilty pleasure because I’m still not sure if I think Nestle are all that ethical), which is so deliciously moreish it might as well be sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar and cocaine.

And I confess, I’ve shared none of this box with Husby, as it was bought for me as a one-off present by my lovely sister. (Not that I wouldn’t share if I was asked, but I made it clear the box was a present and he hasn’t asked. Selfish? Moi? Perhaps…)

 CTC sadly eaten, there was a short pause while I pondered the relative merits of steaming to the shops to open a new bank account we need to set up vs a leisurely half hour on the internet waiting for Husby to get himself up and going to go to lunch at my Uncle and Aunty’s house. Bet you can’t guess which one won (the cheque from Youtube for excessive consumption of videos is in the post…)
 We rocked up to a house I thought was my Uncles (it’s been a shamefully long time since we’ve visited) and parked in the front drive, ready to leap back into the car and zoom off if it was the wrong house (it wasn’t) and spent a short time saying hello to my two very shy cousins, who surprised me by quickly warming up to us, showing us their awesome new attic rooms and their garden. By this time, the rest of the family had gathered (Mum, Sis, Niece and Neff) after getting waylaid at the garage on the way in, trying to get a pipe fixed (why use diesel-corrosive metal on a diesel car?).
They turned up, bags, chattels and presents (fortunately, when Mum turned to me (having handed over her gifts) and asked me loudly “Did you bring anything?” I was able to respond in the affirmative, having suddenly thought of it on the way out the door and grabbed a bottle of home-brewed blackberry wine for them (Uncle and Aunty, not the kids. I did forget the kids)) and from out of a bag, appeared the toy Neff had chosen to bring – the most wonderful, AMAZING bubble machine.
It was just a cheapie from Tesco, bought as a throwaway idea recently by Sis, and it’s SOOOOOOOO good. Within moments of filling the reservoir and turning it on, the garden was filled with bubbles and kids and adults alike were jumping through them, whooping and yelling (okay, I was the only adult). Filled like hundreds of them – dense swathes of them everywhere, all shining rainbows and reflecting the sun and clouds and just looking totally glorious.
We ate food together and chatted, Niece and Neff got to know the giant schnauzer (Boo, after the little girl in Monsters Inc. I’m not sure why) and without going into extremely dull detail (though it was wonderful while we were there) we had an absolutely marvellous time. After lunch, the kids played in the garden again and there was a very sweet moment where the older cousin (8) picked up the bubble machine and carried it very carefully over to the swings so that he and Niece could swing inside a cloud of bubbles, both giggling away to one another.
Tonight was a first, as (later) I picked Sis, Niece and Neff up and they came round for tea. All of them. This may not be a momentous thought for anyone whose house is a normal size, but Husby and I are still reveling in the sheer amount of SPACE we have here (in our old flat, inviting two people to tea meant that everyone would be pretty much knocking knees across the room because it was so cramped) and we thoroughly enjoyed not only having three people to tea, but to have space to spread out with them, too. 
An important meal, too, as next Friday, Niece and Neff will be having their first sleepover with us, which I anticipate being hugely fun, intensely crazy and a little traumatic all round. We’re trying to break them in gently. If next Friday’s Quick Takes are all “AUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHH!” you’ll know it was a little fun, intensely crazy and hugely traumatic.
In other news, I found another compelling reason why never to have a Kindle (or any other tablet-type-thing that ‘does’ books) – watch and learn, lovelies.

8 thoughts on “The amazing bubble machine

  1. We had a bubble machine when the big kids were little. It was a huge hit every time we turned it on.
    I think I know what we're getting the youngest for his birthday in August now…


  2. That sounds awesome. It's such a pity that I'm outside the US, or I'd have no problem scoffing it on a far more regular basis. Fortunately Sainsbury's have brought out their own cinnamon based cereal (but it's cinnamon Shreddies) and so have Tesco, but it's as expensive as the branded CTC (which is another reason not to buy it)


  3. Did you say nestle? I looked it up its general mills which is independent in the us but markets with nestle outside the us. So thats my confusion. I suppose if its any consolation its technically not a nestle product. Tell you what ill send you some non-nestle cinnamon toast crunch and then nobody will feel guilty. Let me go swing by the store…:)


  4. Boo is names after the girl in monsters inc because Boo calls sully (big blue monster) Kitty, our Boo's mum's name is kitty. We had fun today. Xx


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