7 Quick Takes #30 (30?) x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

I blog because…Well, mostly because I want to, but the process has altered in its justification as time has gone by.

It began as a bit of an academic exercise to try to brush up my ‘writing for an audience’ skillz with a view to getting into publishing at some point in the future. It was also an outlet for the weird things which arrive in my head and simply have to come out somehow or other. Saves my friends’ sanity if I can express these things to the internet at large instead of them in particular.

There’s also always been a large element of being ‘wordy’ and absolutely loving being a bit of a show off storyteller, using language to express anything at all I choose and really enjoying formulating the posts and using lots of gorgeous grammar; my favourites being the semi-colon and (in case you missed this one a while back (and no, Christine, I’m not saying it just because you did (…cos I’d never copy anyone I look up to just to seem cool (really)))) parentheses (especially stacked). And keeping my self-given title of the ellipses queen…

I got lots of lovely, flattering feedback, which boosted my ego no end, and found loads of blogs I loved and started to collect them (and read them daily) just to enjoy the stories people shared about their lives.

Then suddenly, there was the threat of impending infertility, so I started seeking out adoption blogs and infertility blogs to get some idea of how people had found either of these things so I knew what to expect. The generosity and frankness with which people shared their stories – the beauty and the heart-rendingness of it, was hugely inspiring (and comforting and educational) and I decided that if/when it all happened, I’d follow suit and try to ‘give something back’.

Then we lost two babies very early on and the information, personal stories and shared experiences via the blogosphere was something of a lifesaver and stopped me going completely out of my mind.

Now it’s more like a theraputic outlet for the mess that is my life as well as the occasional ramble into the fun stuff. It’s also helping me to be accountable to try to change my attitude for the better, through my Ten Things of Thankful series.

I hope that at some point, it will largely get back to the fun and frivolous, but life’s full of ups and downs, and for the sake of honesty, I may as well document both.

— 2 —

This is a note-worthy post – not only is it my 30th set of Quick Takes, it’s my 200th post overall! Doesn’t time fly? (just wanted that out there)

— 3 —

Ten Things of Thankful (I’ll pretend I didn’t forget yesterday)

1. The women in the Why NO kids? group on Facebook. They are wonderful, awesome allies in this infertility thing. We all support one another, listen to one another’s rants, cheer each other on when there’s good news, share pertinent stories and information, swap pictures of favourite shoes and have the occasional hilarious conversation about ferreting heteros and the goatfish (what happens when autocorrect is allowed to have it’s wicked way). New people are rocking up all the time, which is sad for them for needing to be there, but it’s such an amazing community it helps to mitigate the pain a little.

2. I had a one-off job today at the nursery where I used to work, and it went really well. It was nice to be back, though it did confirm to me that I don’t want to work with children on a permanent basis for the time being. As brutiful (thanks for this term, Glennon) as it was, I can’t begin to think about coping with the hassle of explaining to all the parents there (customers, with whom I need to maintain a professional relationship) about not being able to have kids when they ask, having known all about it when I got married 3 years ago. I can do without that ‘pity face’ so many times over.

3. BUT I did get an amazing set of loooooooong cuddles with one of my favourite (I know, I know, not meant to have ’em) little girls, and when she got picked up, with her older sister, who I looked after since she was a baby and love still seeing and catching up with.

4. The fabulous group of ladies I play netball with of a Friday. They’re SUCH fun and we just have an amazing time. We played in spite of rain (email from our leader “Come anyway and we’ll pretend it’s January”) and cold (it’s MAY, world – couldja catch up?) and had the most wonderful time. I also noticed that I am less often out of breath and am getting much better (I crash into people less). Also got some friendly rivalry going on with one of the ladies (started when we first realised we were as gobby as each other and has blossomed into a wonderfully funny competitiveness) and spent some hilarious moments running circles round one another, blissfully ignorant of anything so paltry as the ball…

5. Husby cooking the dinner for me while I sat and relaxed after a very busy day.

6. Husby’s wonderful endocrinologist phoning him with results from blood tests (good, showed a direction to go in) and a plan to Make Things Better. I just don’t know how much better at the moment, so am waiting for clarification.

7. Loving the 5:2 diet , which is totally sustainable as a lifestyle, is working out cheaper than our shopping used to be, and since beginning it 5 or 6 weeks ago has helped me to shed nearly a stone πŸ™‚

8. This song, which I first heard this week and LOVE the melodies of (though the words leave a little to be desired)

9. Getting to see my bezzie friend next week after too long apart πŸ™‚ I can’t wait.

10. You, because you bothered to read all this, and, well…thanks πŸ™‚

— 4 —

I made a start on the books on anger when they arrived. I started with Angry All The Time: An Emergency Guide to Anger Control. It’s fine (apart from a mildly snidey tone, which can largely be ignored) and has caught me out a coupla times already, so I guess I really do have an issue to address. But the book offers some really good insights and strategies, which I’ll have to work on.

— 5 —

I’m very excited, because we are soon to have a new bookshelf, which will be custom-built and will cover the entire wall at the end of our living room. It’s going to be completely gorgeous. I’m one of these people who can never (I really mean it) have enough books. I adore them.

That’s where they’ll be. They’re gonna be so suh-WEET!

— 6 —

I’ve been having an on-and-off argument with a friend who thinks it’s somewhat cute (not to mention, acceptable) to pretend to be a cat on the odd occasion (only via facebook chat) and can’t see my point that, well, it’s nuts! I feel I need to garner more opinions – I’m not the only one who thinks this is strange, right?

— 7 —
It’s a bank holiday weekendΒ  what more do you need?Β 

(Oh, yeah. Sunshine.)

Please come back, Mr Sun. We miss you so much.

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28 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #30 (30?) x FTSF

  1. Yeah it's quite different, but the principle is the same – get the ball through the hoop. It's great fun and can be fiercely paced!

    And yes – I never imagined FB could be so useful/helpful/wonderful πŸ™‚


  2. I had to look up “netball”. I wrongly assumed it was the same as basketball, but then saw that you can't dribble, so it's obviously different. It sounds interesting. I like all the passing.

    Sounds like you've really found a great support group through FB. For all the slack FB gets it really is helpful to a lot of people.


  3. Oh I'm glad for your ramblings in so many ways, and I know I've said that before, but as a mom, who went through fertility issues, and then came out the other side with the most amazing (adopted) child. I'm here if you ever need me. And even if you don't I'll still be here reading all about it!


  4. Great to meet you Amanda. And excellent timing, as she's new to the hop this week (I think). And, like you, I never realised how much I'd get from reading other people's blogs (nor how much I'd genuinely want to contribute to this bizarre, artificial and yet very genuine community. I'm off to check your blog now – you've piqued my interest.


  5. It's great for that – I sometimes feel that because of the distancing of the internet, it can get rather “Barrier? What barrier? Social convention? Pah!” and I think that's brilliant.

    I'm so glad that your bookcases worked out so well – I can't wait!


  6. I think our blogging selves could get along quite nicely. I also blog because I just have a lot to say and a lot of words that need to come out of my mouth. My computer screen can't look bored like other people can πŸ™‚

    And sometimes life just gets lonely and it's nice to know there are other people out there.

    I love reading the stories. When I started blogging, I never realized I would like the reading of other blogs as much as I loved writing my own.

    Anyway, you've sold me. I'm a new follower πŸ™‚

    I found you on the Finding Ninee blog hop.


  7. Love that you're doing a wall of bookcases – we did that in our house about 4 years ago and I love them! Love them love them. And you are right that the blogosphere tears down so many walls when it comes to discussing taboo in-real-life topics.


  8. I love the Ten Things of Thankful – sometimes we need to remind ourselves of these things. I would be very thankful for a wall of bookcases – can't wait to see the finished project!


  9. Parentheses are always cool.

    You're right – they can all be treated the same even if there's more of a bond with one or two.

    And no. Just no. Every fibre of my being screams out at the thought of No Books In My House. A kindle is really no replacement for paper, now is it?


  10. It's good to just get it out in words, I reckon, even if you don't think anyone's going to read it. Blogging's been such a massive source of support and solidarity – it's really helped. Do you think you'll try to get your book published one day or is it just for you?


  11. That sounds really harsh 😦 There's no need for that kind of behaviour. I hope your sister's found a better community to hang out with. It's such a hard thing to deal with without the negative feedback of other people.


  12. You are cool for using parentheses, not for copying me. πŸ™‚
    It really is hard to not have favorites in a room full of kids. Of course we're going to click with some kids better than others. Doesn't mean we're going to “play favorites” and treat one child better than another.
    yahoo to built-in bookshelves!!! Although, you know, you wouldn't need those bookshelves if you had a Kindle. (Ha! I really do crack myself up sometimes.)


  13. That's wonderful you found blogs or writing community that were therapeutic. When I went through a miscarriage and the forever (to me) of getting pregnant, I didn't know blogging was a thing. I didn't know anyone that had gone though the same thing so my therapy was in the form of writing down my process. It's actually a book – unpublished – but I do have it all recorded.


  14. Thanks for stopping by Living and Learning With our new Normal.
    I've never had fertility issues, but my sister has. Unfortunately, in the homeschooling community some parents of large families judge and look down upon families with just one or two kids. It was very painful for her as she had two daughters and wanted more but was unable to ever get pregnant again! Not many even cared to understand this before the judgement began. My heart goes out to you!


  15. It still seems to be a very taboo subject, and certainly not something you can just drop into the conversation, but the blogging world smashes those barriers right down. It's brilliant.

    Sorry to hear of your loss, Janine.


  16. Absolutely. And yes.

    Watching other people learn (or just live) is endlessly, utterly fascinating. And so much more palatable when well-written, in an accessible manner (even if sometimes in argumentative triplicate)


  17. I have had an early loss before having my first child in the form of a chemical pregnancy. I, too, found comfort from this online and so I can very much relate to have this has helped you deal with some of your feelings and emotions. Thanks as always for sharing with us and for linking up with us again. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, now!! πŸ™‚


  18. lol ( that, as I am willing to bet you immediately recognized was a tribute to your most excellent Comment over at the Doctrine.)

    I do enjoy this here blog here. and more than that (and this will sound so egotistical) I enjoy watching (other) clarks doing things, learning things, and seeing parts of the world/reality that I have not*. The value of sharing in others' successes and triumphs is totally predicated on being able to identify with the person.

    *by virtue of being a clark, I see the thing pretty quick…just not first


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