I diggety did it again

Wow, okay – this is getting bad. Seven whole Quick Takes and I still forgot to include my ‘Ten Things of Thankful’ as even one of them! I can’t recollect that all of the takes were even that important. Time to rectify pretty quickly.

Friday’s Ten Things of Thankfulness (post haste)

1. Husby’s being seen by a FABULOUS endocrine doctor, even if the news she has isn’t always what I’d like to hear. She’s positive, she’s proactive, she has a plan.
2. She also has a plan to help him to lose weight (a huge problem when you are insulin dependent, cos you need energy and insulin to exercise, which (managed poorly) can cancel out the good of doing the exercise in the first place or make you sick – there’s no manual for this kind of thing, but she can hook us up with people who’ve made this their PhD topic…)
3. I *think* my insistence that walking is good for you has finally broken through to Neff’s brain, as he wanted to walk to school “To make my legs grow strong” and merrily walked, ran, jumped and hopped all the way there.
4. Having finally found both bike pumps hiding in a box marked ‘Kitchen’ I have been reunited with my beloved bike. That was exhausting energetic for my legs.
5. It didn’t rain while I cycled.
6. I had a ma-HOU-ssive nap, quite by accident, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
7. I wasn’t so stressed as I have been lately.
8. I played netball with my friends and had a lovely time.
9. The shower behaved itself after netball (I think because the boiler’s so far away it sometimes forgets to do hot water when the temperature is meant to be moderate)
10. Husby came home from his games club early and we sat in companionableness both plugged into our computers

Today was awesome. I got up early (and didn’t feel completely wiped out) and went merrily off with my Explorer Friend to pick up Goddaughter to go to Salisbury Market.

We rocked that market.

First stop was the bread guys to get Husby’s all-important almond croissant (the look on his face later, when I handed it over, was absolutely precious), then to the olive man to buy olives and marinaded garlics, then to the other bread man to buy a bun cake to share for elevenses.

Then we mosied.

We mosied to the chilli stall, where Mr Pickles (not really his name – I checked once) told us about an exciting new product  – Extreme MADness, which will use 16million Schoville naga extract as well as a 12 million extract and an 8 million extract. Husby and I have his MAD sauce (12 mil naga extract) and it is absolutely blow-your-brains-over-the-ceiling smokey chilli goodness. It comes with a verbal warning that a teaspoonful neat would hospitalise you. Less than 1/4 teaspoonful in a big pan of food will amp it up to ‘blindingly hot’ but the flavour is incredible.

We went along to Lakeland (the home of creative kitchenware, donchaknow) and stopped to buy the Big Issue (and subsequently bite my tongue rather hard and say nothing when he handed the magazine to my Goddaughter with a “Will you take this for Mummy? There’s a good girl.”)

We wandered around, across the river to where the swan rescue centre have a stall with Dill the owl (I have no idea what kind of owl he is and didn’t think to ask, but here he is in someone else’s picture playing silly buggers)

I managed to find a most excellent prize for tonight’s Sci-Fi fancy dress at the youth group – the 1993 Official ‘Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons’ annual for 50p. Not a bank-breaker and an absolutely great prize. I just hope they realise how awesome it is.

Then we stopped for elevenses. Olives, bread and bun cake. And a cheeky cheese croissant. Okay, total carb-overload – you got me, but I figure that marketplace calories are rather territorial and bound to stay on home turf when we left. And it was gorgeous. There’s a big boxy, paved, *thing* in one corner of the marketplace, which (after about 10 minutes of deliberation with Goddaughter) we decided shall henceforth be referred to as a plinth, being more technically accurate than ‘box’ or ‘dais’.

It was a day of knowledge at that – I got asked all sorts. Ah the insatiable curiosity of the 5 year old mind. When were the lamp-posts put there? What plant is that? Why can’t cars come on this bit? Is this a fossil? How old is this wall? What’s a suffragette? Why didn’t kings listen to the church? What does ‘ancient’ mean? What does ‘descended’ mean? (the last four from when we went to see the Magna Carta. She was utterly underwhelmed by the document itself but was fascinated with the various aspects of the excellent presentation displays around the room)

On the way home, the radio went on and both passengers fell asleep to the gentle brumm of the car and the awesome music pumped out by Jack FM (my favourite – they’re bonkers), then I dropped them both back, went back home and took full advantage of my own free time and had another nap. Oh yes I did.

Ten Things of Thankful (the on-time edition)

1. Sunshine (intermittent) and warm weather, which meant I could wear lovely, summery layers and not worry about having to carry a ‘warm layer’. Thank goodness, Jadis’ rule seems to be dissipating here.

2. Getting to the almond croissant stall on time this time around (there were only three left, though, so it was a close thing).

3. Enjoying the luxury of ambling around, letting my Goddaughter dictate the pace and what we did/looked at (bits of old walls, toys in shop windows, stops to find feathers, look at flowers or climb a tree)

4. Getting my geek on with my first actual comic book (Marvel – House of M – an X-Men comic book)

5. Olives and fresh bread and tasters at the stalls. Oh, and bun-cake.

6. Being introduced yesterday via another blog to the most excellent ‘Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys’, only remembering the one line of it and having it stuck in my head ALL day. In the end I used it as a deterrent to stop my friend scratching at her epic bug bites from the allotment the other day (we did make a point of buying some ‘after-bite’ cream for her though) by singing it each time she scratched.

7. My lovely nap and Husby actually coming and getting me up (he’s learned now, not to yell from the other room and leave me, as I invariably stay sound-o and have a fight with him about it when I wake up late) then making me a cup of tea.

8. My Explorer Friend is coming back later for dinner after the youth group and we’re going to all eat spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread and watch Big Bang Theory – a lovely, late Saturday evening after a day of fun. Great stuff.

9. The ‘Why NO kids?’ group on facebook. I’ve made some wonderful friends, heard some awe-inspiring (and heart-rending) stories and have been able to feel as though (although it sucks) there is solidarity, togetherness and most of all hope, after being part of a couple diagnosed with primary infertility.

10. I just realised it’s the last day of Ten Things of Thankful (shoulda been yesterday but I missed it, didn’t I!). Although it’s been sketchy, I’ve rather enjoyed the challenge. Watch this space for a ‘Ten Days of Thankful’, which I think I’ll start tomorrow. Anyone with me? I double dare you.


6 thoughts on “I diggety did it again

  1. Sorry to hear about the fertility diagnosis, but I'm so glad you've found some support in the online group. Love the internet for that! (hate if for a ton of other reasons, but love it for that!) Good luck to you!


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