Getting tattooed

In spite of the many and varied designs (and quality) of tattooes available, I have never yet committed to one, though I have been tempted on many an occasion. After all, let us be qute plain about this – there are tattooes and there are tattooes.

This, for instance, illustrates why I haven’t done anything so far:

This, on the other hand is rather a shame:

But then there’s this, which I think is utterly awesome (and I couldn’t even tell you what it’s about):

Throughout my life, I’ve had various designs in mind. But I have a rule; a 2 year rule, to stop me from impulsively doing something I’ll later regret. If there’s a design I like the idea of, I’ll think about it. I may even draw it on me. And if I still really like the idea in 2 years time (and there hasn’t been a point where I’ve thought ‘that tattoo just wouldn’t go with this’) I’ll get inked.

So far nothing’s made the cut.

There was the tiny blue cross I wanted on the inside of my left wrist. Lasted a few months, even got drawn on intermittently. But no.

There was the Fibonnaci sequence down my spine. That got drawn on (badly, by Husby, who apprently can’t write well on a breathing target). It looked terrible and the idea suddenly vanished into the ether.

There was the idea of having my Neverborns names somewhere (immediately felt creepy and the idea lasted less than 15 minutes).

The current design I have in mind is the beautiful Nautilus spiral, perfectly depicting the Golden ratio, with the lines of it traced in the Fibonnaci sequence (because they all link up and they’re utterly stunningly beautiful). It’s not been 2 years yet and I am still kinda keen, but we’ll see.

Recently though, I’ve been struggling (read a few posts back, if you haven’t been keeping up – when I say struggling I really, really man it. Life has thrown more doozies than I care to think of lately, and they’ve all found their mark) and the thing which I thought might help is to focus on the bigger picture; to keep centred on what is important, and wouldn’t you know it – someone pointed it right out to me

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. Philippians 4:8

Perhaps this list is what I need. Tattooed on my forearm for easy reference, as I just know I’d forget to remember (I’d have knots tied in string to remember the knots I tied to remember whatever-it-was).

So I’ll make a start – my challenge, to myself, for a week – to find ten things I’m thankful for in each day.

1. I’m thankful for Husby. This one may (or may not, if he’s annoyed me in the few hours before I write the post) re-feature. I may even tell you why I’m thankful. In fact, heck, why not? Today it’s because he laughed and didn’t yell at me when I crept out of the bathroom, crawled into the bedroom silently and suddenly grabbed his foot as he was snuggling down for a nap. He yelled in terror, then laughed, which was awesome.

2. I’m thankful for living in such a beautiful flat with lovely views and lots of space. And as a sub-division of that (and #1) I’m thankful for my little balcony of plants (it’s still chic!) which, today I added to with a purple buddhlia in a tiny pot I need to upgrade. Well, it’s not purple yet – it will be when it has flowers on, and then I shall have butterflies! Yay!

3. I’m thankful that I’m undertaking this college course and that I’ve the brains to do it (even if the assignments are frustrating and have imminent deadlines).

4. I’m thankful for the technology that allows me to undertake it! Where would I be without my laptop? No blogs? No Youtube? Unthinkable.

5. I’m thankful for being able to cook. One thing I learned really well from my Dad – cook good food, enjoy cooking it and enjoy eating well.

6. I’m thankful for Husby’s wonderful, amazing endocrinologist, who has a treatment plan to make him fertile again (for now, and hopefully until we have a baby).

7. I’m thankful for my lovely Goddaughter, who I’m babysitting now, and who let me read her a bedtime story then went right off to sleep (and let me watch Cleopatra undisturbed), and who is just such a sweetie.

8. I’m thankful for my friends who (at whatever distance) care for me, buoy me up and cheer me on and cry with me when things are tough.

9. I’m thankful for my church, where people are willing to support, listen and teach me.

10. I’m thankful for the Big Bang Theory, which I watch with Husby (and which he quotes, as it plays) which provides such wonderfully geeky humour and escapism and a sense of togetherness as Husby and I over-indulge and revel in it. Couldn’t bear not to end on a silly note.

Roll on tomorrow – I’d better be watching for new things to be thankful for, as I’d hate to give you a week of repeats!


14 thoughts on “Getting tattooed

  1. Is that even a word? Wow! I wonder if the back-of-the-neck thing came in with the little-hailed series Dark Angel, where they had their barcode ID on the back of their necks.

    The best back of neck tat I saw (and nearly featured as a pic) said

    < /head>
    < body>


  2. It's a good thought, though I begin to wonder if there's an increasingly present, gregarious scott underneath the calm, detatched clark. I think I'd be foaming at the mouth at said squirt!

    Your dog sounds like a real character 🙂


  3. I remember seeing a larger older lady in hospital in her nightie with Eeyore on her upper arm. As said lady had obviously previously been heavier, poor Eeyore looked like he'd had a stroke. .. totally put me off as if I wasn't already.
    I've seen so many people with something on the back of their neck… how do you even know what it looks like or if they've spelt your child's bizarre name right (the one I'm thinking of is Jydern – really!?!)


  4. tattoos!! the closest I have come was when I thought it would be good to have our first dog's name, Ola tattooed somewhere… I did not do it, but it still makes me smile (to imagine having it…she was that kind of dog).

    “… trapped inside my own mind with some young squirt washing me down and sniggering at the saggy numbers on my back…”

    I have, of late, been of the opinion that what we are (if) we end up in this situation, is the distillation of what we have been through the course of our lives, which is why clarks tend to be the more 'peaceful' ones in nursing homes… since we're born old, it is only right that we become younger and more childlike at the other end of life, ya know?

    Your gratitude project is, in my opinion, a good idea, if for no other reason to allow yourself a break from some of the more negative emotions you (and all the rest of us) have at different times in our lives.



  5. I want a cross over my heart, I've wanted it long enough that I should get it now, but have always had a little reason not to, silly things like, I couldn't give blood, and then Ben thought girls shouldn't have tattoos (that's probably not important anymore). Now I'm hoping to donate milk which is way more valuable… maybe next year. A small cross. Possibly blue or red. Possibly on fire. For no one to see but me and God, and the nurse that washes me in 40 years and asks why I have a squiggle on my stomach 🙂 xxx


  6. Oppsy! I will try to remember to give them back to u wen i see u next 🙂 as for the tattoos; I decided that what ever tattoos i get through life will be what i like at the time (well thought about of course) and when i'm old and wrinkly it shall just be part of the story that makes me 🙂


  7. True. How will I feel when I'm lying in bed, trapped inside my own mind with some young squirt washing me down and sniggering at the saggy numbers on my back…

    It's a listy kind of day, huh? I'll try to stick with this resolution – it's only a week. I'm gonna try really hard.


  8. For me and tattoos, I have the 20 year rule. In 20 years, when my skin is old and wrinkly and saggy, what will this tattoo look like? Or if I gain a lot of weight in the next 20 years, what will this tattoo balloon into?
    I'm just sayin', that Nautilus may not look so pretty or line up properly in a handful of years. 🙂
    As for the grateful list, GREAT idea. It really will help you keep a positive attitude, even on days when the biggest thing you are grateful for is making the green light.


  9. It's AMAZING! I love it 🙂 And since getting home have realised that my Sis still has series 3 and 4 on loan, and we just finished series 2 earlier – AUGH!


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