Game (nearly) over

Remember when we weren’t sure the exact status of our fertility as a couple? Today we found out difinitively.
Last chance saloon is the fertility treatment offered by the NHS. One shot of it. With a less than 8% chance of success (which, let’s face it, is still a whole 8% more than we have now).
For anyone who’s been praying or sending us best wishes or warm fuzzies or whatever; thanks. Sorry to have to say they did nothing in this situation.

6 thoughts on “Game (nearly) over

  1. yow

    There is not much, in the way of words that might be writing in the hopes of having an effect, beneficial. ameliorative or otherwise, but yet, I continue to type.
    Not qualified to address this specific issue and you are not, as I read this Post, asking for any of us the implied Readers to offer opinion.
    Two old sayings come to mind, not the slightest clue how to explain them other than to (semi) quote them:
    '…you can't step in the same river twice'
    'get knocked down 10 times, get up 11'


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