Today I would love to regale you with something wonderful, sparkly, glitter-covered and delicious, unfortunately it is totally beyond my capability at the moment, and I found the perfect description for my mood here, at Postcards from the UK.

Except in my family, we call it ‘floopy’ (a word my sister made up when she was young, and just perfectly describes that feeling.)

Another thing which bugs the hell out of me is the ‘should be‘ (and at least that one came with a disclaimer), but this and all the other ‘should be’s (however unrealistic or based on false hopes/expectations) have gotten me down.

On the plus side, there may be some assistance in the offing soon, as recommended by my Wise Woman, Lynn. Watch this space.


6 thoughts on “Inconsidering

  1. And yet in spite of this, it's easy to become tangled in the 'should be like this', 'should be doing that', 'should be able to' and perhaps that's inherent to the fluidity in the primary characteristic – if everything else is in flux, why can't I be, and yet I feel like I 'should be' able to conform to some degree. Perhaps just because others expect it…who knows.

    Looking forward to hearing the answers people come with.


  2. aiyyee! the 'should be's' *

    Will add it to the topic list for tomorrows 'Show'.

    This is so a part of being a clark, in a sense it is, I personally believe, a part of the price that we pay for our creativity… we are open to the possibility of endless possibilities… it is said that 'clarks can believe anything, because we don't believe anything'**
    We know, even without the Wakefield Doctrine talking about personal reality/worldviews, the there is no total certainty anywhere… there is always a chance that: the sky will be polka dots tomorrow ('why I don't know what you mean Considerer, the sky has always been polka dots')… or fish will be capable of speech or anything, clarks will be able to deal with it. Because we know of the essential un-reliability of reality. lol that is the strong part of clarks…
    Fortunately the Wakefield Doctrine, when trying to offer ways to change/improve ourselves does not both with: 'well change that' or 'well that's wrong learn a new way' instead we take the approach of 'you have the capability of 'the other two'… you have within a rogerian aspect and a scottian aspect. And I can assure you, they would (or if you were a predominant scott or roger) you would be seeing the world differently. I am running on…. I have been talking about Cyndi's accomplishment with her video Posts a lot….because I see what she did as an example of taking from her scottian aspect and applying it to her predominant clarklike worldview… clark would run from a video camera a scott would run to it… she (consciously or not) let herself experience a little part of her worldview as she would if she were a scott…
    Bottom line for the Doctrine and self-improvement: it's all about adding to what we are, not trying to stop or undo or change our ways

    * related to the 'that just doesn't make sense'…and the 'that's not right! they should be able to do that…'
    ** this is a perfect example of the limitation of the written word… the statement is effective when the emphasis on 'anything' and the 2nd 'believe' is correctly conveyed. I suspect you get the intent. You simply can't shock a clark… in a sense.


  3. hey! we're doing a Afternoon Special 'call in' tomorrow…. assuming you can't make the call, (damn those 'time' 'zones' lol)… I invite you to send in a question (either here or as a Comment or where ever else we maintain our multi-local existances. …will be happy to read your question 'on the air'


  4. …lately (for me) it has not been the generalized 'not good' feeling that I get from reading this (and the Postcards link)…more diffuse, 'mental nausea' was the term at one time.
    probably the most disturbing thing about it is the lack of sufficient energy to get up and do something about it.

    hey, this was not a bad Post! lol


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