7 Quick Takes #27 x FTSF

— 1 —
Finish the Sentence Friday

I like this week’s sentence I am very passionate about… because it has loads of scope (though possibly none of it will be particularly stunning news) because there’s lots I’m into.

Family and Friends perhaps not something I rave about, but something which is absolutely one of the foundations of my life and without whom I would be so much the poorer. They are wonderful, sensible (largely), caring, marvellous people and I genuinely enjoy the time I get to spend with them (except the few times when I don’t, and am being yelled at for offering breakfast – Niece and Neff, I’m looking at you here!)

Language whether it’s books or writing, I can’t get enough of it. I’d love a career with language, and I’d love to be able to speak more than just my own. Essays, poetry, novels, factual…it’s all grist to my mill. Especially now I’m a twice-published writer…I managed to find the one store in town which stocks the (very minor and quite obscure) magazine today and barely contained myself from flapping it in the teller’s face and bragging “I have an article published in this, y’know!”

Learning perhaps a sub-heading of the above, but finding out about new things, things I didn’t know and expanding my general knowledge is something I adore. I recently discovered I even quite enjoy some of the concepts of higher mathematics (when they’re well written). I am a mine of useless information, which I admit I like to show off when there’s the right moment. I am enabled by my sponge-like brain, which absorbs knowledge without too much effort on my part. I can take no credit for the array of useless things I know.

Music what written language is to my eyes, music is to my ears. I’ve usually got some kind of soundtrack playing in my mind and I think Youtube is just about the greatest thing ever for letting me listen to lots of songs by different people without having to buy an entire album for one song. I’m a complete eclectic and am fortunate that my favourite local radio station plays very much in that vein.

Original art when I can afford it. I’m a teensy bit of a snob about prints (I two, Husby has one. Mine are a Van Gogh and a Vettriano – there was no way I could afford the original) and apart from the almost criminal profiteering made possible by selling ‘limited edition’ print runs (where you know there’ll be another in a few months, with the size of the print marginally altered to authenticate the ‘limited’ claim) I adore that you can touch the places on the piece where the artist has considered their next stroke and laid it. That you own a piece of their imagination, on your wall, for all to see.

My favourite:

Tender Heart, by Yvonne Coomber.

— 2 —

Should we be worried about the advances in robot technology?

I saw an advert today on a bus shelter (not sure what brand it was hawking, as I was walking past at speed and missed it) which said “If people are so intelligent, why do they need smartphones? I dare you to challenge me, human!” around the picture of a humanoid robot.

I’m pretty certain that although we (as a race) can get robots to do utterly incredible things, they’re not quite ready to take us on. The perpetrator seems more likely to be a smug (human) company with a clever algorhythm.

However, I was a little concerned that if the nature of the (ever-increasing) relationship between humans and ‘robots’ was to be widely advertised as ‘robots are superior to you’ and came to be perceived as antagonistic, we may never fully engage through fear that our own creations could take over in a hostile manner.

— 3 —

Talking of regrets, I need a new system for washing.

Yesterday was gorgeously sunny and I (slightly smugly) put on a wash and hung it out on our spiffy new washing line, with the help of Neff and Niece.

[All was well, except the moment where I tried to raise the line (it’s a pulley one) and the whatever-it-was holding the pulley to the top of the pole, broke, sending the pulley careening down the line on its own as my washing flopped down into the dirt. Neff and Niece screamed with laughter and tried to hold the washing up (it was sheets, which were bigger than they are, which accounts for the footprints on said sheets) while I frantically hacked off a length of washing line from the bit wrapped around the (er, what do you call that bit with two prongs that you wrap the line around to hold it steady?) thingummy and re-string the pulley. I succeeded. Eventually. But not before footprints happened]

Later in the evening, Husby and I reminded ourselves that before bed, we’d need to go and get the washing in. Then our friends came over for dinner and Bible study and we forgot all about it. This morning I got up, looked outside and was beglumnified by the sight of puddles and grey clouds. It took a full half hour before the thought “Oh crap! The washing!” entered my head.

Somehow, I am going to have to invent a way of reminding myself about the dang washing out of sight and out of mind in the not-overlooked garden a floor down.

— 4 —

For once I am putting my action where my mouth is and am Getting Involved. Later today (heck, not later, SOON and I need to eat first! These may be a few hyper-quick takes coming right up!) I am participating in one of the Big Beach Clean Up‘s organised by the Marine Conservation Society and M&S. If you like nature, love beaches and/or just want to be a responsible, helpful volunteer, this is a really good thing to do, and hopefully there’ll be another next year (which I might hear about in time to spread the word).

— 5 —

Food – I discovered last night that adding aubergine (eggplant) to ratatouille is a most excellent thing. Try it some time 🙂

— 6 —

I got woken up in the middle of a dream earlier this week. That sucked. It was a great dream and then I was really tired.

— 7 —
See? Hyper quick. Or hyper lazy, depending on your opinion. 
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14 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes #27 x FTSF

  1. It is very cool, even if (realistically) it's only very minor. I hope it's a sign of things to come.

    I like the post-it idea…perhaps I shall try that next. Or maybe develop a hive mind with Husby so he can help remind me about the washing…


  2. Anyone that incorporates a Borg into their blog post is alright in my book! And you are not alone with the leaving the wash out. I have to put a post-it note somewhere that I frequent (like the fridge) to remind me about the wash.

    Love all the things you are passionate about and CONGRATS on being published! It's a fantastic feeling, isn't it?! 😀


  3. You're a painter? That's incredible 🙂 Do you have a website? I'd be fascinated to see what you paint. Glad you liked the line – I just love that about original art. Thanks for the congratulations, too 🙂


  4. Congratulations! That's wonderful news that you're published. Awesome stuff. Also? I loved loved loved the line “That you own a piece of their imagination, on your wall, for all to see.” As a painter, that makes me happy.


  5. Thanks. I hope it works out! I got all excited earlier because I thought my Mum had gone and got a copy of the magazine (after I heard that my Aunty had read 'Mum's copy') and I quite swelled with joy at how proud she must be of me to go and buy her own. Course, I shared that with Husby and he said “Oh, well I knew you'd read it, so I loaned her your copy…”


  6. That's fine – in (perhaps) un-clarklike fashion, I've decided that all comments will be shown (unless from 'Anonymous', who seems to like spamming links to spurious websites).

    I'm just hoping that at some point Janine will look back and not be too mortified at how long this has gone on (each time I challenge (gently) I think my replies must go unread, as they certainly go unheeded).

    And thank you 🙂


  7. Wow, congratulations on getting published in the magazine! I went over and checked out that post too. That is so cool! What a fascinating career path you're venturing on and to be able to write an article about that is really cool. Congrats!


  8. “For you, Janine, I shall be Reece.”

    (old cultural reference: Wayne's World: “I am not worthy..I am not worthy”)
    You have made an impression on me with the above cited response (which I know is a kind and positive interaction as Janine is a Friend of the Doctrine and is the soul of thoughtful kindness) but you! considerer (or whatever your name is!!) lol
    I bow my head in respect.
    ( I base this on being a clark and, as such, have spent years in a job responding to the 'wrong name' simply because the person got my name wrong and I thought, 'what the hell, they might be embarrassed, and they seem to like the name and they are not being mean…so why not let them believe that Carl is my name).
    But it is the natural graciousness of your response to Janine that has me going on at length.
    Well done.

    Of course, if you feel it might be polite to not run my Comment (for reasons that will occur only to clarks, I am totally comfortable with that.)


  9. That's a relief to know! The stove has a timer but I don't know how to use it! Maybe a reminder on my phone would be a good plan. That could work. Or a note on my pillow.

    Music is awesome like that.


  10. I have forgotten about the laundry on the line more than once. Usually when the kids are getting ready for bed and holler, “Where are my sheets???” Oops.
    Perhaps try setting an alarm in the house. Does the stove have a timer?
    Music can turn a mood around like nothing else can. Especially something good I can dance to.


  11. I too am passionate about language and music…and oh my goodness, that photograph was stunning! I had no idea you'd been published twice, not that I'm surprised! You are a brilliant writer- go you! So nice to have you linking up with us again!


  12. For you, Janine, I shall be Reece. I cannot for the life of me work out how to email you to let you know I'm not (and replying with varying degrees of tact to your comments here seemeth not to work!). Thanks for hosting 🙂


  13. Reece, I love all you are passionate about and can very much relate to most, especially family and music. By the way, that painting is exquisite and thanks as always for linking up with us. Have a wonderful weekend!! 🙂


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