Incredibly bad behaviour

I heard today (yes, I’m a bit behind the times) about Liverpool player Luis Suarez biting an opponent during a match at the weekend.

Yes, that’s right. A grown, 26 y/o, ‘professional’ football player SUNK HIS TEETH into an opponent.

The media are being very critical, because not only is this behaviour outrageous, it’s the second time he’s done it, last time to a different person.

We are truly living in a crazy world.

The guy perpetrated what (in any other job) would result in instant dismissal and probably arrest for assault, if not a lawsuit. Instead he’s fined (though on ¬£120,000+ per week, any fine is pocket money) and is going to be worked with on his behaviour. He also got a 10 match ban.

Excuse me!?

The only thing I can see here is greed.

The football club don’t want to let their star player go and (in spite of well-worded expressions of rebuke) will keep him in the team and ensure the profits keep rolling in.

So here we have it – if you’re rich and talented, you can behave however the hell you want. Congratulations.

How on earth is anyone expected to raise children with any kind of moral compass when there’s ready examples of this kind of violence being effectively condoned? It’s disgusting and I’m annoyed.

I found the below photo on Google and thought “YESSS!” I bet if they made him wear one of these or a muzzle whilst playing, it would send a far better message than a fine and a match ban! Also a more positive message to all his young, impressionable fans.


2 thoughts on “Incredibly bad behaviour

  1. I'm not surprised! To be honest I'm tempted to write to the FA and express my disgust at their leniency.

    And good for Rugby Union. Makes me like rugby a whole lot more than I already do!


  2. Football as a sport has it's head stuck in the sand and in the past when it comes to actually running the game, especially with regards to discipline and ref decisions.

    Rugby union has shown that the way to deal with unsportsmanlike behaviour on the field is by a transparent, robust and fair disciplinary procedure. Football however still seems to work on the “gentleman's agreement” principle, which is no good if, as you mention, millions of pounds are at stake.

    Suarez was unlucky in a way, as if he had received a caution from the referee on the day, the FA would simply not be able to rule on the decision.

    I've started watching more football lately, but idiocy like this puts me off it again.


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